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Death threats and harassment from Democrats to members of Electoral College

Fascists: Even as the Electoral College gathers today to confirm Donald Trump as the next President, its members are being overwhelmed with death threats, hate mail, harassing phone calls, and boycotts, all part of a campaign to get them to vote against Trump.

The nation’s 538 presidential electors have been thrust into the political foreground like never before in American history. In the aftermath of a uniquely polarizing presidential contest, the once-anonymous electors are squarely in the spotlight, targeted by death threats, harassing phone calls and reams of hate mail. One Texas Republican elector said he’s been bombarded with more than 200,000 emails. “I never can imagine harassing people like this. It’s just f—– up,” said Jim Rhoades, a Republican elector from Michigan who runs a home inspection service. “I’ve lost a bunch of business.”

It is important to highlight the tactics that the members of the left and the Democratic Party use to push their agenda. They don’t try to persuade. They instead intimidate.

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  • Wayne

    Pennsylvania is confirming their Electoral votes right now (12:35 pm EST), Michigan Legislature will be voting at 2pm.

    C-Span is covering all the various State Legislatures, skip network/cable news, they lie about (almost) everything.

  • wayne

    Pennsylvania is officially in the bag. >Minor brief disruptions on the floor.
    Michigan Electors just finished, 16 Electoral votes for DJT/MRP. >Minor disruptions outside- leftist don’t generally protest in weather this cold.

  • Mitch S.

    But they have to stop Trump.
    After all, Trump is a climate denier – why a theory that’s been accepted by “all the honest scientists” must be true and anyone who questions or asks for evidence about an accepted scientific theory must be “anti-science”….. right?

    So I suppose there’s a special place in “science denier hell” for these folks:
    “Deep probe of antimatter puts Einstein’s special relativity to the test”

  • wayne

    Mitch S–
    Just shoveled 6 inches of all this “climate science” out of my driveway. (It was 5 degrees on Sunday.)
    Not a huuuge Trump fan, but thoroughly enjoy watching the malcontents break down psychologically.
    They only like Elections, when they win.
    Interesting physics stuff.
    Just skimmed it quickly & did a cursory search.
    >One of the researchers mentioned, Jeffrey Hangst, has video clips at YouTube on his antimatter research at Cern. I’ll dig a bit deeper later– I prefer the longer format.

    Tangentially– Dr. Roger Penrose has a new book out & there’s good video available.
    “Fashion, Faith, and Fantasy in the New Physics of the Universe.”

  • Jim Jakoubek

    So now its official. I’ve got mixed feelings about this.

    I’m glad that Trump is now the 45th President in all but taking the oath which he will do in about four

    I’m also a little sad that the circus side show that the left has been putting on blaming everybody
    and everything under the sun except themselves for getting their rear ends handed to them by the
    voters will come to an end………oohhh wait a minute, silly silly me….we are just getting started on
    that front aren’t we?

  • Mitch S.

    Did my post influence the Wash Post?
    I now see they have an editorial titled:
    “The electoral college is thwarting our ability to battle global warming”
    I don’t feel like paying Jeff Bezos to read the drivel from The Wash Post (I do pay Bezos for other forms of entertainment via Amazon Prime) but here is a piece discussing the article:

  • Cotour

    Everyone stay calm, I just heard a rumor that the electors made Martin Sheen the president. We are all safe now.

  • Diane Wilson

    Cotour, wasn’t Martin Sheen term-limited by the 22nd amendment?

  • Cotour

    No, no, no, he’s a wonderful Liberal / Leftist actor, he can do as he pleases.

    Its best for us all.

  • wayne

    Martin Sheen
    The Dead Zone– assassination scene

  • wayne

    Jim Jakoubek– Good stuff!

  • Edward

    The article mentions alleged Russian interference in the election. This supposed interference was the reason that Jill Stein called for recounts in three states. I noticed that the recount demands ended as soon as it became clear that any Russian interference in Wisconsin’s election had resulted in fewer votes for Trump and more votes for Clinton, the opposite of the claimed interference. If the Russians were involved — and they obviously weren’t — then they were rigging the election results for Clinton, not for Trump.

    So far, we have no evidence that the Russians hacked emails or hacked election results, but Wikileaks has announced that the published emails came from a Democrat insider who was angry that the Democrats rigged their primary against Sanders in favor of Clinton.

    Now we have Americans, not Russians, shamelessly and publicly trying to interfere with the election results. (2 minutes: “Celebs in Unite For America Anti-Democracy Ad”)

    Only a couple of months ago, the Democratic Party was adamant that not accepting the election results was unpatriotic, “threatening our democracy.” However, I have not heard about any outrage from the Democrats that the above ad threatens our democracy.

    Indeed, this is no ordinary ad but is classified in the special category of “public service ad.”
    a message in the public interest disseminated by the media without charge, with the objective of raising awareness, changing public attitudes and behavior towards a social issue.

    It seems that within two months, the powers-that-be have changed the status of election interference from a threat to our democracy to a public-interest social-issue worthy of free media dissemination. What is the difference between two months ago and now? The election results did not go as the Democratic Party and the other powers-that-be had expected.

    Clearly, the election was rigged, but the riggers were not who the Democrats insist it was, and the general election did not go the way the riggers expected, so they are now attempting to rig the results.

    Bad luck to them on that.

  • Cotour

    Nah, the Sheen rumor was just that, a rumor, its Trump.

    And again, I remind everyone what is most important here…………….Hillary Clinton will never become the president of the United States Of America. Things are as they should be :)


  • wodun

    It’s just the latest example of Fen’s Law

  • Garry

    It’s telling that if Jill Stein had not run, in all probability most of her voters would have voted for Hillary Clinton, putting her over the top in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

  • Ted

    Dear Mr. & Mrs. Obama:

    Please enjoy your LAST Hawaiian vacation on my dime.

    And as you walk out the door at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave please remember what my old grand pappy used to say:

    “Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.”

  • Edward

    I’m hearing that there are more electors jumping off of the Clinton wagon than off the Trump wagon. I wonder whether Sheen and the others will be as respectful of those brave electors who jilted — or tried to jilt — Clinton.

    Of course, since they do not ask for a vote for Clinton, they appear to believe that Clinton, too, is not “to an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.” Sheen was especially emotional, emphatic, and dynamic on that point.

    (Did anyone else notice that in the PSA that I linked to earlier, the celebrities switched from telling the electors they had ensure that the presidency only went to an eminently qualified person to asking them to vote for “any eligible person?”)

    From my research, this year there were far more faithless electors than there have been in any election in the past century. Back in 1912, there were eight faithless Republican electors who voted for Nicholas Murray Butler as vice president rather than James S. Sherman, who had died before the election. The worst flight of electors was in 1872, when 63 Democratic electors refused to vote for Horace Greeley, who had died after the November election but before the Electoral College had voted.

    This number of faithless (or attempted faithlessness) demonstrates how terrible candidate Hillary Clinton was, especially since Democrats are routinely ostracized when they go against the Democrats’ politically correct position. That there were not significantly more votes for Trump demonstrates how terrible candidate Donald Trump was. As Cotour has said in the past, we can only hope that Trump will be a better president.

    Cotour wrote: “Things are as they should be

    I wouldn’t go that far. However, I might, maybe, consider going this far, sometime in the post-inaugural future: paraphrasing “Young Frankenstein’s” Igor, ‘Things could be worse. It could be Clinton.’

    For things to be as they should be, we would have needed different presidents, for the past quarter century, and different Congresses, as well as a Supreme Court that was loyal to We the People rather than to they the government. To get those, we need an eternally vigilant electorate that understands how difficult it is to keep our liberty, an electorate that will vote for significantly better than Trump during primaries so that we can vote for people who are loyal to us, not to government and bureaucracy.

  • Chris L

    The Martin Sheen video was stupid on stilts. Yeah, you want to convince a group of Republican electors to change their votes, bring in an icon of Hollywood liberalism to make your case. It’s not like Sheen and his follow travelers have spent the past few decades letting everyone know they have nothing but contempt for Republicans. Nope not at all. So of course those electors want nothing more in life than for these folks to respect them. I guess they never heard the phrase “know your audience”.

  • Cotour


    That is the MOST optimistic thing you have said about this entire cycle that included the name Trump and it gives me just a bit more optimism knowing that you in your own special way are also to some degree a bit optimistic.

    Besides rejecting Hillary as the next president (thank you God, thank you universe) the additional bonus in this little slice of life is that the people are roundly rejecting the Obama anti American agenda. I say good luck to Mr. Obama and his depressing wife, and may everything that you do in the future that involves politics or community organizing fail just as successfully as your presidency. I say good riddance.

    Now we have to see how Trump is able to manage his team and of course, the CIA.
    Should be the best show on earth and we are all players.

  • Frank

    Hillary has lost four times now; two elections, the three state recount and now after Podesta and her supporters went after the Electors.

    Its not over yet however. I predict Trump will be pursued for treason on day one by these sore losers.

  • Edward

    Gotta disagree with you, Cotour.

    First, I’m not suggesting the possibility of optimism in a post-inaugural future, just the possibility that Trump may fulfill the expectation of the voters: that he not be as bad as Clinton. It will take a lot to convince me that there is any hope that Trump will not be bad for America.

    Second, I would not say that the Obama presidency was a failure. He got virtually everything that he wanted, although some of it took longer than he expected. That is a sign that his presidency succeeded. What is failing are many of the policies he put in place. The failure of the policies is different than a failure of the presidency. Getting what he wanted is a success for him as president, but that he had such poor policies is a failure for America. As president, Obama did not want We the People to live in freedom but to live as he directed. As president, he achieved this goal.

    I saw no hope that either Clinton or Trump would reverse this tyrannical disaster imposed upon us by Obama.

    Welcome to Obama’s America, land of the formerly free.

  • Cotour

    I will for myself interpret your statements as a bit optimistic, but that’s me. And you choose to make a distinction between Obama’s policies, which I have to believe will be mostly reversed upon Trumps empowerment, and Obama’s “successful” presidency. I make no distinction, IMO its a package deal, his “success” in both areas will evaporate in a relatively short time frame and he will be seen as a net looser / failure of a president in the history books.

    For an ego maniac that has to be a hard pill to swallow, for a self loving idealogue I think that may hurt even more. Feel the pain.

  • wayne

    Edward– you go right ahead and remain leery on the new King DJT. Highly sympathetic to all your admonitions on DJT. ( I took a different path and regret it every day. The only thing I’m happy for is HRC not being president, and that is wearing off real quickl as we approach January.)
    Trump is in the bottom 10, for Presidents & winning Electoral-Votes. He babbles about his electoral college “landslide,” but it’s all hype and lies. If he believes it, he’s ignorant. If he knows the truth, but still does his used-car salesman shtick, then he’s a dangerous pathological lying sociopath.

    Obama succeed beyond his wildest dreams in “fundamentally transforming” America, and the Republicans funded it all.The factoid that a NYC limousine-liberal, billionaire, is perceived as a preferable alternative to a 3rd term of Obama, only goes to show how far the Overton Window has been pushed to the Left. 47% of the population, receives a Government check/benefit of some sort, and Trump will not change that percentage
    Rino’s love big Government, and they always have. Trump loves it as well. At best, he’s Hoover all over again.
    Rinse Prius & Mitch McConnell aren’t rejecting Obama’s Anti-American Agenda. They can’t wait to borrow trillions of dollars and spread it around to all their friends, with their bizzaro FDR-era Industrial Policies, and all their New Deal/Great Society stuff. The only difference is, it will be clothed in populist, nationalist, agrarian B-S, for all the cheerleaders and Trump-acolytes to echo.
    Priebus will control access to Trump & Personnel is Policy.
    Our new SOS nominee– he believes in climate-change, carbon-taxes, and an “all-inclusive” Boy Scouts of America.
    We’re $20 trillion in debt and with $120 trillion in unfunded liabilities. You don’t grow yourself out of that hole, and DJT will NOT be the one and only person in History, to do so. “It’s not different this time,” no matter what they tell themselves.
    Trump won’t touch Social Security or Medicare. He won’t even repeal the ACA, he’ll just tweak it. If community-rating’s & pre-existing condition must-carry, aren’t killed outright, it will never go away, ever.
    And when the stock-market crashes, again. They’ll go on an orgy of spending/borrowing.

    The minute you start hearing the term “revenue-neutral tax-cuts,” or “revenue-neutral anything,” then you’ll know it’s all just lies and subterfuge. And when the Export/Import Bank is revived, with a new shiny Name, “it’s all over.” Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss.

    Won’t Get Fooled Again-
    Pontiac Silverdome, 6th Dec 1975

    “There’s nothing in the street looks any different to me
    And the slogans are replaced, by the bye
    The parting on the left is now parting on the right
    And the beards have all grown longer overnight.”

  • Chris R

    I wonder how many people think that Obama’s presidency was a success because he accomplished his goals, regardless of how they affect the citizenry.

    That is one terrible definition of “success.”

  • ChrisL

    @ Chris R

    The elites who got this election so wrong definitely define it that way. That’s how Trump was able to blindside them. They were living in “morning in America” while middle America was living in The Hunger Games. Voting for Trump was their way of telling the smug assholes who worship nothing but power to go to hell.

  • wayne

    From Obama’s perspective, he did succeed beyond his wildest dreams & Rino’s helped him do it practically every time it mattered the most.
    Conservatives who opposed Obama, were vilified by the likes of Boehner/Ryan/Mitch and DJT.
    Rence gave us McCain and Romney, now he’s rewarded as C of S.

    “Does Trump have a “mandate?””
    Mark Levin discusses the Electoral College
    cued to the relevant part–
    ( video 27:37)

  • Cotour

    Chris R & Chris L:

    Obama, just like Hillary will attempt to create a narrative where they are the victims of bias, it is the go to formula for a failed woman and a failed person of color, they can not help themselves that is their subjective programming. They are unable to be objective, to look deeply into the mirror, it is personally too uncomfortable for them, its the “white” majority, specifically the “white man” who is actually to blame for any failure. Even though they have been given much more than an equal opportunity to succeed.

    You can see the Democrat party and Hillary doing it right now in front of your eyes. What has the party done? Re-empowered Nancy Pelosi, that one action is the death nell for their party at least for 2 years, maybe 20. Its the parting line where reality interfaces with wishful fantasy. And Hillary can find no fault in her self or her operation nor her message, it was the Russians, It was Assange, the sun was in her eyes.

    I say good riddance, stay steeped in your personal delusion, Obama and Hillary and your ignorant Leftist rabble, it works for me. MORE SHOVELS FOR THE LEFTIST DEMOCRAT LEADERSHIP!

    (Who I have a bit of compassion for are the poor every day working Americans who identify as Democrats but have failed to recognize and understand that their party is now under the control of radical leftists)

  • wayne

    Keith X, for head of DNC!
    (vote early & often)

    Mark Levin: Who is, Keith Ellison?

  • Edward

    You wrote: “For an ego maniac that has to be a hard pill to swallow, for a self loving idealogue I think that may hurt even more.

    You missed, again. I identify as a major deity (yes, worship and tithes are appreciated). Ironically, I also identify as an agnostic, which is confusing on several levels. Do I exist or don’t I? I am confused where God is concerned. Etc.

    After years of such doubts, I have finally decided that these two seemingly contradictory identities mean that I am unsure of myself. Which apparently does not come across in my comments. ;-)

    wayne wrote: “He won’t even repeal the ACA, he’ll just tweak it.

    I’m not so sure. I since he has said that Canada’s and Britain’s healthcare systems work, I think that he would sign a bill that repeals the ACA in favor of a socialized medicine system like in those two countries. That is part of my fear, that he will move us further into socialism, and this move would be cheered by Obama, who has been heard to say that it is the secret goal of the ACA.

    I’ve always thought that the music of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” sounds like how my fevers feel. It’s always eerie to me to hear that song. I liked your Mark Levin video. Very good.

    Chris R wrote: “That is one terrible definition of ‘success.’

    That he got what he wanted makes it successful. That he will go down in history as the worst president ever, unless the US remains a tyranny, does not make him any less successful as a president. It just means that his policies were anti-American, anti-liberty, and pro-tyranny. Stalin, Genghis Khan, Al Capone, and Hitler were all successful, despite the massacres they oversaw. Well, Capone and Hitler eventually lost, but before that, they were successful at getting what they wanted, and that is what they are infamous for.

    FDR and LBJ were also successful presidents, yet they brought us policies that are now causing financial and societal problems.

    Cotour wrote: “Obama, just like Hillary will attempt to create a narrative where they are the victims of bias, it is the go to formula for a failed woman and a failed person of color, they can not help themselves that is their subjective programming.

    Isn’t it ironic? These two people, who have made it higher than almost everyone else in the world, consider themselves failures and cry sexism, racism, and cheating from other countries to explain why they see themselves as failures.

    Here they are, rich, famous, and successful, but they just can’t help but declare themselves part of the downtrodden.

    Because so many people, the Democrat masses, believe unconditionally what they say, we get thousands of people sending death threats and using other bullying tactics in order to try to overturn the will of the people, just so that these two successful losers can feel better about themselves. Did someone here suggest participation trophies for these two? That would have been a much better solution than all these death threats and other attempts at rejecting the election results, which was only recently declared by these same two to be a threat to our democracy.

    Oops. I guess the Democrat masses only believe the last thing the Democratic Party told to them, and they forget all the previous stuff.

    In case I forget to say it later this week, have a merry Christmas (or a happy Christmas, for those in lands that use that phrase) and a happy New Year.

  • Cotour

    I recently was listening to a former CIA official being interviewed (I do not remember his name) who worked closely with CIA head, Bill Casey. He said he heard him say the following ” We will know we are successful when everything that the American public believes is a lie” (A lie created by them).

    The Democrat party also believes the same:

    This is what we all have to work with, this is what we all have to be aware of. Is the CIA doing these things in our country’s interests? Are their activities based solely in S.O.M. type philosophies? Some combination of the two and we would never be able to tell the difference?

    The Democrat party and its goals must all be based in lies and deceit by necessity because their goals are about total control of the individual and currently about diluting the country and its foundation to make it more “equal” (read compliant with Democrat agenda). Not that the Republicans are much better.

    So while we draw lines and sides to fight on we must all be aware of these other activities which we can not be sure of one way or the other. So we fight on and we “win” here and there but the slide to the left and that control by government over the individual I think continues unabated.

    Just some not so random thoughts on where we all fund ourselves going into a new year. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to you also.

  • Edward

    With the riots after the election, the death threats before the Electoral College met, the planned Million Women March after the Trump inauguration, and Obama’s intention to stay in Washington to make sure his decrees are not overturned, anther of Obama’s legacies may be the end of the peaceful transfer of power, in America.

    The riots, threats, and demonstrations are a sign that the peacefulness is slipping away, and Obama intending to retain his political power after the new president is in place shows that he has no intention of letting the power transfer out of his grasp.

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