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Democratic Senators force short government shutdown

Those racists! A handful of Democratic Senators have forced a government shutdown this coming weekend by refusing to allow the end of debate on a continuing resolution that would have funded the government through April.

Though I generally don’t agree with the reasons for this shutdown (they want to spend more money), I wish them luck, and would celebrate if this shutdown ended up lasting weeks. Unfortunately, according to some analysis, it can only last the weekend.

The biggest irony of this story is that the Democrats are forcing the shutdown to supposedly protect the pensions of coal miners, an industry they and Barack Obama successfully worked to destroy during the past eight years.

Update: Senator Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) and the Democrats have backed down so that the shutdown was averted.

I am disappointed. I was really hoping they would do it. Every time there has been a shutdown it has clearly shown how little we need the federal government. The more the merrier, I say. Shut it down!

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  • Orion314

    With democrats for friends, who needs enemies?

  • Cotour

    Is it the Russians who in the end were the only ones that would dare counter act the Liberal American media’s push to elect Hillary Clinton with the truth?

    90 percent of all American media were plainly, blatantly in support of and were attempting to “choose” Clinton as the president. And how did the Russians accomplish this feat? (if indeed they actually did do what is it is they are being accused of) They supplied Wikileaks with a level of truth and transparency into the unsecured emails of massively dishonest, irresponsible and corrupt Clinton pay for play international operation to install a “New World Order”.

    Whom ever it was who was able to reveal the truth to the American people and were able to stop out Hillary from ever becoming the president of the United States did the country and the world a great favor. (I personally believe that the people of America were never going to allow the continued Leftist slide that the Democrat party and Barack Hussein Obama had under way no matter who dared reveal the truth, they already knew it!)

    This, along with the “recount” are all strategic attempts to delegitimize the coming Trump administration, plain and simple. Remember and never forget, politics is the dirtiest filthiest game that human beings play.

  • Joe

    Cotour, you are correct, these politicians make a prostitute look clean! The irony of the democrat shut down is, that it would get blamed on Ted Cruz, the dems would never accept blame, much like the rino republicans blamed Cruz, another irony is that it benefited the republicans to have their shut down and make Cruz look like an a-hole in the process.

  • wayne

    good stuff.

    I’d just opine randomly–
    Rinse Prius can’t wait to borrow a Trillion Dollars and waste it all on phony-baloney “infra-structure” Corporatist Pork. (And they hate the Conservative more than they love the left.)

    Republican Statists have 7 years of pent-up, RINO, Progressive, CRONY, machinations to make up, and they are hitting the ground running.

    Cronies need to inflate that financial-asset bubble even further, and then suck in the public, while they run for the exits and leave everyone else holding the bag.

    Crony Chronicles: Miracle on Wall Street

  • wayne

    Totally off thread–

    Does anyone remember when it was a terrible thing, that Heidi Cruz worked for Goldman Sachs?

  • Cotour

    I remember, and Ted came up under the tutelage of the Bush family.

    I still don’t trust any of them (Goldman disciples), what will be required?

    Trump to run them all like general Patton. Can he maintain his focus? We will see.

  • Wayne

    “..and Ted came up under the tutelage of the Bush family.”
    Say what?

    The new proposed head of the RNC, to take over for Rinse, is Michigan Republican Party Chair
    Ronna Romney McDaniel. (Mitten’s niece.) Progressive RINO, from way back.

    “Personnel is Policy.”

    Living Colour
    Cult Of Personality

  • Cotour

    And in addition:

    The three irrefutable reasons that Trump will be the president.

    Two…….make that three…… irrefutable facts in monetary terms that are strong indicators the no one in the race was going to beat Trump, not even with the “help” of the Russians.

    1. $19.00 per vote.

    2. $53 million per delegate.

    3. Trump……..$5.00 per vote.

    And of course this, which is the most terrifying………

    After Putin and China’s president see this they will never screw with Trump ! :o

  • Cotour

    Where socialism always winds up eventually, telling private individuals what to do with “their” money.

  • LocalFluff

    “A handful of Democratic Senators have forced a government shutdown this coming weekend by refusing to allow the end of debate
    Hey! I just spotted an obvious bug in the constitution that needs to be fixed.

  • wayne

    –Trump is being a bit disingenuous when he talks about “funding his own campaign.” He leaves out some vital details. (More of his hyperbole and Trump-Speak.)
    –He loaned his primary-campaign, his own money. And that was paid back (with interest) via fundraising and RNC/GOP cash.
    -The instant he was nominated by the Party, the RNC reimbursed all his campaign expenses going forward. Huge percentage of that cash, was what the GOP received from FEC.
    Granted– the DNC spent more money than the GOP, but they always do.
    (I remain infinitely happy HRC is not President, but DJT is getting off to a bad start when he blatantly lies about the financing of his campaign.)

    Off topic– The Exxon Dude— he’s a total Bushian. The whole Bush family & everything they have been involved in, are epitomized in Tillerson.

    Mark Levin on ExxonMobil CEO & Bush Family
    (cued to the relevant part, which lasts maybe 10 minutes or so)

    Just look up Harry Reid and the Senate “filibuster rule.”
    >It’s not in our Constitution, but it is part of the rules of the Senate, and can be altered IF & ONLY IF, Mitch McConnell wants it altered.
    > The recent escapades — Mitch & Ryan wanted all those continuing-resolution’s, fully funded, into April of 2017. Any faux opposition they put up, were show-votes.

    Whatever DJT might be in his heart, Mitch & Ryan call-the-tune now, and they are certifiable RINO, Progressive, Crony’s, to their core.
    >Next stop? — (a minimum of…) a 1 trillion dollar borrowing binge.

    Alex Jones paraphrasing John Wayne, from “True Grit;”
    “Hell Yes, I done drank All your money!”

  • wayne

    >>That should be the “12-13-16” episode of Levin.

    >>ExxonMobil–They are completely (100%) on board with “carbon taxes,” and “climate change.”
    This Guy is no Capitalist, he’s a Corporatist.
    When the Government completely regulates your entire business to the extent oil is controlled– they are your Partner, not your opposition.

    >>I see as well, Boeing can’t wait to modernize the Iranian Airline biz with brand new jets. If the Export/Import Bank comes back to life, like Mitch/Ryan/Prebus want, then we’ll know it was all just lies.

  • Edward

    You wrote: “Hey! I just spotted an obvious bug in the constitution that needs to be fixed.”

    As far as I can tell, you are talking about the filibuster, which is not in the Constitution but is part of the rules set up by the Senate body itself.

    The Constitution is written like a reduced instruction set (as with RISC computers, it allows for increased performance), limiting the power of the federal government, expanding the power of the state governments, and giving great flexibility to We the People to live and work as we please, as expressly stated in Article X of the Bill of Rights. This flexibility is what some people have noted as American exceptionalism. The people are no more exceptional than in any other country (after all, we come from every other country); the exceptionalism is the freedom to try new ways so that we are continually finding better ways to live and work.

    There is a bug in the governance of the US, but it is not in the Constitution, it is in the usurpation by the federal government of the powers “reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

  • wayne

    Edward- good stuff.

    Very few “flaws” in the original document and those were immediately handled by a variety of Amendment’s, most notably the first 10 and then the “Civil-war” Amendment’s.

    17th Amendment however, pushed by Progressive’s of both Parties, was a huge blow to our Representative Republic. Who needs the Senate, if they don’t represent the States which created the Federal Government?
    And recall— when the Fed’s wanted to outlaw alcohol, they needed an Amendment to do so. (And another one to repeal it.)
    Now, the FDA/DEA and a host of other alphabet agencies, can willy nilly ban substances for “health & safety reasons,” which was primarily brought about by perverse SCOTUS ruling’s regarding our “Commerce Clause.”

  • wayne

    Jeb Bush– money well spent. The Bush Dynasty now has their Corporate Shill as S.O.S.
    – Not to mention Romney’s niece is taking over for Rinse Prius at the RNC.

    Again, infinitely pleased HRC is not President, just starting to get a taste of “ what cost..” it was accomplished.

    (Edward– you keep right on ranting!!)

  • Edward

    The Seventeenth Amendment as well as the Sixteenth Amendment allowed for the dramatic increase in federal abuses. With the Seventeenth Amendment, states lost their influence over and independence of the federal government. With the Sixteenth Amendment, We the People lost ours. Both of these amendments allowed the federal government to put onerous burdens upon the states and the people. The Supreme Court’s bastardization of the Commerce Clause further allowed usurpation of state and individual rights that were supposed to be guaranteed by the Commerce Clause. The tragic Supreme Court Kelo decision eliminated the spirit, intent, and wording of the eminent domain portion of the Fifth Amendment.

    The disastrous reinterpretation of the spirit and intent of the entire Constitution by the King v. Burwell (Obamacare) ruling, as explained in the Preamble: “and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” Allowing government to do anything it wants, so long as there is a tax associated with the decree, makes the blessings of liberty insecure. In addition, the ruling redefined the role of the Supreme Court away from determining the constitutionality of a law to the role of redefining law to meet their own desires, not the desires of the representatives of We the People (or the representatives of the states, should the states ever regain their own representation).

    So, yes, I stand corrected. There are a couple of bugs in the US Constitution, and they were placed there with corrupting, despicable amendments written by power hungry politicians.

    Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. –Thomas Jefferson

  • wayne

    Edward– Good stuff, yet again!
    >>did not mean to imply, you were in need of any correction! (hasty sentence construction on my part.)
    Just that some of the State Delegates insisted on incorporating and codifying the first 10 amendment’s, which was done. (bugs at worst, not really flaws.)
    [They even included the Article 5, emergency tyranny-escape hatch feature. They knew eventually Factions would unite & collude together against the People & the Treasury. It’s taken about 100 years but they pulled it off and have breached numerous fire-walls in the Constitution.]

    I like, the reduced instruction-set analogy. Spot on.
    >The Feds are supposed to have a very limited and enumerated set of tasks. Everything else is up to the States & the People.
    Fully 1/2 of what they do now, is Regulate, Administrate, and Re-Distribute. Not their job, and it’s outa-control. It’s going to drag us all, under.

  • Edward

    wayne wrote: “hasty sentence construction on my part.

    Not really. Just by noting the Seventeenth Amendment, it was enough to remind me that the Constitution has a couple of massive bugs placed into it, eating away at the liberty, rights, and governance that is the fabric of the rest of the Constitution. We need some serious mothballs or Raid(R) in order to get rid of those bugs.

    That proposed Article V Convention looks better every day.

  • wayne

    Edward- hey. (yo, it’s 10 degrees where I am.)
    The Article 5 thing, is entirely do-able. We are amazingly close to striking distance; more Counties and State Legislatures are (at least nominally) controlled by republicans, than any time since the 1920’s, I believe it is.
    Model/Uniform Legislation has already been passed by almost 20 States.
    This is better funded & more well organized, than any previous like minded Adventure. I could see this happening before I die, but it won’t be easy.

    And as well, I would put forth, an Article 5 Convention of States, would put the fear of God into the Federal Government. They would be hiding under their desks, quaking in fear. They might even try to straighten up, briefly. At the very minimum it’s pressure upon them & they aren’t expecting it, and I truly do believe we are within striking distance.

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