Death threats from homosexual activists put family in hiding

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Fascists: A family in Indiana is now in hiding having received numerous death threats after the daughter, owner of a pizzeria, said they would not cater a homosexual wedding.

If a homosexual couple wants to get married, that’s their business. It is not their business to force others to participate in the wedding. To then gang up like a mob to try to destroy anyone who disagrees with them is to behave like a NAZI storm-trooper throwing bricks through the windows of Jewish shops during Krystalnacht.



  • Cotour

    Would anyone on the Left dare to confront a Muslim baker in the same way on the same issue?

    My guess would be a resounding NO.

  • pzatchok

    This is creepy.

    I just saw that video yesterday.

  • Edward

    That’s strange. The article says that many of the threats were a result of the family member’s opinion that the lifestyle is a choice. Yet here in California, school children are allowed to use whichever restroom or locker room, based upon their choice of “gender identity.” The children are not trapped into their first choice, either. They may choose to change as they please.

    I don’t understand why the outrage at the family in Indiana but acceptance of California’s law? The family member has merely restated the official legal position of the state of California.

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