Democratic spokesman for Democratic governor threatens reporter with arrest

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When a reporter arrived at the Democratic campaign office of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper to pick up copies of the candidate’s income tax records, already released to other more friendly news agencies, he was escorted from the building and threatened with arrest.



  • Cotour

    Unrelated but related:

    I just watched a trailer for a movie called “Interstellar” starring Mathew Macaunhey, yes the earth is dying (from what the trailer does not indicate) and Mathew and a couple of other people are sent to another galaxy to some other planet in that galaxy to “save” the planet earth! OY.

    And in the story line I believe in the beginning he says while finding what looks like some kind of drone, after being asked “what are you going to do with it?” (meaning the drone).

    His response: “something socially responsible”.

    And by me pointing this out does not mean that I do not think that people should not be doing “socially responsible” things but this appears to be all part of playing into training Americans into thinking that they can significantly effect things at this point in our history on a planetary scale while traveling intergalactically!

    There are people who will believe that this is contemporary science and technology and adopt and support the mind set and agenda that plugs into it. In other words the politics and agenda of the left. Like I said, OY.

  • wodun

    There was an article passed around last week that hoped this movie would be a return to serious science fiction but it looks like more cliche dystopian climate fear mongering. I plan on seeing it anyway as I am a sucker for science fiction.

  • wodun

    The reporter was threatened for arrest for not leaving a building, aka trespassing. The reporter had every right to go ask his questions and the politician had every right to ask him to leave. What this wasn’t, was a threat to imprison a reporter for a story they wrote or an attempt to silence them. In other words, this isn’t like Obama spying on the AP or Fox News.

  • Cotour

    Enjoy the movie, I would be very interested in your interpretation, please report.

  • Pzatchok

    Let a republican politician pull the same stunt and watch him be crucified until he leaves office.

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