Democratic fake skepticism, and Republican failure theater

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Link here. Essentially, the writer is disgusted both by the fake skepticism of the Democrats, who are going to eventually back Obama’s cave-in deal to Iran, and the Republican’s failure theater, which abdicated their power to prevent that deal from being approved.

The vote is not in fact to be had; the vote of course already was had, two months ago, when Bob Corker [Republican] proposed the “compromise” that said that deal would become law automatically, subject to a negative vote by Congress, but Obama gets to veto that, meaning Obama only needs one third support in both bodies to carry the day.

This is an inversion of the usual scheme wherein it requires a two thirds positive vote to carry the day in his favor; a mere one third minority could have blocked him.

No more. A one-third minority now wins the day for him.

So the actual vote, the actual History, the important deed, passed by two months ago when few of us were paying attention.

The coming vote will be the performance of Failure Theater, debuting to a world hungry for some dramatic political entertainment; but plays are of course scripted, and thus, their conclusions are foreordained, and this particular bit of stagecraft was written and finalized months ago by Bob Corker, with every single Republican voting in favor of it, save one — Tom Cotton — who objected, and save another, Ted Cruz, who made himself absent.

I for one agree. Isn’t it interesting how the public, in the 2014 election, made it very clear that they wanted Obama’s agenda stopped, and in response most of these bastards in Congress, from both parties, have conspired to foil the will of the people.


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  • Cotour

    Believe it or not, laugh, don’t laugh, but we may have arrived at a point where someone like Donald Trump may be the one person that may be the only hope for a new and credible direction for our country other than this total failure and destruction of our country and our Constitution.

    He is obligated to no one (everyone is obligated to someone) but you know what I mean, he can say what ever he pleases and what all other professional politicians can not but need to. He is connecting to the everyday person who is thinking what he is saying.

    Love him or loath him he may be thee one person to break us out of this American death spiral. And I am quite sure you will all agree with that, we are in an American death spiral.

    (Yes he’s obnoxious and an ego maniac but sometimes thats what get done what must get done)

  • David M. Cook

    Hmmm… “obnoxious and an ego maniac” kind of describes Obama and most of his evil minions in the Federal government; Lois Lerner, for example.

    As for Trump becoming president, the current sacks of crap who run the party will never allow him to be the nominee, and going third-party will guarantee the presidency for the Hilda-Beast.

    Does anyone have a feasible solution to this?

  • Cotour

    At the minimum he will drive an uncomfortable conversation that is needed to be had, in the end maybe Scott Walker or Rubio is the man. If I had to choose I will choose Walker but if Trump makes enough noise and a real movement grows behind him, who knows.

    My point is that if we just continue on the trajectory we are on and the same old political operatives (Republican or Democrat leadership) are driving the bus then we are still on the American death spiral road. I really do not like the American death spiral road.

    And do not confuse the capitalist obnoxious, egomaniac person with the Leftist, Marxist, socialist kind of obnoxious, egomaniac. One will break some eggs, mix things up and may well give everyone hope and even may make you rich and the other will endeavor to drag everyone down into the dirt so everyone is equally as dirty as everyone else and tell everyone that its for their own good while they exempt themselves and their followers from the dirt.

    Hopefully Ms. Learner will be spending some quality time reflecting on her misdeeds compliments of the tax payers after her pathological liar and delusional leader leaves office in 2016.

    PS: I am wary of Trump, he really pissed me off in the last election where he threatened to run but decided to do the apprentice instead. A friend of mine who worked very closely with him during the Marla Maples days told me that he was just pumping his image, and he was right. He does however seem more focused this time but we will have to see how this all lays out, someone of his ability if they are serious can make things happen. Keep in mind, I trust none of them.

  • joe

    I am in total agreement with you on Donald Trump, he may well be right of both hildabeast and Bush, I think the only reason I could vote for Trump is because of his stance on illegal immigration and his willingness to tell Univision to take a flying leap, it will be an interesting year for the elections, I can only hope we get a conservative in.

  • Cotour

    Unrelated but related:

    There is a fundamental problem with the press. Real questions that demand real answers must be asked, especially if it makes what ever politicians to squirm, even the president. You know, questions other than ” what is your favorite flavor of ice cream Mrs. Clinton?”

    This president needs to be directly confronted by the press and their failure to do so allows him to hide behind them and continue with his un American activities.

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