Deficit panel is recommending eliminating NASA funds to private space

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Am I clairvoyant? Clark Lindsey notes how Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform is recommending a $1.2 billion cut from NASA’s private commercial space budget.


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  • It’s the only rational explanation. Speaking of rational, did ya read what they think the money is actually for? It’s pretty funny. I wonder how much of the $50M SpaceX just raised will be going to a launch escape system.. for a long time now they’ve been saying they only need $300M to do it, and the launch escape system is about all they need to do crew launch. So other than the plodding pace, it seems SpaceX *doesn’t need* government funding to get humans into space.. and, as we saw with Soyuz, it will be a lot easier for NASA to do the inspections and waivers of an existing vehicle that is ready to launch humans than to prescribe what the vehicle should be.

    viva la revolution!

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