Democrats decimated in Louisiana election

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Good news? In state elections in Louisiana this past weekend the Democratic Party experienced losses across the board, with Republicans also gaining a veto-proof majority in the state senate.

Among statewide office-holders, the incumbent GOP Lieutenant Governor (68 percent), Attorney General (66 percent), Treasurer (60 percent, and Agricultural Commissioner (58 percent) were all re-elected without the need for a run-off, under the state’s ‘jungle primary’-style system. It also appears that the solid Republican majorities in both state legislative chambers will remain intact — with the GOP expanding its Senate advantage into super-majority territory by picking up a pair of Democratic seats:

And the two elections that are going to a run-off, the governor and secretary of state, both appear likely to go Republican as well.

This is what needs to happen nationwide. The Democratic Party needs to be decimated everywhere, in order to allow a new crop of sane Democrats to retake that party from the far-left power-hungry and anti-American radicals that now control it.


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  • Phill O

    Bob wrote: “This is what needs to happen nationwide. The Democratic Party needs to be decimated everywhere, in order to allow a new crop of sane Democrats to retake that party from the far-left power-hungry and anti-American radicals that now control it.”

    This may be (I hate to say it as such) a global reaction of people from every nation where global doctrine has permeated.

    There is little doubt in my mind that Trump’s rally down there, had a very positive affect. Western Canada did the same thing. We will see what Oct. 21 brings in giving Trudeau the boot.

    New Mexico has loads of republicans in our area, but the big cities in the north dominate the vote.

    The dims have little choice but to attack Trump as he is the one leading the charge into cleaning the corruption that has run rampant in the democrat party. Rudy G. has indicated he has much more dirt on the dims that he is waiting to divulge.

    Voters in every country have their hopes set with Trump; flawed as he is. Just look at Hong Kong. Folk who have fled any of the dictatorial regimes tend to be of a conservative bent. Were we talking to an in-law who came from Saudi Arabia. She wore a “Make Trudeau A Drama Teacher Again” hat. Need on say more?

  • Diane Wilson

    I thought that 2016 would be that “trip to the woodshed” for the Dems. At this point, I don’t know that they’ll learn anything from yet another massive loss.

  • wayne

    –President Trump rally in Louisiana
    October 11, 2019

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “The Democratic Party needs to be decimated everywhere, in order to allow a new crop of sane Democrats to retake that party from the far-left power-hungry and anti-American radicals that now control it.

    The current new crop in Washington is even more insane than the old crop. The Democratic party is getting worse — not better — as the younger generations come in. This could be due to the leftist teachings of the government-run school systems across the country.

    The Democrats don’t need the new crop; they need the 1990 Democrats. They were wrong, but they were still sane. Better yet, they need John Kennedies. At least he understood how an economic system works. Instead, they have Ted Kennedies. They commit terrible crimes yet expect to — and do — get away with them, scot-free.

    The Republicans have moved so far left, however, that even Donald Trump, who rules similar to Bill Clinton, seems like a conservative to most. This has allowed the Democrats to make their move to the far left. Or maybe it forced them left, just so that they could distinguish themselves from the Republican Party. Either way, if the two parties do not move back toward the right, then we are all doomed — just like California, Venezuela, and the Soviet Union.

  • Phill O

    Edward, my wife thinks this extreme left movement was calculated to get the right to move as you have noted! For democracy to work properly, there needs to be at least two parties of sane people. Obviously, sanity has been the victim of the democrats: especially the current new crop!

  • Diane Wilson

    Two sane parties, yes, but back in those days, the grousing used to be that there wasn’t a nickel’s worth of difference between them. But what they had in common was that they both cared deeply about this country.

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