Democrats fire six people because they are white

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The racist party: In order to hire more minorities (despite 13 of 27 of the staff already being minorities), the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee this week fired six staffers, merely because they were white.

As the article at the link correctly notes,

This firing, and that’s what it is, not a free resignation, sends a message to everyone, and especially to young people of any race who are interested in politics. If an organization is actually willing to fire you from your job just because you’re white, do you really want to be involved with it?

Would you even want to vote for it?

The only criteria Democratic politicians use these days to determine their policy and opinions is skin color and ethnicity. Either you agree with them, or you are a racist.

For ordinary Democrats, this bigotry should cause great pause. Do you want to be associated with such bigotry?



  • Cotour


    They of of equal stupidness and are equally elite and biased.

    The Democrat party, what is there to say? Its almost unbelievable, but there it is, right in your face.

  • Col Beausabre

    They have to atone for their white privilege.

    The weird thing is that we almost assuredly will start hearing them saying things like, “My dismissal was justified and entirely appropriate”. A lifetime ago I spent one summer reading the Gulag Archipelago. One of the things that stuck with me was Solzhenitsyn’s conversations with “The Old Bolsheviks” in the camps. To a man their reaction to the Party turning its back on them and sentencing them to living hell was, “The party is right, I did wrong. I must pay for my crimes”. After a lifetime of believing the Party could never be wrong, they had convinced themselves that they had to be wrong (“political correctness” in its first definition) instead. I’m willing to bet we’ll hear the same from the True Believers here.

    “Joseph Stalin removed many of the Old Bolsheviks from power during the Great Purge of the 1930s. Some were executed for treason; some were sent to Gulag labor camps.” – Wikipedia

  • wayne

    Col Beausabre-
    Good stuff.

    “There was no helping someone like that, when they were still ensconced in that braying ideology.”

    “How to deal with the Ideologically Possessed”
    Jordan Peterson
    [excerpted from ‘2017 Maps of Meaning 4: Marionettes and Individuals’ (Part 3)]

  • Matthew 7:15 – 20.

  • pzatchok

    They had to purge the racists from the party.
    If your not a minority your obviously a racist.

  • Wodun

    The Democrat candidates were asked about this is the debates right? No? Surely they were asked outside if the debates right? Oh, they weren’t? It’s ok, I’m sure CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and the networks covered it on the nightly news.

  • Col Beausabre

    Woodun, That’s what horrified me the most – that everyone took it as business as usual, minor news and nothing to be excited about. And of course, we all contrast that to what would be going on if six minorities were fired. Denunciations in the press, howls from Hollywood, rioting in the streets.

  • Edward

    So this is what the Supreme Court’s ruling on Affirmative Action has come to. Half a century ago, they ruled that reverse racism was acceptable, because some people have suffered under racism for so long.

    pzatchok wrote: “If your not a minority your obviously a racist.

    This is exactly what Obama told us. That racism is in the genes of white people.

    Col Beausabre wrote: “They have to atone for their white privilege.

    These are among the privileges for which they must atone:

    – Be the last chosen for a job.
    – Be the last chosen for college.
    – Be declared a racist, by President Obama, due solely to the genes that control the color of their skin.
    – Be called all kinds of words, yet be disallowed from using a word that others may use freely in discourse, song, and entertainment. We cannot even use the word to tell you what it is!
    – Be told to check my privilege.
    – Be responsible for other countries’s colonialism.
    – Be declared a member of the top oppressor group.
    – Be banned from Washington state’s Evergreen State College campus once a year, due to their skin color.
    – Have a life that does not matter. Only Black Lives Matter, and anyone saying that all lives matter gets shouted down.
    – Be denied the opportunity to speak if not enough minorities are willing to speak:
    – Belong to the designated oppressor group.
    – Be considered a slave owner (despite no one in my family ancestry, at least, ever having owned any slaves).
    – Be blamed for all the world’s ills just for being white.
    – Be denied opportunities for grants:
    – Belong to the only group that is denied the ability to be proud of their own group.
    – Be the butt of jokes but may not specify others as the butts of their jokes.
    – Have their free speech rights abridged because some who disagree with them threaten or practice violence that the police or other authorities refuse to stop or prevent.
    – Be the bad guy on TV and be the stupid one in advertisements, the one so stupid that he has to be told what is the right product to use.
    – Be fired for having a different point of view.
    – Be fired for donating to the wrong campaign.
    – Be called names by those who disagree with them, yet if they respond, they are called more names for defending their free speech rights or their position.
    – Be required against their will to participate in rituals and ceremonies with those who behave against their values or principles, yet the others are not required to participate against their will in anyone else’s.
    – Be blamed, due to their sex, for climate change: (see section 2.2)
    – Be a toxic sex (toxic masculinity) (ibid)
    – Be banned from applying for a permanent academic job at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands:

    Oh! We can now include: be fired just for being white.

    By the way, at what shade does white privilege kick in?

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