Democratic congressmen falsified records says computer man Awan

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Imran Awan, the computer expert hired by Democrat who is now charged with bank fraud, is saying that the Democratic representatives with whom he worked systematically falsified records to encourage theft.

If members or senior staff instructed IT aides to misrepresent how budgets were spent, that could potentially explain why officials have not charged the Awans with crimes related to procurement, even a full year after House authorities gathered documentation showing invoices that claimed expensive technological items cost $499 instead of their true price: potentially an open-and-shut violation. “The only reason you’re not seeing charges is because the Democrats who employed him are not cooperating,” a senior Republican congressional official with direct knowledge of the probe told TheDCNF last month.

The scale of this scandal continues to grow.



  • Kyle

    This is a much bigger scandal than any Russian related one that is being plaster all over the news right now. This could take down the upper echelon of the democrat party, since none of them have the charisma of a Clinton or an Obama to pardon their behavior.

  • ken anthony

    charisma of a Clinton… just let that sit for a while.

    It’s impossible to hide the corruption so we allow them to gaslight us. Are the corrupt going to take down the corrupt?

  • wayne

    Mr. Z.,–
    It is my (vague) understanding that Steven Wasserman, brother of Debbie, is an assistant US attorney for the District, and is/was, assigned to this Case?
    -Is this an internet-myth or what? It wouldn’t surprise me, but I don’t know.

  • Orion314

    A quick search revealed “’
    Steven Wasserman is his name

  • wayne

    Thank you.

    “I’m shocked…..

  • Cotour

    Oh, the political realm is sooo not nailed down, sooo amourphous, sooo flexible, sooo intangible, sooo many shades of gray.

    Now these dominoes are not as glued down as usual and once they are pushed to a certain point someone may well be sacrificed. But who? D.W Shultz? She can bring Hillary and Podesta along with her. The tech Awan? He is probably being offered immunity. Who (If anyone) will take the weight?

    Will it all just be forgotten about in time?

    What in the end will transpire?

  • Joe

    Cotour, they are democrats, nothing will happen to them!

  • Cotour

    Yes, I have come to suspect that things like this are allowed to expire in time related to the legal liability that might surround them. Its a political realm strategy that both sides participate in and they cut each other the slack needed to remain able to operate. Although this political realm accommodation probably favors 2 to 1 Democrats for sure.

    At this level of activity or bad acts you or I would be making deals as to how much time will be served served in mandated Federal vacation time, thats in the pedestrian realm.

    Politicians who have no consequences for what amounts to treasonous actions are the weakest link in our system.

  • Cotour

    Here is an interesting example where Democrats that bridge the political and pedestrian world are in the process of crafting a counter intuitive narrative that is on its face ridiculous for a high roller contributor, but they insist that they be believed:

    If you read Weinsteins mea culpa and his “Consultant” Lisa Blooms PR it is very instructive, actually entertaining, made me laugh. Weinstein in addition now claims that “Its a right wing conspiracy”, although any complaints come from I would have to think all Liberal Democrats actress’s.

    Weinstein has hired Lanny Davis and DAVID BOISE (No bigger big problem lawyer available) and other Clintonite high powered lawyers to handle his troubles. Yea, its a “Right wing conspiracy”, thats what it is.

    A big BS PR pie that these Liberals insist you eat, enjoy, and ask for a second helping. It really is very entertaining.

  • wayne

    “what in the end will transpire?”

    With any luck, the exact same thing that happened to Romanian Dictator Nicolae & Elena Ceausescu, December 25, 1989.

  • Cotour

    If we apply what we already know through real world evidence, luck will have little to do with the end results in this political realm scenario.

    (As a side note, Rush started with and is in the middle of fleshing out this Weinstein story as we write. I heard someone read Weinstein’s statement this morning, I literally was laughing out loud while driving, could not believe what I was hearing)

  • wayne

    Before we go full blown tangential–
    Q: Who cares that yet another billionaire-statist, is discovered to be a scum-bag? I’m shocked….
    >Manufactured distraction.

    As to akmed awad and his extended band of sympathizers (known collectively as the democrat party); it’s getting about time to wrap the entire Capital in crime-tape, and systematically arrest, render, & disappear 90% of everyone therein, with extreme prejudice and absolute malice aforethought.

  • Cotour

    Wayne, this Weinstein situation perfectly illustrates the do as I say not as I do attitude of any elitist and how the media and purchased legal opinion and spin machine attempts to shape what the people think, in this case about a high rolling Democrat political supporter and media Hollywood manipulator.

    This is not nothing.

  • Cotour

    Now Lisa Bloom quits as Weinsteins “Consultant”, how surprising.

    Weinstein has hired the highest caliber lawyers, including Bloom who usually defends women against the Weinsteins of the world. Now what ever actress wants to sue him can not use these particular lawyers because of a conflict of interest I will assume?

    Bloom would have been the loudest and most highly media visible mouth piece and now she is conflicted. Pure legal strategy, and she gets a movie / “docuseries” deal out of it all.

    Just like Hillary wants to sell the idea that everyone else besides her is responsible for her loss and she wills you to believe it, and so the Weinstein defense insists that everyone believe that Harvey is just a misunderstood “bad” good guy who was a victim of the times within which he grew up.

    Oh yeah its slimy and overtly manipulative, but its what they are going with, the money is unlimited to buy what needs to be bought. Right in your face.

  • wayne

    Again, “I’m shocked… these billionaires turn out to be scumbags. (That Epstein dude… one of Bill Clinton’s BFF’s, comes to mind as well.)

    Ref- akmed awad; if he’s not singing like a bird & implicating everyone, he should be sent on a tropical vacation to Gitmo, until his memory improves. (Not to go all alex jones, but I do wonder when he’ll mysteriously suicide himself. )

    If you like Jordan Peterson, he was on Louder with Crowder a few days ago (the free show on YouTube). And this is a new & heavy duty discussion you might enjoy.

    Camille Paglia & Jordan B Peterson
    “Modern Times”

  • Cotour


    As you well know there are a lot of perverted, sick and abusive people on this planet, being a billionaire just gives you more opportunity, if you are of that ilk, and the abuse can be much more obnoxious and high profile when revealed. And of course we a speaking of Hollywood and their perversion can only be the biggest of the big.

    The insult as I have pointed out is the high priced legal spin that is shoved out into the public and is demanded that it believed, “Harvey is just a product of the times in which he grew up” and the plainly visible legal strategy. This is all just a genital / chromosomal “misunderstanding”, after millions will be paid out to dozens.

    I will check out the video, but I find Paglia difficult to listen to because of her style, I want to jump out the window.

  • wayne

    yeah, Paglia is quite intense.
    I do find Peterson to be a bit too mentalistic for me, but then again he’s in a great position to philosophize, and it is interesting.

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