December 8, 2017 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

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Embedded below the fold in two parts.



  • Willi

    14:40 to 16:40 of part 1 is mainly dead air. The rest of part 1 is a duplicate of part 2.

  • wayne

    Referencing supersonic aircraft.
    They can build as many as they want, they just can’t fly them over the continental US and 1/2 of Europe. (It’s a good thing, the earth is 2/3 ocean, eh?)

    “The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the U.N. agency responsible for maintaining international aviation standards, currently prohibits aircraft from creating sonic booms that can be detected on the ground but does not technically outlaw supersonic flight. >Regulations in the U.S. *flatly prohibit* flight at speeds exceeding Mach 1.0. (Private spaceflight companies are exempt.)”

  • Willi: I have emailed John Batchelor. Stay tuned.

  • Willi

    Musk already merged one company into Tesla. That would be Solar City. Wall Street hated that merger. How did that merger work out? Good question…

  • Willi: Batchelor thanks you specifically. He is getting this fixed.

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