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Democrat fundraiser includes mock assassination of Donald Trump

Democrat civility: An August 16th fundraising event for Chicago Democratic state senator Martin Sandoval included a mock assassination of Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, the leftist press and Democrats accuse Trump of out-of-control rhetoric? Nothing he has ever said, no matter how crude or insulting, has ever come close to this. Nor is this the only example. Democrats, and the leftist allies in the press and in Antifa (the Democrats’ SS division), routinely use slander and hateful language, often backed up by violence against innocent citizens, to squelch any opposition. If anyone is inspiring mass murders and violence it is them, not Trump.

Sandoval has issued the typical rote apology, which has as much value as a tissue that someone has used to blow their nose. You can bet he was quite in favor of this performance at his fundraiser, and in fact approved it heartily.

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  • Phil Berardelli

    They keep pushing violence, something that will only, eventually, elicit violence in return. They are tickling the dragon’s tail, where the dragon represents 100 million armed citizens, by far the largest armed force on Earth. It is foolishness in the extreme, and when it happens the reaction will resemble that of the millions of Germans and Japanese who bemoaned what their evil and misguided leaders had brought upon them. Given where things are headed, there is no other possible outcome.

  • Cotour

    Just Democrat desperation, pandering to a particular ignorant segment of the population. What else do they have? Not much.

    We are a long, long way from 100 million armed patriots taking care of business.

  • Curious how the ones bemoaning ‘fascism’ and ‘opression’ are the only ones practicing it.

    ” . . . which has as much value as a tissue that someone has used to blow their nose. ”

    Less, as the tissue has performed a useful function.

  • mike shupp

    Let’s not make too much of this. Yes, even jokes about assassination are not funny and politicians who indulge them ought to be punished. At the least, one can expect many of the fellow’s would-be supporters are going to hold their noses when voting for him, or better yet NOT voting for him.

    That said, a state senator is pretty far down the political order. This isn’t the level at which the national Democratic Party pays much attention to what campaigns are doing, or even supplies much in the way of money and assistance. You know this wasn’t Nancy Pelosi’s bright idea or even AOC’s. This stupid stunt is what one idiot running for office thought would catch some attention, not part of some larger scheme. And Illinois has been noted for over-the-top Republican-Democratic partisanship for some time — reference the 1960 and 1968 presidential elections.

    Speaking of uncalled for political rancor … I gather Donald Trump is still beaming at crowds chanting “Lock her up!” at his campaign rallies. Has that got a bunch of you guys smiling?

  • Ian C.

    Mike, “lock her up” is part of Trump’s rally liturgy. It’s become part of what people chant for fun and in-group feeling. Recently (e.g. Manchester, NH, four days ago [1]) he toned it down with that specific chant, saying they now have a great Attorney General and then switching to other topics, i.e. not engaging the crowd over Hillary as he did in the past.
    There are other targets. Like the Squad, Sleepy Joe, Pocahontas (again).

    I followed nearly every rally in the 2016 and 2018 campaign and I do now. He’s playing with the crowd, testing what works or not, slight modifications nearly every time. Very adaptable. Sometimes he makes crass mistakes and then tries things out until they work with the crowd. He’s an entertainer. Yes, often I laugh and cheer. Like his audience laughs and cheers. About the jokes, chest-beating, name-calling, black-and-white painting of affairs, collective booing and cheering and clapping. And the straight, honest words. And I think often people just enjoy the silliness and over-the-top of some of it. It’s nice feel-good stuff for the whole family. He brought the populist fun back to politics. It’s an antidote to all those liberal accusations of racism or sexism or homophobia or transphobia, the constant race-baiting and identity politics, affirmative action, speech limitations, punishment for wrongthink. And I’m grateful.

    When Trump is unfair it’s because his opponents are unfair. He’s very much into reciprocity. He knew what he was getting into and had to push against it. If he’d play like the establishment with nice words and empty phrases and harmless promises, sticking to their rules, they would have an advantage over him and he would just be another low energy Jeb! As an outsider, you have to be different when you enter a field.

    And half of the fun is seeing the reactions from Democrats [2] and their affiliated media, academia, NGOs, and avocado hipsters. If they wouldn’t suffer from chronic Trump Derangement Syndrome and cover every tweet and statement and saying all those false and angry things about him or his staff or voters, he wouldn’t be so successful. Don’t feed the troll, but they have to, they can’t resist because they must #Resist.

    At this point I don’t know anymore whether my posting relates to anything you wrote, but I’ve had fun writing it. Peace, man. Let’s survive this together. :)

    [1] Trump toning it down with “lock her up”

    [2] At Hillary’s HQ on election night, I just love this one

  • wodun

    To me, it looks like some joking around rather than something scripted. One is crass and the other is reprehensible. Crassness is what I have come to expect from Democrats because that has been my lifelong experiences with them. I don’t really care but it would be nice if they were self aware.

    What makes this story important is that it illustrates the double standard imposed by the media. Some rando rodeo clown lost his job for wearing an Obama mask, even though he did the same to Bush. Democrats and their media allies punish random nobodies and the actions of Republican politicians at the city or state level get national attention, sometimes international attention. Democrats allies in the media don’t hold Democrats to the same standards. There aren’t rules that apply equally to all.

    Why shouldn’t this Democrat have to resign his office, as would be demanded of a Republican?

  • Cotour

    What is it with Chicago?

    Now the mayor of one of the most violent perpetually Democrat run cities in the nation blames the violence on the Republicans, like Ted Cruz?

    Once again the Democrats ask everyone to suspend their common sense and believe exactly the opposite of what the truth is.

    This mayor blames the guns and where some of them may come from instead of the crazies and criminal thugs that actually pick them up, point them at their fellow Americans and pull the trigger and injurs and kills them.

    Its nothing to the MSM and the Democrats, they are unable to see and understand any of this (thats rhetorical), all while 40, 50, 60 people A WEEKEND are shot and several of them die. Again, EVERY WEEKEND! Its like they are invisable. Who actually cares about these people? Not the Democrats.

    I have a pocket knife in my pocket. I have taken it out of my pocket, opened it up, and put it on the table. And it has never attacked or killed anyone. How can that be?

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