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Democratic voters swamp CSPAN to say they are switching to Trump

CSPAN's new call lines, eliminating party affiliation

Is this a sign of hope? So many callers on CSPAN’s Democratic Party call line were calling to announce they were either switching to Trump or becoming Republicans after watching the two conventions these past two weeks that CSPAN changed the call lines from “Democrat” and “Republican” to “Support Biden” and “Support Trump.”

I always like to say “It’s the audience that counts.” In this case the audience appears to be making its preference loud and clear, which is to me is truly a sign of hope. Conservatives and supporters of liberty and the rule of law might cheer the speeches and presentations at the Republican convention, but it is how the unaffiliated general public reacts that matters. And at least from this one data point, it appears they are trending to the Republicans.

UPDATE: I stupidly listed the channel incorrectly as CNN in my initial post. This is now corrected.

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  • Steven Call

    C-span not CNN.

  • Phill O

    “it is how the unaffiliated general public reacts that matters”

    Absolutely, they hold the balance of power.

  • Steven Call: Thank you. I was not awake when I typed this. Now fixed.

  • V-Man

    Don’t forget there’s nothing more dangerous than a wounded, cornered and desperate animal.

    Faced with utter defeat (and possibly prison time, if investigations reveal malfeasance), the Democrats may well decide to burn the country down if they can’t have it. Mail tampering, voter fraud, media propaganda (“we won! ignore the vote count!”), fraudulent legal actions, riots, etc.

  • Björn Larsson

    This video illustrates the Biden of the past and the present. Harris presents his future.

    There is a tide in the affairs of men.
    Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
    Omitted, all the voyage of their life
    Is bound in shallows and in miseries

    Biden missed is wave, it’s over now.

  • Max

    Hillary went on the record telling Biden not to concede no matter what, Nancy Pelosi is telling Biden not to do any debates, and the Democrat party has hired 600 lawyers to file lawsuits contesting the election before, during, and after… possibly in every state. Joe Biden recruiting army. 5 min

  • Rick

    Irrelevant if we have vote by mail.

  • Cotour


    What is it that is beginning to be revealed openly now?

    Reasonable life long Liberal Democrats are beginning to admit to me that they are not going to vote for, Joe Biden (D).

    One of my “I can’t stand him”, “Never Trump”, late 50’s lady customers, unsolicited by me, just admitted to me that she is now torn about Biden. And has discussed the same with two other men that she works with who are / were also “Never Trumpers”. And they will be doing the same, voting for Trump.

    She admitted all of this to me and then said, “I don’t know what I am going to do”.

    That is how crazy they are becoming.

    And I said, “I know exactly what you are going to do, you just told me what it is that you are going to do”.

    Then I asked, “What are you going to tell all of your insane Liberal Trump hating girl friends?”.

    She just gave me a look, and said, “I just will not tell them” ;)

    Its beginning and it will only be getting worse for, Biden and the Democrats.

    The only thing the Democrats have is chaos, fear, doubt and now via Hillary and her council, “Never concede”.

  • wayne

    SNL: 2016 Election Night

  • Lurking Observer

    It’s strange how Democrats simultaneously worry that Trump will not concede the election, and openly discuss the potential need for the US military to intervene (to the point that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs has had to state, flatly, that this is not the military’s role), yet also state that they will not themselves concede.

    In short, they are suggesting that they would be open to military intervention in domestic American politics on behalf of one side.

    This is playing with fire on an unprecedented scale–and should worry people about what might occur in the days and weeks after Election Day.

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “… callers on CSPAN’s Democratic Party call line were calling to announce they were either switching to Trump or becoming Republicans after watching the two conventions these past two weeks…

    It seems to me that most members of the Democratic Party are really 1990s Democrats, and they haven’t gone as communist as their party has. Since Trump is the same, a 1990s Democrat, most Democrats are probably able to relate to Trump much more easily than they are able to relate to the modern, communist (and godless), Democrat Party.

    After all, this is not your father’s Democrat Party, created to defend the practice of slavery, and when that failed the party decided to continue to oppress those they thought should be slaves. These days, they have widened their definition as to who should be enslaved, which explains their fascination with socialism and communism, and their move into fascism. This last should not be a surprise, as almost a hundred years ago the fascists in Europe were fascinated with the eugenics that America’s Democrats were advocating, back then.

    For Decades, those who belong to the Republican Party have been saying that if the leadership could explain the Republican position then Democrats would realize that the Republican Party held views and policies that were closer to what most of them believed than the Democratic Party’s views and policies. The lament was: if only someone were as eloquent at explaining conservatism as Ronald Reagan was. This past week, several people did a good job of expressing this. Democrat members are probably beginning to realize that the Democrats and the press corp have been lying to them for decades.

    Lurking Observer wrote: “It’s strange how Democrats simultaneously worry that Trump will not concede the election, and openly discuss the potential need for the US military to intervene ( … ), yet also state that they will not themselves concede.

    Not so strange, once you realize that they are not as grown up as they appear. Emotionally, they are still three years old, demanding that everything always go their way. That is why we keep seeing them throw temper tantrums and burning down cities, and why they demand Trump leave office whether or not he wins. They don’t want Biden to do the grownup thing and concede, because they plan to throw more tantrums while they work hard to create ballots that get mailed in or harvested late or that get found in someone’s trunk. These tactics have worked before, such as Al Frankin’s election.

  • wayne

    Peter Hitchens
    “The authoritarian left never rests”
    John Anderson July 10, 2020

  • Cotour


    First of all, lets firmly reestablish that there is a direct connection between the Democrat party and their Left leaning leadership, the radical domestic terror group ANTIFA, and Black Lives Matter. That is without doubt a fact that there is a clear line that can be drawn between these three radical political actors / groups.

    There has been also established that certain billionaires with “We must “Correct” the American Constitution” Globalist agendas and the associated non profit Foundations and groups that they fund have had a program of supporting certain Left leaning people who have become politically empowered in the positions of mayors, Attorney generals and prosecutors in certain states and cities in America. Cities like: Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago and New York. All “Progressive” Democrat controlled cities in Liberal states in America and that has been true for many decades for most of them.

    And then we have their very aggressive Leftist political agendas, like bail reform, and these empowered political players unwillingness to hold and or prosecute plainly violent people who are a clear and present danger to the public. And they refuse to allow their police departments to actually do their jobs and protect the general public and they have actively called for the de funding of the police so they can be replaced with social workers and councilors. And what has this Leftist, “Progressive”, Democrat experiment in Socialist / Globalist policy brought to the American society today?

    And this what can only be classified as insane Liberal / Leftist Democrat experiment in the exercise of power through money funneled into Leftist anti American politics is the exact reason that in this coming presidential election there will be a massive patriotic American push back to it. Or let me say there should be.

    Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? You think they represent your interests everyday, hard working, tax paying patriotic Democrat Americans? They are but cardboard cutouts for those who would aspire to control and “Fundamentally Change” America. You remember who said that, right?

    And all of these Leftist players who have been installed in these positions of power in our government through the expenditure of those Globalist monies (Read: Investments in Socialism and power) and are in the process of attempting to raze and recast our country are just the logical progression of that “Fundamental Change” and the man that uttered those now prophetic and to my thinking treasonous words.

    But I say no, the people of America are taking it all in and will in November be commenting on all of this political play that we are all watching live and in color.

    Remember, there are consequences to elections.

    (I know, you have heard me say this before using different examples, but IMO I can not tell this story enough. Not until things are properly corrected by the people who need to do the correcting, and that would be YOU. )

  • Cotour


    DC: “Americans justifiably are concerned about foreign entities working to influence the outcome of our 2020 elections. There is, however, one party with just such a plan already well underway and well-funded that is far closer to Main Street, USA than any foreign entity — George Soros.”

    Yes, George Soros is well behind the efforts to ensure that there is plenty of mail in voting done by as many Americans as possible, because he is such a benevolent and giving person. NOT! Mail in voting is rife with the real world potential for fraud and cheating, period. See Patterson New Jersey, a judge just last week called for a new election due to the high degree of irregularities that were experienced in their last mail in voting election. It was fraudulent in other words.

    DC: “Soros and a handful of fellow far-left true believers are well on their way to investing billions of dollars to ensure that tens of millions of mailed-in ballots decide who will be our next president.”

    There is only one, no make that two reasons and one facilitating event that is the reason that George Soros is investing his many billions of dollars through the many Foundations and non profits that he funds in mail in voting. You are already seeing his handy work in being able to install his hand picked mayors, Attorneys Generals and prosecutors in the many states and cities in America that are right now in turmoil and chaos. All Democrat run states and cities and all compliments of Soros backed and like minded “Progressive” Democrats.

    1. Soros is a Globalist (Read: Globalist = Socialist and has designs on rewriting or as he says “Correcting” the Constitution) and if you have read anything that I have sent on the subject then you know that there is but one country that stands firmly in the way of such a world wide U.N. sanctioned Socialist agenda, and that is America with its intact Constitution. And a Joe Biden win would certainly ensure Soros’s Globalist agenda moves drastically forward.

    And, 2. Mail in voting is the only path that these Globalists like Soros and the Democrat leadership can either win flat out through good old creative counting methods, I.E. cheating. And / or be able to cast doubt and chaos into the counting of the votes so as to not be able to reliably be able to establish a winner. Chaos and confusion is the Democrats only hope at this point. Joe and Kamala are going nowhere in the real polls.

    And what is the facilitating event that makes mail in voting sound so reasonable? A virus delivered to the entire world compliments of Communist China, who by the way is the natural beneficiary of Globalism and who has no interest in a second Trump administration. None what so ever. Sound like some crazy coincidence? Not to me, not at this level with so much at stake.

    One might ask: “Why is such subversive activity by a self admitted Globalist that intends the chaos and cheating potential that we all see with our own eyes allowed in our country to do as he pleases?” Its called the First Amendment. Something that will certainly be thrown out the window should he be successful. America being an open democracy in many ways invites these subversives into our country, as crazy as that sounds. That is what makes America unique, but we are not required to be crazy and suicidal at the same time.

    So absentee voting is perfectly reasonable, you request a ballot because you are either ill or you will be out of the country. Its all vetted, documented and checked. But mail in voting as a general practice is custom designed for cheating and chaos, and unless there is a clear and crushing result then that is exactly what we will all see, chaos and confusion, and that will be by design. Compliments apparently in a large part by, George Soros.

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