“Dear France, wrap their bodies in the carcasses of pigs.”

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Erick Erickson asks the good question: If the terrorists are not real Muslims, why is it that our intellectual elites object to burying their bodies with the pigs of carcasses?

To do this would be to exacerbate the situation and cause further strife and outrage among muslims. And we could not have that, could we? So either they are the muslims the media has claimed they were not or . . .

I ask: why should any Muslim object? If these murderers do not represent Islam or are not real Muslims, why would any real Muslim want to protect them in any way?

Unless the real Muslims sympathize with these murderers and what they stood for, deep down.



  • Cotour

    Their bodies must be confiscated by the state and publicly, for all the world to see, and given the Black Jack Pershing pig skin, pig entrails, pigs blood and buried face down treatment.

    If the French state is not willing to do this then their country is long term lost! And I would have to say that a good number of them do deep down justify what they have done. These two cultures are not long term blendable.

    What will we do if and when it happens here?

  • Cotour

    These terrorist brothers and the other guy in the Jewish shop and the woman when she is caught must be formerly denied their Martyr status by the French government and the people of France, as was the final intent of their actions. Martyrdom is the religious security blanket they wrap themselves in, it gives them courage. That must not be allowed to happen.

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