Democratic Congressman to immigration officials: “When the worm turns you will not be safe.”

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They’re coming for you next: An Arizona Democratic congressman yesterday threatened immigration officials for any work they might do to enforce the immigration laws passed by Congress.

“If you are a US government official and you are deporting Americans be warned,” the tweet read. “When the worm turns you will not be safe because you were just following orders. You do not have to take part in illegal acts ordered by this President’s administration.”

Not surprising, this was done on that sewer of brainlessness called Twitter.

First of all, no Americans have been deported. The Trump administration has simply been doing exactly the same thing that both the previous Bush and Obama administration had done, demand a verification that certain individuals near the Mexican border are really American citizens before issuing a passport, as per the law.

I repeat, they’re coming for you next. Comments like this only reveal what these fascists really want to do, destroy whoever might stand in the way of their obtaining of power.


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  • wayne

    Hitler: The Rise of Evil
    excerpt: “the wheels of history have turned…”

  • hondo

    Never threaten men with guns

  • Orion314

    How can the law abiding citizens conquer the evil that reign power ? By voting ?

  • Took a look at the Representative’s Twitter account. Not getting a lot of support from followers. There’s a few True Believers, but most aren’t real happy. I suppose even a Marine can be an idiot. I’d like for Gallego or any of his fellow travelers to produce one US citizen that’s been deported. One. The fact is that a US citizen cannot be deported from the US. People in the process of naturalization (aka ‘not citizens’) can be.

    This is consistent with Progressive ‘argument’: make something up, shout real loud, and accuse those who disagree or demand, you know, proof, of some ‘-ism’. It’s real old, and people are getting fed up with it.

  • Andrew Winter

    I worry about the reaction against this politician.

    I worry that too many people are using the terms Tyrant and Fascist who are not fully aware of what these things REALLY are.

    Most of all. TRULY MOST OF ALL. I worry that too many of those who use words like Tyrant and Fascist are blithely unaware of the ILLUSTRATION that goes with the phrase “Sic Semper Tyranis!”

    Well look at the Virginia State Flag people.

    Unless YOU are prepared to be that soldier with the spear, you have NO business crying about TYRANTS and FASCISTS! I am serious! If you are NOT promoting VIOLENT action by The General Militia of the various states to carry out the image on that flag, Ya’ll need to just shut up about it before you inspire someone who feels no such constraint!


    For the love of God, stop before some poor POS politician winds up hanging from a damned lamp post and we all WIND UP PAYING THE DEVIL’S DUE!

  • Cotour

    “I worry about the reaction against this politician.”

    This empowered politician promotes and even threatens violence against other empowered politicians and government employees. He and people like him are the problem, and for the most part they are mostly the people who occupy the Democrat and Left leaning of the political spectrum.

    And if we are to learn from the past as these individuals continue to lose power, as I expect in the coming elections under the leadership of Trump, they will become even more deranged and desperate.

    The only solution? Keeping winning at the ballot box, there is no other choice.

  • pzatchok

    Is this guy promoting violence against law enforcement officers?
    A politician no less.
    Why does he not use his chosen position to just change the law instead of trying to intimidate law enforcement into not upholding the laws.

    Thats right he has no ……….. so he is afraid of losing his own job.

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