Democratic control of House threatens Space Force and SLS

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Two articles today suggest that the switch to Democratic control of the House will threaten funding for both Trump’s Space Force as well as NASA’s SLS/Orion program.

I say, “Hallelujah!” Both are boondoggles of the worst kind, and illustrated how really uncommitted the Republicans in the House were to cutting spending. SLS/Orion has cost more than $40 billion so far, and will likely cost $60 billion before its first manned launch, and will take twenty years to fly a single manned mission. Space Force meanwhile is really nothing more than a consolidated space office in the Pentagon, and yet the Pentagon is proposing it will cost $13 billion for its first five years.

Both are pure pork, and if the Democrats want to garner real voter support they will stop with the “Resist Trump!” stupidity and shut both down, shifting support instead for private space.


One comment

  • wodun

    I can see the Democrats obstructing the Space Force because they hate Trump and hate the military in general. Nothing bothers the Democrats more than the USA being militarily superior to countries like Russia and China. But I don’t see them getting rid of SLS because they wont cut spending, view SLS as an Obama legacy, and also think of sciency stuff as a religion. It is more likely that SLS will get more money now.

    The real cause for concern is that Democrats will act against the democratization of space based activities and that they will restrict commerce and private enterprise because they hate capitalism and want to protect off world environments. Will Democrats support asteroid or lunar mining? Doubtful.

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