“Democrats are just goddamned liars.”

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“Democrats are just goddamned liars.”

He is referring to professional Democrats, not your typical Democrat voter. To continue:

The fact that one of their more politically useful falsehoods nowadays is telling black people that their problems are caused by white racism should not require us to treat that lie any more seriously than we do any other Democrat lie.

When Democrats say we need “a conversation on race,” what they really mean is they want to have a monologue, a tedious lecture about all the evils perpetrated against black people by those evil racist Republicans. Your part of the “conversation” is, shut up.



  • JGL

    To a human being a lie which appears to represent a known plausible version of reality that plugs into emotion is a powerful tool of manipulation. Most people are uncomfortable with objective truth, it requires personal responsibility and accountability. And who wants that as long as Big Daddy Government can fulfill so many needs.

    Lies and the ability to make yourself believe them, even when you know they are lies. You lie, I lie, everyone lies it just depends on the degree to which you will allow or need yourself to be deluded. Government / politicians always lie, its the only way they can function, thats why they must always be watched and confronted.

  • Edward

    Andrew Klaven described this same “shut up” concept:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWHgUE9AD4s (5 minutes)

  • JGL

    Here is a man that tells the truth about race in America, Dr. Walter E. Williams. The president needs to foster race unease in America, it is one of his tools of disruption. Its funny that America had to elect a black president to find out how racist it was. Think about that little paradox. Lies, upon lies, upon lies.


  • Don

    Obama is a race divider. Him and Eric Holder. Tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumber.

    The big media plays it part too. Witness the Zimmerman affair while dreadful crimes were ignored nationally. Look at the four ex-Marines, all black, and what they did to the interracial couple. The media all but ignored such a sensational story. Hundreds of similar cases also go ignored. As does all the violent crime perpetrated by illegals.

    Note: If illegals do get amnesty, and regardless of any crimes committed in their native lands, they will have full 2nd Amendment rights. Meanwhile an American could have decades of crime free behavior after committing a crime years before and is perpetually prevented from legally owning a gun.

    More dividing us by the moist divisive President in history.

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