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Democratic fascists force cancellation of Trump rally

Fascists: Upset that a Republican candidate they disagree with planned to hold a rally in Chicago, thousands of protesters threatened violence at tonight’s Trump rally and forced Trump to cancel the event.

In a telephone interview after postponing his event in Chicago, Trump said he didn’t “want to see people hurt or worse” at the rally, telling MSNBC, “I think we did the right thing.”

But Chicago police said they had sufficient manpower on scene to handle the situation and did not recommended Trump cancel the rally. That decision was made “independently” by the campaign, said police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

I am not a supporter of Donald Trump, but I will always defend to the death his right to speak. These protesters are merely an extension of the oppressive academic leftwing movement that tolerates no dissent, and does whatever it can to silence and squelch any opposition. That was their goal tonight, and they succeeded. And if you doubt my conclusions, consider this quote from the above article:

Veronica Kowalkowsky, an 18-year-old Trump supporter, said she had no ill will toward the protesters — but didn’t think they felt the same way. “I feel a lot of hate,” she said. “I haven’t said anything bad to anyone.”

Chicago community activist Quo Vadis said hundreds of protesters had positioned themselves in groups around the arena, and they intended to demonstrate right after Trump took the stage. Their goal, he said, was “for Donald to take the stage and to completely interrupt him. The plan is to shut Donald Trump all the way down.” [emphasis mine]

Sadly, it was Trump’s nonchalant encouragement of violence against protesters that helped inflame this situation. In some ways he is as guilty of misbehavior as are these protesters.

Update: Read this eye-witness account of what happened at the rally tonight, and weep for the death of free speech and freedom in America.

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  • Local Fluff

    In Sweden, the now largest political party has always had all their public meetings sabotaged by protesters using “vuvuzela” (a music instrument). And often by massive brutal violent attacks by hoards of armed maniacs. The police never acts at all, they say that they don’t want to be provocative. In Sweden, the “right wing” government (which lies about being “moderate” and “christian” without ever having taken any decision to that effect in over a century) has financed the communist’s violent and illegal storm troops on the streets for decades. And here the storm troops use hand grenades and kalashnikovs, which is especially efficient since everyone is unarmed by law and we have a tiny weak police corps which has been ordered to support the campaign of the violent communist storm troops.

    You are right to take this very seriously. One (1) years ago no one had thought that this could happen to Sweden so suddenly, that it would be a continuous gradual decay with a bit more violence everyday, a bit less freedom of speech, a bit higher debt and in ten years or so maybe the trend could be turned around somehow. That the world’s highest immigration per capita suddenly ten folded without the government reacting in anyway at all, broke the back of the Swedish society last year.

    Now it is already too late to do anything other than seek refuge in a civilized country. Within a few years millions of naive Swedes will have been killed (mostly by power outage, the government has abolished all kinds of civil defence and crisis management ability and our now extremely hostile foreign policy against the EU and all neighbor countries has left us with no foreign friends to help us) and Sweden will forever be a Middle Eastern country with tyranny, slavery, eternal civil war and no industry or science. Exactly like all other ME countries always have had it since they too got an islamic majority population.

    The US can still be saved. You have great men who step up to the challenge. 4 years ago I couldn’t believe Ron Paul was for real. In Sweden there’s no one at all who wants or cares or could do anything. All capable Swedes simply leave the country when the electricity goes out, leaving the millions of idiots behind to starve to death in the wonderful feminist paradise they have chosen to create. It is completely unthinkable that any Swede would take any kind of responsibility for the nation Sweden. It would be like being Satan, totally unthinkable. Americans haven’t gotten there yet. Please do react against this development in time!

  • Wayne

    Had heard something from Trump last night that he wanted “to meet with “them” later,” to discuss “something.” Perhaps, to work out one of his “wonderful deals?”
    I as well have no desire to stifle Trump. He has an absolute right to a hold peaceful rally & others have an obligation to behave themselves.
    We are all aware of how the Left operates. And while Trump is not responsible for everything his supporters may or may not do, he has entered the political realm and must make it clear that violence of any sort, to or by anyone, is unacceptable.

    Received an email yesterday from a friend who is an adjunct-faculty at the University. Protestors & Trump supports were forming as early as 1pm. He intended to walk home before he couldn’t safely go out on the streets.

    This is eerily, 1968 all over again, in some crazy Alternative Universe timeline. And we know who was elected that year, a “strong man” type.

  • Garry

    Local Fluff,

    I’m very curious (and alarmed) about what you say has been going on in Sweden. Do you have any links to offer that you think would educate an outsider, like me, what has been going on?

  • Wayne

    Local Fluff:

    Ditto for me as well. Never see any news about the Scandinavian Country’s, at all.
    (never see any news about Canada either & I’m in Michigan.)

    — interesting podcasts at, you might enjoy. He covers military type stuff on a regular basis, as well as author-interviews on a wide variety of military/historical subjects. If you check out his “mp3 download” page, you can get the segments that sound interesting, or the entire show, all free.

  • Garry

    Thanks, Wayne, i’m a huge fan of Jogn Batchelor since I found his show on election night 2008. There’s no better source of international news, which is the weakest aspect of american media. Don’t get to listen as often as i’d like these days.

    It was through JB’s show that I learned about thos website.

  • Wayne

    ref John Batchelor Show-

    He’s a GEM. Stumbled across him in 2012. Extremely well read, ultra-pleasant radio-voice, & great guests.
    Ditto on the International News. (our Media is populated with 24 year old J-school graduates, who know “everything” about “communications,” but little about the World or History. It’s sad…

  • wodun

    Democrats don’t realize they are the very thing they claim to hate.

    They give grand speeches about ending hatred, division, bigotry, and violence and yet intentionally use all of those things to motivate their voters in a supremacist frenzy. They don’t view non-Democrats as humans but rather demons to be defeated by any means necessary. It is because of this, that they feel that any action, abuse, punishment, or violence directed at non-Democrats is righteously justified.

    This is why they celebrated persecuting the Tea Party with the IRS. This is why non-Democrat women have urine poured on them and are the target of rape jokes. This is why non-Democrat minorities are called every racist slur in the book.

    Everyday is a case study in Fen’s Law. They mobilize the mob to physically intimidate non-Democrats. They claim Trump provoked them and that they are not responsible for their own actions. But keep in mind how they protested when Bush was President and then suddenly stopped when Obama was elected. Suddenly they were no longer anti-war. They never really were, just anti-Republican.

    Trump is not my prefered candidate but all of the GOP must recognize that no matter who the nominee is, they will be treated like this by Democrats. If a Republican wins the election, no matter who they are, there will be 4-8 years of Democrat’s violent militant activists running rampant and ordered and organized to do so by the Democrat party.

    How many times have we seen this? Democrats show up in order to pick and provoke fights. Law enforcement exercises remarkable restraint when Democrats stand inches from their faces yelling racial slurs and other insults that would instantly cause a fight if said to anyone else. Democrats would never tolerate anyone treating Democrats this way.

    We need more video cameras documenting their behavior. Far too often the media protects the Democrat protesters by refusing to name their party affiliation, their organizers, by not showing video of the things they say, and by claiming they are “mostly” peaceful.

    Democrats say they hate bullies but they are the biggest bullies in existence. The Democrats say that anything goes when standing up to bullies, I disagree but the GOP needs to stand up to these violence prone bullies.

  • wayne


    Well said.

  • wayne

    Look at some video of how Reagan dealt with rioter’s when he was the Governor of Cali.
    He used the police & national guard, but vastly more importantly, –he clearly spelled out WHY they were in the wrong & refused to argue with them within their Narrative, and spoke to them within OUR historical Civil-Society narrative.
    –Unfortunately, this stuff works in Trump’s favor. I don’t want him silenced but elements of the Media are totally in the tank for him. (seemingly, until they viscously turn on him.

  • wayne

    Democrat Party:

    (Nothing “democratic” or American, about their brand of Fascism/Totalitarianism/Authoritarianism, broadly, “Statism.”)

    Indian removal
    Broken treaties
    The Trail of Tears
    Jim Crow Laws
    Lynching’s and the KKK
    Interning the Japanese in WW2
    Opposed the Civil rights Act of 1964
    Opposed the Voting rights Act of 1965
    Opposed the Fair Housing Rights Act of 1968….

    And these clowns have the nerve to paint other people as “intolerant.”

    (Trump however, is not the Solution. Never want him stifled, but he’s not the person people assume he is.)

  • Edward


    You missed the part about Democrats being proud of the hypocrisy and bigotry that you pointed out.


    You are right that Trump is not the solution. He is a Democrat wearing Republican clothing. He is part of the problem.

    You also missed the soft tyranny (or soft slavery) of welfare, AKA the “War on Poverty.” Despite a “safety net” seeming like a good idea, people get hooked on it, like a narcotic, then start thinking that they deserve it and use it like a hammock. However, to continue receiving it they must remain poor and continually elect those who will continue giving it to them.

  • Wayne


    Good point. (There’s just so many examples… ya know?!)

    As well–Black Community historically voted 90% Republican. Now they think the democrats are their savior.
    Wilson btw– the “genius academic” re-segregated the Government & the Military, undid a LOT of the reforms from the Civil War, & laid the groundwork for the 1960’s unrest– repressed millions for an additional 60 years.)

    Robert Byrd– Hillary’s mentor– KKK ( and democrat)

    Fully agree Ref: safety-net stuff.
    The worst thing you can do to a Man, is take away his ability to work & accomplish goals.
    -We could easily take care of the truly unfortunate & afflicted, without breaking the Bank & creating more poverty in the process. (It is a soft-tyranny,… a soft “slavery.”)

    Even GW Bush said, not all that long ago, it was, “the tyranny of lowered expectations.”

  • Edward

    Wayne wrote: “We could easily take care of the truly unfortunate & afflicted, without breaking the Bank & creating more poverty in the process.”

    I agree, and it would be even easier still if those who are able to work for a living did so. Not only would they pay taxes into the treasury rather than drain the treasury, but they would add goods and services to the economy, creating additional competition that would drive down the cost of living (read: “cost of our prosperity”), including the cost to the welfare recipients. Plus, their productivity would add to our comfort and prosperity.

    In the good old days (were there ever any?), people who were less than fully able bodied could find employment. In the 1950s movie “An Affair to Remember,” the singer teaches after she winds up in a wheel chair. This was a believable scenario. By the 1980s, things had gotten so bad, due to the disabled being shunted to welfare for two decades, that someone started The Center For Independent Living in order to combat the trend and rapidly-resuming attitude that the disabled could not work and live on their own and that they *needed* welfare.

    In pretending to save people, the progressives have merely created dependency and an attitude that those who “need” saving cannot function on their own. But then, that was probably the progressives’ goal.

    Wodun wrote: “Democrats don’t realize they are the very thing they claim to hate.”

    I am sure that the Democrat leadership realizes this, but the Democrat followership that I talk to either denies it or does not care.

    Back in college, there was a drug dealer living in my residence hall (actually, there were a few, and that created a serious problem — do you have any idea how hard it is to get rid of drug dealers?) who advocated vociferously for socialism. When I pointed out that he was a practicing capitalist, he was proud to be one and proud of his own hypocrisy. In retrospect, he probably thought of himself as smarter than those to whom he preached, giving him the right to his own hypocrisy.

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