Democratic Party civility in New York

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Democratic Party civility in New York:

To think there are about eight other candidates in this race that are Black and Hispanic and you decided to pick Mark Levine the only White/Jewish guy in the race to raise money for.

This story is also a nice example of modern black tolerance to Jews and whites.



  • David Hollick

    I thought Jewish was a minority. It was in the high school I went to. In fact, it was the only minority.

  • Pzatchok

    You can not be a minority if you have ‘the power’.

    And we ALL know that the Jews are in charge of everything and have all the power.

    In fact if even one was left alive he would be in secret charge of everything and everyone. He would have the power to reach out and snatch all the cash in the world out of every ones bank accounts, and even their pockets.
    All the power in the universe would reside in the wrinkled hands of the last 90 year old, half blind and deaf surviving Jew. We would all be at his mercy and dance to his whims. He would force us to buy useless things like Ipads and shamwows.

    He strangely wouldn’t have the power to convert a single other person to Judaism though.

  • My problem is that I’ve been left out. No one ever tells me about this stuff when I visit relatives!

  • Pzatchok

    You need to give them the old nudge nudge wink wink and ask for the secret handshake.

    They might just think you were not interested.

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