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From the press release: In this ground-breaking new history of early America, historian Robert Zimmerman not only exposes the lie behind The New York Times 1619 Project that falsely claims slavery is central to the history of the United States, he also provides profound lessons about the nature of human societies, lessons important for Americans today as well as for all future settlers on Mars and elsewhere in space.

Conscious Choice: The origins of slavery in America and why it matters today and for our future in outer space, is a riveting page-turning story that documents how slavery slowly became pervasive in the southern British colonies of North America, colonies founded by a people and culture that not only did not allow slavery but in every way were hostile to the practice.  
Conscious Choice does more however. In telling the tragic history of the Virginia colony and the rise of slavery there, Zimmerman lays out the proper path for creating healthy societies in places like the Moon and Mars.


“Zimmerman’s ground-breaking history provides every future generation the basic framework for establishing new societies on other worlds. We would be wise to heed what he says.” —Robert Zubrin, founder of founder of the Mars Society.


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Democrats have abandoned the presumption of innocence

Link here. As I’ve said numerous times in the past year, they’re coming for you next. As carefully documented in the article, no longer does the Democratic Party believe that everyone should be innocent until proven guilty. Now their standard is everyone who opposes their agenda is automatically guilty of any crime any Democratic Party supporter lodges against them.

Any accusation must be accepted, no matter how flimsy, unprovable, or blatantly partisan. If a Democrat says you are guilty of any crime, your career must be ruined and you must be hounded from public life.

Meanwhile, if a Democrat such as Keith Ellison in Minnesota, presently running for that state’s attorney general, is creditably accused of abusing his girlfriend, with good documentary evidence to back up the accusation, we must ignore it completely. All Democrats are always innocent, and any attempt to make them accountable for anything they do is unacceptable.

If we the public accept this standard, the American experiment in democracy is dead. The Democrats will have an endless and unchallengeable veto on everything.


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  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson –
    “Tell the Truth or at least don’t Lie”

  • Cotour

    Keeping in mind this discussion and controversy is about alleged actions of a 17 year old child who was in high school. And if something did happen, and things do happen, do these alleged actions really reach all the way 37 years into a political appointment in the future?

    Wait until you find out what he did when he was 12.

    And I am not being totally dismissive of the woman’s claims, but the man has been vetted at least six times by the FBI for ever higher positions but until he achieves the position of Supreme Court Justice then she has something to say?

    This obviously is not just about something that may or may not have happened 37 years ago, that has long ago been left behind IMO, now it is political strategy being executed by a desperate political party and its operatives and handlers, which Mrs. Ford clearly appears to be one of. Is she a “good” soldier of the resistance movement? That is what she is smelling like more and more.

    I listened to Christen Gillibrand (D) the other day in a news conference and she most definitely was testifying as to the 100 percent guilt of Mr. Kavanaugh. Like she was a witness at the moment of interaction in what ever happened those 37 years ago. No presumption of innocence, no dialing it down until someone offered some kind of evidence or testimony. I would say that I was shocked, but nothing shocks me any longer, especially when we are talking about politics.

    And again, I am not saying that nothing happened to the then young lady. But 37 years, 6 full FBI vettings for 6 very prominent positions related to being a judge and now its an issue? And PS, Kavanaughs mother presided over her parents court case that went against them?

    Nasty and traumatic things happen in life of varying degrees, especially to women, it can go with the territory, but there must be some degree of reasonable actions taken in reasonable time frames and whether this then young woman was assaulted in some manner what is going on at this point in time appears to be much more about delaying a very important political appointment rather than seeking some measure of justice. This sounds very Charles Schumer (D) to me and those who know him.

    One other thing, these children at the time from what I have seen were children of elite privilege, very upper middle class, very white, very rah rah sis boom bah. There is something too perfect about Kavanuagh to me, and if you remember he was not my choice for the Supreme Court, I did not like his close association with the Bush family. Maybe its just me?

  • Javelin

    Even in the best case scenario that Ford’s thinly-supported accusation against Kavenaugh is true (a laughable premise), we would be witnessing one woman’s relentless pursuit– not of justice, but of VENGENCE. There is a difference.

  • commodude

    A note on Sen. Gillibrand’s tenure in office:

    If you’re male, just forget getting assistance from her staff, which, as far as I can tell, is all female, regardless of who you happen to be representing.

  • Orion314

    If I were an enemy country of the USA, I’d say this would be a perfect time to launch an attack. With these brain donors in DC , they wouldn’t even notice.

  • wayne

    Referencing the lady with 3 names;
    –I’ll be dismissive; she has a political quack for a therapist.
    (I want to see her diagnosis and her med-list.)
    –We need to see every email generated in the past 6 months, sent by everyone connected with her.
    –The FBI doesn’t have jurisdiction over allegations involving Local/State crimes.
    –Statute of limitations, have long expired.
    –Mitch-the-chi-com-lover, can order a full vote of the Senate on confirmation at any time. The Judicial Committee can vote any way they want, the only vote that counts however is the full Senate.

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson –
    “Men Can’t Control Crazy Women’

  • Cotour

    Yes, Wayne, the three name curse, the hyphenated last name, the feminist cultural protest of “ownership”, the rejection of patriarchy, the great cultural equalizer where all married women are actually men and men are castrated, feminized and are actually women, no difference. I could go on.

    And I am not promoting patriarchy necessarily. I in general promote mutual respect and understanding that men and women are unique forces unto themselves and not just pigeon holed values. Men and women are different and there is an attempt being made where they are intellectually being classified and defined counter to their DNA for political reasons and we are left with the intended confusion and discord that we all live with in today’s world, especially in America. And that empowers those who have been able to redefine terms and words. I.E. Rules For Radicals theory in application.

    Choose a damn name, keep your own name for professional reasons or adopt your husbands name, but please no hyphenations.

    Just the other day a customer who is a social worker stops everything to ask me a question: What do you think is behind this new policy that I have seen adopted where parents can leave blank the sex of their child on their birth certificate and fill it in when they the child has the ability to properly fill in their sex?

    Because I was busy I simply responded: First, there are unique situations where a child is born with both sexes indicated and so in those particular cases there might be a need to wait it out and see what shows up. I have great compassion for these unique people who have been dealt non “Normal” hands at birth. But generally IMO this is the Globalist / Socialist agenda proposed for the world where everyone is the same, no one is different there are no sexes there are just humans of equal value and ability. Its all just a Leftist political agenda to redefine terms and words. Then I suggested that he read Rules For Radicals.

    The woman that works for me later followed up on the conversation. First she dismissed my answer which is typical, and she proposed that its just about being “fair”. I responded that she can choose to believe what ever she would like to believe and left it at that. I went about my business and she came to me later after spending a time on her phone (On my dime) looking further into it and she had to admit that is was hard to argue with my take on the question. Which surprised me.

  • wayne

    Star Trek – Landru — Not of the Body!

  • Man


    Wayne: You seem to be a Jordan Peterson follower. I changed my view on Peterson already two years ago, who – as it was found – is just another leftist, but a bit more intelligent one, with a mission: That is to rescue the leftism, because he recognizes that leftism destroy itself. Vox day explains here what is wrong with Peterson and what is Peterson’s purpose.


    Men and women fit together naturally and perfectly due theirs biologically differences and purposes, but it should allowed by society to do so. Both shall cooperate according their different strengths and shall not compete each other as work forces. I propose further that man/father in a family also represents whole family to outside.

  • wayne

    “Proof Jordan Peterson has hit Rock Bottom”
    Owen Benjamin/Coddington Bear (parody)

  • wayne

    William Mandel testifies before HUAC
    May 1960 (excerpt)

  • Man-made


    Funny Peterson video! Thanks. Peterson is a globalist’s shill, he is part of globalist approved opposition.

    There is so to do much today that we need an army of McCarthys, in order to face all kind of Marxists, whose threaten western society.

  • wayne

    As we say in America, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

  • Man-made

    Wayne: Which type of tree are you? I prefer solid oak.

  • Man, Man-Made, and Mouse: You have been commenting using different nicknames. Please pick one and use it only. I do not like people switching their nicknames. It is bad enough people can comment anonymously (I’d prefer if everyone had to put their name to their comments: It would make them think harder about what they write). At least if you use one nickname people can develop an understanding of you as a person.

    If you can’t abide by this rule please go elsewhere. If you persist in using different nicknames I will be forced to reluctantly ban you, something I’d rather not do.

  • OM

    I didn’t care about Trump grabbing women’s unmentionables, so why should I care what his appointees do? What is most important is stopping abortion and it takes a man to do that.

  • Cotour

    All of this chaos in the long term is a good thing. As the Democrats continue to push further and further into the unreasonable and extreme where desperation dwells the people will become tired of their raw and naked double standards and dual sets of laws.

    Trump theoretically has the opportunity to appoint maybe 5 Supreme Court Justices, and so the Democrats MUST go where their true philosophies are displayed for all to see and “appreciate” as we approach the midterm elections.

    This is political warfare of the first order, there is no middle ground, expect ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.

    And in the end the only answer lies in winning at the ballot box.

  • Man-made

    To Cotour:

    Some question for you: Did Trump give up his original plan to build the WALL and stop (not only illegal) mass immigration? Did he surrender to that neoliberal Deep State to prevent his dismissal? It was told to me that Republican party is also death and in deep trouble. Only an empty shell. Nothing inside, which represents conservative and original western values. What do you think? I can tell you what the real basic problem of US (and of the West in total) actually is, if you want or like.

  • Cotour

    First, MAN:MADE: I would guess that you were of Chinese origin?

    1. Trump IMO has not abandoned the wall plan at all, he is hampered by the practicality of financing and the Congress controls the money.

    2. He is hampered by the Congress who passes legislation that releases monies to pay for the wall or anything else.

    3. Trump is only a component in the spending of monies and IMO he is not a victim of the “Neoliberals” (Neolibarals = Progressives?) threat to remove him. The Republicans at this moment in time is control both the Congress and the Executive parts of our government so Trump has to take heed of what might set of his own people which a segment of them do not like him.

    4. The Republican party has its own problems and there further problem is that Trump has developed a very strong bond with a growing more Conservative segment of the American public due to his IMO true and disruptive style of American interested leadership. This is upsetting to the traditional Republican leadership which without strong leadership are functionally RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) which means that they are functionally just democrats, they have lost their political philosophy and direction.

    5. There is nothing except dogma and corruption within both party’s without true American oriented leadership.

    6. Lay it on me, I am very interested in your interpretation.

  • Man-made

    To Cotour:

    Only some short words about the (US) American problem: I am convinced that a long-term existing nation cannot based alone on a set of political principals, which is shared by random people, which do not have same culture and not share descent or ancestry (at least to a certain degree). Multiculturalism is failed already. Everybody knows it.

    A nation must be founded on people’s of same culture, language, history and ancestry. it is this homogeneity, which makes a nation strong and which gives its people safety and stability. A high level of people’s cultural and ethnic diversity weakens the nation, because internal trust is decreased and friction is increased. America was a quite homogenous nation with about 90% people of European heritage, very similar and related in their culture, behavior, mentality and genealogy, until 1965. This situation was been changed radically by an evil political elite. Diversity was increased radically my mass immigration from third world and homogeneity was destroyed. Diversity can be only tolerated in quite short periode of peoples ethnogenesis’. Liberty and freedom are only possible in a homogenous nation.

    The process, which goes further, will result in (and already resulted) a very different America, as known by us before. Balkanization and racial division will change that country, which becomes internally and externally more and more militarized, in order to overcome internal and external political stresses.

    Aside this development it is clear, that western ideology of individualism is also already failed, because it results in faulty, nihilistic, hedonistic society, which destroys itself and which is not sustainable at long run. We may talk about specific details of those observable processes many hours.

  • Cotour


    While you identify many issues going on in America what you and the world is witnessing is extreme political warfare IMO driven by the diminishing and transformation of a particular political party, the Liberal Democrat party. And there is a segment of that political party that happens to be extreme and anti traditional American values and they are Leftist in their nature.

    While your observations are valid there is one thing that separates America from other similar systems in the same condition of political turmoil and that is the Constitution. It is the only thing that allows anyone watching all of this going on able to be optimistic, without it and all is lost. There would be no difference between America and the Roman Empire in its waning days without it, and that being said its not guaranteed.

    The Constitution is designed to become stronger the harder you push on it, as long as you follow its rules. Stay tuned and enjoy the show, take notes you will see nothing like it anywhere or at any time in history. This is why, like it or not, America must lead the world.

  • wayne

    Nihilism, Totalitarianism, and The Divine Individual
    (excerpt: New Years letter to the World)
    Jordan Peterson

  • Man-made

    To Cotour:

    Thank you for response. I will to return to this complex, most important assembly of topics (including limits of a Constitution), which we are discussing here, somewhat later.

    Meanwhile, I would like to ask you for your view regarding proposals or observations that Neoconservatives (examples of them are Michael Medved, Dennis Prager, Charles Krauthammer and Paul Wolfowitz) tooke over original American conservativism and with it GOP and have been destroyed real conservativism. Those Neoconservatives are often former liberals, can be even traced back often to Trotzky’s ideas and rather enjoy talking about their own progressive origins.

  • wayne

    You bring up some interesting observations, ref: Neocons.
    I’ll let others address the intricacies.

    Charles Krauthammer– when he was writing speeches for Mondale, I was on the ground campaigning for Reagan (76, 80, and 84).
    FYI– I’m a libertarian, conservative, republican. (basically in that order) But I’m not a purist.
    So– what country are you from? I only ask as background info, I find some non-Americans who try to overlay European politics onto our system, and it doesn’t work.

  • wayne

    Just for pure Fun:

    Jordan B. Peterson
    “….on the archetypal symbols behind the restaurant Burger King”
    [Parody, voice imitator. Very well done]

    “…a King, who provides burger’s…”

  • Cotour


    “Neo Conservatives or “Neocons” are by definition former Liberals who have abandoned the Democrat party, because the Democrat party now utilizes Socialist and Leftist agenda as their vehicle to acquire and retain political power, that is their evolution. A fatal mistake driven by their growing desperation as their perverted and anti American agenda is revealed to the masses, desperation is never a winning formula.

    And I tend to agree with Wayne, people from other country’s as a general rule in their analysis of the Constitution do not completely understand the fundamentals. So if you are fro China or Russia or from where ever it may be interesting to hear your interpretation of the subject at hand.

  • Man-made

    To Cotour and Wayne:

    I am South-European, not from Russia and China. I see also that there are several differences in meaning of political terms and definition between Europeans and Americans. However, basic logic should be same at both sides. Clearly, Peoples are more important as a Constitution. Peoples create a Constitution, in order to regulate peoples’ life. Peoples are the primary thing, Constitution is secondary, derived. Constitution has to support Peoples’ existence, character, heritage and culture. American peoples and culture are more important, even if I confirm that a good Constitution is very helpful. In reality rights are granted by rulers and mighty men. Rights do not exist as own entity outside.
    I know, there is the American Exceptionalism ideology, which is not easy to understand from outside and seems somewhat strange.

  • Man-made

    Wayne and Cotour:

    Would you accept Ron Paul as an authority regarding Neocons? Here is was he says about them, this also interesting for me. It seems to me that Neocons are not good neither for America nor for rest of world.

  • Cotour

    The problem with being a full blood Libertarian is that it becomes a kind of religion and not really a political party. I have Liberal (Not classical) friends who classify themselves as Libertarian but they can not see a problem with the FBI and DOJ invading someones privacy.

    Ron Paul is a less confused Libertarian but full blood just the same.

    An authority regarding Neocons? Yes.

    (Where did you say you are communicating from?)

  • Man-made

    To Contour:

    Yes are you right, Libertarismn is a problematic political philosophy, even if we can consider some of libertarian criticism of state and mass democracy government as valid. I read and viewed a lot of Hans-Hermann Hoppes’ stuff. Libertarian ideology has nothing to do with real life, because its theory does not consider human phenomenas as culture, tradition, heritage, history, gene linkage and genealogy. Its “non-aggression principle” is an absurdity. The best example for an existing libertarian state/country is Somalia.

  • Edward

    You wrote: “Clearly, Peoples are more important as a Constitution. Peoples create a Constitution, in order to regulate peoples’ life.

    Maybe other Constitutions were created to regulate peoples’ livesc but clearly, you have not read the U.S. Constitution. I recommend that you do so.

    Notice how little in the constitution is for regulation of We the People and how much is regulation of the government itself. Because the original signed Constitution was not clear enough (apparently, the phrase “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” is vague, as indicated by today’s (mis)interpretations of the Constitution), the Bill of Rights was created to help assure that our rights would be protected by the government, if we were vigilant.

    Please notice the differences between the wording of the Bill of Rights (and much of the rest of the Constitution) and the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    The major difference is that the Constitution is written to tell government what it cannot do (especially phrased in the Ninth and Tenth Amendments) while the UN’s UDHR is written as though it grants rights to humanity, as you say is the reality. It even has a provision for removing such rights in Article 29(3):
    These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

    All the UN has to do is declare one or more of these granted rights to be “contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations,” and that right may be dissolved, apparently summarily. This allows the UN to be a tyranny from the inception of the UDHR, but the Constitution requires the U.S. to become a tyranny before the Constitution can be violated.

    The beauty of the U.S. Constitution is that it was written to put We the People first and the government somewhere later.

    In reality rights are granted by rulers and mighty men. Rights do not exist as own entity outside.

    Well, that puts man lower than animals, doesn’t it, as no one gives animals the rights that they have. They may sound off all they want. They may worship in any way they see fit. They may defend themselves as vigorously as they wish. They may go anywhere and do anything that they can. No one else gave them any rights at all, yet they have them. No animal or man granted the rights that animals have. They were granted by nature.

    In the human world there are many people who claim that it is the governments that we humans create that bestow upon us our rights, as though we did not have our rights before we created governments. (Did we even have a right to create them?)

    Do you honestly believe that humans created governments in order to tyrannically limit their liberties?

    I do not. The Constitution’s Preamble explicitly says otherwise. Governments, however, tend to attract those who crave power, which is why they tend toward tyrannies, which is why so many people mistakenly believe that tyrannical governments grant them their own natural rights.

    Governments were created for three specific purposes:

    1) to protect the citizens against enemies, even domestic ones, which gives us military, police, and fire departments;

    2) to peaceably resolve disputes, which gives us courts;

    3) to stay out of our way, which gives us the U.S. Constitution.

  • wayne

    good stuff. I was hoping you might weigh in on this thread.

  • Man-made

    To Wayne:

    Did you ever meet Pat Buchanan as you ground campaigned for Reagan in 76, 80, and 84? Do you like Pat?

    To Cotours:

    Three questions to you: 1. What can be done against Neocons in order to nullify their influence? 2. Do you agree that Neocons are guided and dominated by Jewish men and women? 3. And if yes, why is this the case?

  • wayne

    Never met Buchanan but did see him numerous times during the first 2 campaigns.
    I used to like Pat, but am now indifferent to him. (He has a particular nationalist bent, which I do not support.)

    You are on slippery ground by characterizing the neocons as “Jewish.” I’m just going there with you.

  • Man-Made: You are moving into areas that I do not like. What does being Jewish have to do with being either conservative or a neocon? The only reason I can imagine you bring it up is to imply an anti-Semitic argument. If that is your goal, you will not last here.

    Over time your comments are beginning to resemble very strongly those of several others whom I have banned. I am beginning to suspect that you are a troll, here only to cause problems.

  • Man-made

    To Wayne:

    What I said above should be understood more as a question instead as an solid statement. However, it seem some truth in it. See what Jewish-American journalist Carl Bernstein say about the important topic:

    Wayne: USA call itself freest society in world. However why it is forbidden to think a certain thought, if our friendly Hebrews are involved?

    Please explain also: Why can an American patriot as Pat Buchanan be to “nationalistic”? It seems to be most natural thing. This example may explain what is wrong with America. It is not a normal nation. Maybe it lost the opportunity to become a real nation by famous immigration act of 1965.

    A nation, a folk or a peoples need a process – called ethnogenesis – to evolve from a bunch of more or less random people into a peoples, a folk or a nation.

    This process do not function if mass immigration is not stopped meanwhile. Otherwise you will get a “broken” nation, a lost nation, no real nation, made of several parts, just a collection of inhabitants in a certain area , not bind by common culture, ancestry and mentality.

  • commodude


    The thoughts aren’t banned, however, it shows a certain lack of higher level though to invoke old canards about conspiracies involving religious or ethnic groups. Combining that with the twaddle about “ethnogenesis” reveals you as nothing more than a weak minded troll.

  • Cotour

    Neoconservatism in its modern context:

    Wiki: “During January 2009 at the end of President George W. Bush’s second term in office, Jonathan Clarke, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, proposed the following as the “main characteristics of neoconservatism”: “a tendency to see the world in binary good/evil terms”, a “low tolerance for diplomacy”, a “readiness to use military force”, an “emphasis on US unilateral action”, a “disdain for multilateral organizations” and a “focus on the Middle East”

    Man-Made: ” It is not a normal nation.”

    And thank God that America is not “Normal”, for in being normal all you have is eternal corruption and slavery.

    Man-Made, I have asked you where you come from and you have refused to answer me, and thats fine. But if you have luxury to be able to choose, where ever you are from, you choose the American model of governance and leadership. Is it “perfect”? No, but it is as perfect as any form of governance that has ever been conceptualized and implemented by man in all of history. Is there corruption? Yes. Is there perversion? Yes. Is there abuse of power? Yes.

    But there exists something that if adhered to over time the world is a better place. Can you say that about China? Can you say that about Russia? Can you say that about Iran? No to all, the list is long. And that is really the only thing that anyone has to know about America and the American Constitution.

    Give me an example of what you consider “Normal” and good and safe and free. You may be able to list a few places on the planet but they are desirable ONLY because of the existence of America in the modern world. Neocons will come and go and still America leads the world, and that is the proper order of things.

    Your questions are very telling.

  • wayne

    well stated.

    To be clear— I left off an important word:
    “I’m just *not* going there, with you.”

    This Country was founded on Judeo-Christian principle’s with a big dose of Scottish Enlightenment thinking, including free-market economics.
    It’s you Europeans, that tried to systematically kill every Jewish person in Europe and dragged us into a world-war.

    “How a Totalitarian State is Actually Formed”
    Jocko Podcast & Jordan B Peterson
    March 2018 (excerpt)

  • wayne

    ‘They flutter behind you, your possible pasts,
    Some brightened and crazy, some frightened and lost.
    A warning to anyone still in command,
    Of their possible future; to take care.
    In derelict sidings the poppies entwine,
    With cattle trucks lying in wait for the next time.”

    “Your Possible Pasts”
    Pink Floyd 1983

  • Man-made

    To Commodude:

    Small minded as I am, I cannot face your Jewish mastermind. No chance. No chance. I give up and leave. I grant the total victory to you.

    To Cotours:

    Thanks for your bravery that you has named them: the Neocons. I appreciate the exchange with you as a reasonable man. Please unterstand my leaving, it is impossible for me to adopt to this extreme high level of discurse displayed in this blog.

  • wayne

    “Sometimes the best defense…is a good offense”
    Trident II D5 ICBM

  • Cotour

    Man-Made: You can accept no level of push back?

    How do you expect to properly understand the American mind if you can not accept any push back? The structure of your questions are very leading and indicate that you have developed a preconceived notion understanding of what America is and you are looking to support your notions. But that may just be a notion.

    You remain enigmatic.

  • wayne

    -very insightful tidbit. (the first bit)

    I have no problem with a discussion on the variants of (American brand) Conservatism, but when the discussion slides into jew-baiting. Count me out.
    >It’s agit-prop.

  • Cotour

    He appears to be interested in and up to something, too bad those who are up to something never seem to be able to stick around. ?????

  • Cotour: No, he was not enigmatic, he was plainly a bigot, or someone acting as a bigot, who thought he’d be welcome at a conservative site. When he realized that we don’t abide by such bigotry, he ran, knowing his half life here was going to be very short anyway.

  • Cotour

    Questions I do not think that I heard asked.

    Q: Mrs. Ford what roll did your attorneys have in your recollection about who assaulted you?

    Q: Were you less certain before you met with your lawyers?

    This is political warfare, and the opponents are now desperate so that means they will do anything to prevail.

    Man- Made: This hearing and things like it, no matter how insane they appear are functions of the American Constitution. Thats the difference in time things become reconciled more or less.

  • wayne

    watching the witch-hunt right now.

  • Edward

    Man-made wrote: “This example may explain what is wrong with America. It is not a normal nation.

    A normal nation is far more tyrannical, and Man-made seems to think that they reject other peoples and their cultures, unlike the United States. Monarchies tend to believe that they own their citizens, not that their citizens own the government. Dictatorships, socialist, communist, and fascist nations tend to believe that it is the nation that is most important and that their citizens are there to serve the nation. Often those types of governments do not have a good method for presumption of innocence.

    The U. S. believes that the citizens own the government, which is subservient to the citizenry. Government workers in the U.S. are public servants, not the ruling class — although the attitude of government workers has changed in the past decade or so. The United States was founded on the presumption of innocence and a strong ability for a defendant to defend himself — another attitude that seems to be fading, these days. Apparently, the U. S. is becoming more like Man-made’s idea of a normal nation, despite his thinking that it missed that opportunity back in 1965.

    It is too bad that Man-made has left the kitchen (he could not stand the warmth), because he could have learned a thing or two about America. Instead, we did not reinforce his leftist opinion of us, so he bailed out, just like a leftist would do.

  • Edward: Man Made resembled a number of similar commenters that have appeared here in the past three years. They start out sounding agreeable and conservative, and then slowly leak into implying that the solution to all problems is racial purity. The pattern, including their style of writing, is so similar each time that I even searched BtB to see if Man Made’s IP and email address had appeared previously. They hadn’t. Nonetheless, the pattern suggests either that we are seeing the same person, or these are fake commenters who are trying to trap this site (and myself) into saying things that could be construed by others as bigoted or racist.

    It ain’t gonna happen.

  • wayne

    Mr. Z.,
    No doubt!
    The phraseology is always very similar. Pure ideologically-possessed agit-prop from European Statist, ultra-nationalist, anti Semites.

    “The adherent’s to mass-movements, are identical and interchangeable.”
    Eric Hoffer
    The True Believer 1951

  • wayne

    I was able to watch most of Kavanaugh’s testimony live, and for the woman with 3 names I went to C-span and watched her last night.
    It was painful listening to her non stop lies.
    My gosh— I have a great deal of empathy for the mentally ill, but she needed to be hard core interrogated as-if a hostile witness.
    -This isn’t about anything, except Politics, and when one plays that game– spare no quarter, on anyone, especially someone like her. She brought this on her self.
    -That woman they brought in to question her? ridiculously stupid. She may be a prosecutor but she doesn’t know how to cross examine anyone. Worthless distraction.
    She doesn’t know anything about anything, and her “up-talking” (as Rush noted) was very annoying. (I’ll play the Game: she’s a rich little leftist girl with tenure. She IS the 1%.
    -Major league Personality disorder with psychotic features. And she has a PhD in Psychology, my gosh. She’s so fragile, she WILL say or do ANYTHING, and that’s exactly what she did.

  • wayne

    Just for fun….

    The Wave ?
    Akira ft. Jordan Peterson

  • Cotour

    The net result?

    The Democrats in their growing desperation reveal themselves for what they are and have become.

    Keep it coming, they are now out of control and the segment of the American people that will make the decisions in the coming elections are paying close attention. Very close attention.

    It could not be going better.

  • wayne

    I want to believe that, but never underestimate the ability of the RINO’s to stab everyone, in the back. It’s what they do.

  • Cotour

    This IMO Wayne is going to be different.

    There is nothing “Normal” about our politics today. Trump because he is Trumpian and has disturbed the force in Washington has changed the calculations in politics..

    Trump is the reason that that these things have risen to these extreme levels and these extreme levels will tend to reveal to the public what is really going on.

    Keep watching.

  • Cotour

    Two more subliminal things that went against Blasey Ford IMO. (Other then the presumption of innocence and the lack of corroborating evidence of any sort other than what she “remembered”. And I will again point out that no one asked her how much time and shaping / remembering went on with her Democrat recommended lawyers)

    1. Her hair, she did not comb her hair, wasn’t cut, wasn’t combed. She looked disheveled and scattered. She is going to be seen by at least half the population on the planet, and she does not comb her hair? What kind of prep was that?

    2. Caffeine. I have to have caffeine. (?) Sounds very Manchurian to me.

    The Democrat leadership are uncontrolled, out of control and desperate and the people are watching.

  • Cotour

    Like I said, uncontrolled.

    Probably the best strategy for the Democrats would be to lay low and allow the Republicans to shoot themselves in the foot, but no. The more they push their agenda and clearly communicate what they think the worse it will grow for them. And they can not control it.

  • wayne

    ref: your observations on the lady with 3 names.
    (She IS the 1%. I want to know who her husband is, and every lefty organization she supports.)

    My 2 cents worth;
    She’s a fragile piece of work, I can’t believe she has a PhD in Psychology.
    Yes– she looked disheveled and the up-talking she does, = very annoying.

    The caffeine thing’— somebody needed to ask her WHAT medications she is on, and what her Diagnosis IS. And if she has ever been hospitalized (in a psych unit and for how long each time, cuz it’s gotta be more than once).
    I’m highly partisan on all this, (and I can’t/shouldn’t DX her long distance) but I’d bet my License, she has a *well developed* personality disorder, with definite elements of *psychotic features.*
    I wouldn’t date her, if my life depended on it. Bad News, all around.
    She’s a “nervous breakdown” waiting to happen. (and she started it on national TV)

    I missed the afternoon shenanigan’s; apparently that Flake, flake, threw a wrench in the works. (?)
    Typical RINO activity orchestrated by Mitch.

    While I remain highly sympathetic with Edward’s well stated concerns over Trump, I’m all in on the Trump Train, now. I’ll shovel the coal.

    In the Alternate Universe, we would all realize that this is a War, and drastic steps are sometimes necessary to ensure survival. If they force me into tribalsm– my tribe WILL WIN, and they will not.

  • Cotour

    She would just say that her psychosis was as a result of the abuse she suffered, at Kavanaughs hand. There is a segment of the more unhinged population that go into psychology in order to explain themselves to themselves so as to “normalize” themselves. “See, I told you there was nothing wrong with me”.

    I know several, and some of them are good therapists. Some are poisonous and just out of it. Someone you know is casually reading psychology books in their past time? Keep watching.

    In the last hour of the last day they will find some level of compelling “evidence” to justifying delay. Political warfare in its rawest form. IMO the Dems are in a downward spiral no matter what they come up with. Unstoppable.

    I am very happy to hear what train you have now chosen to ride, there’s plenty of room. I wonder if EMC2750F’ will ever see the light?

  • Man-made

    To Cotour:

    From the point of view of my position, you are the most interesting political commentator in this blog.

    Say, which tribe do you belong to if it matters? Do you agree that the resurgence of nationalism or national states is unavoidable? Globalists will defeated at the end.

    Greetings from a initially moderate fake-conservative (says Zimmerman) and later left-winger (says Edward), and later very dangerous nationalist and friend of state (says Wayne; really Wayne, I as a fromer supporter of Hoppe?)

  • Cotour

    Nationalism I.E. respecting the sovereignty of a country is the only way, Globalists must be defeated always because they are Leftist in their nature and it can only result in death and destruction and permanent world wide servitude under the label of fairness and being “politically correct”. I am a nationalist, I believe in country’s, borders and sovereignty, very simple. You? Are you for real or are you on a mission?

    I am just interested in where you are going and what you are attempting to either prove or what point you are trying to make. If you behave yourself you can avert you being banned. If you behave yourself. And that remains to be seen.

  • wayne

    -You apparently liked Jordan Peterson until you determined he was a “jewish shill.”
    -Not an anarcho-capitalist myself. (although it is appealing) I’m a small “l” libertarian, Conservative (American variant), Republican. Pretty much a secular humanist, but highly intrigued with the potential that quantum mechanical process may shed light on the substrates of human consciousness. And highly respect Peterson for his work in Psych.
    -Don’t go down the jew-baiting route and I won’t accuse you of being a nationalist stooge for Statism.

    Cotour— Not a full blown Trumpian, but…. I’ll shovel some coal on this train. Trump beat Hillary, everything else is pure gravy.
    Spending remains outa-control, (with no end in sight, except collapse) but I’ll blame Mitch & Ryan for that, right now.

    Har—I could tell you some stories. And yes, there is a higher than average incidence of “mental health issues” with folks who study Psych. Those folks generally drop out of Psych when they have figured out their own issues, some however, get PhD’s, live in Palo Alto, get tenure, fly all over the place on vacation, and make wild accusations against republican judicial nominee’s.
    -I’m trained in Behavioral Psych, but my license says “Counselor.” (I don’t do “therapy,” per se, I do behavior-change.)
    I highly respect Edwards comments & empathize greatly with his perspective, so please consider refraining from dragging him into this, cuz’ I’m the one who mentioned him.

    –The time may very well come, where all 3 of us, might be in a foxhole together. We don’t have to 100% agree with one another, to be on the same side. (and an Engineer, is a great person to have on the Team.)

    Just for fun… it’s Friday.

    “Blow You Away”
    Robert Earl Keen
    [from “A Bigger piece of Sky” 2004]

  • Man-made

    To Cotour:

    English is not my mother tongue. It is no easy to express what I have to say in a very fine and detailed manner. I am asking for pardon.

    Cotour, I could not better say what wrote above about Nationalism versus Globalism. It is absolutely correct and exactly my view. I am a space-fanatic, who became more and more interested in politics during last years, driven by the negative effects of Globalism and open borders. I am suffering being forced to view as my Europe dies. My European race and its different peoples are being replaced by alien people and culture, a process, which is driven and managed by an evil elite of globalists.

    Yes, I feel myself as I am be on a mission. I try to convince my people of European origin, where I can do to rethink their attitude and fight for us and our culture. Many of them forgot what “us” and “them” mean, because the Western individualism and liberalism has disturbed their awareness of their own nationality and ethnicity. This has to be changed. Who calls this racism, is himself racist, becaus he denies the right of European race to exist also in future. All races should have to right to exist and coexist in peace.

  • Edward


    Welcome back.

    You wrote: “All races should have to right to exist and coexist in peace.

    I agree, but as history has shown, when people have an attitude of “us” and “them” rather than “we all” then trouble arises. Very few wars have started between “we all” and “we all.” Even civil wars develop due to an “us” versus “them” attitude.

    This also occurs in the United States, because it is a problem inherent in everybody. Rallies organized by the left, which tends to divides people into victims and oppressors, us vs. them, have trouble being non-violent. Rallies organized by the right, which tends to have a “we all” attitude, are rarely violent, and those occasions are a result of leftists interfering with their “them” attitude.

    Even now, U. S. Democrats are acting very French, almost reintroducing the phrase “J’accuse” into the culture, demanding guilt by accusation, with the subsequent (character) assassination of the accused and his family, because proof of innocence is hard to demonstrate. Lady guillotine has merely taken on a new form — as demonstrated by the everlasting stain on Clarence Thomas’s reputation after he was falsely accused (harassment had to be redefined in order to fit the false accusation), because Thomas was a “them.” As we have seen after yesterday’s mock trial — er — hearing, proof of innocence is summarily rejected whenever it is presented by one of “them.”

    Your attitude interferes with your peaceful philosophy. Even your words demonstrate this interference: “I try to convince my people of European origin, where I can do to rethink their attitude and fight for us and our culture.” Us, them; our, their. Do you really want to fight for yourselves and your culture?

    Fighting for peace is like raping for virginity.

  • Man-made

    To Wayne:

    At first, I did not say “Jewish shill”, I said “globalist shill”, a fact. Jordan Peterson is in his core a leftist, somewhat unmanly, with much sympathy for SJWs and their environment. He is a Globalist, works for UNO and attacks nationalists. He gives young men wrong and strange advices, in his mind, instead to defend their nation and women against Globalism and Islaminization, those young men shall clean their rooms! Crazy! I am sure, you did no view Vox days’ video about Jordan that I linked. Vox day is 100% right! Please, search yourself.

    Thank you detailing your political position. In think in some points we are not far away. I detected Libertarism about 10 years ago and was fascinated by Hans-Hermann Hoppe and others. I kept some of my libertarian views on money system and reduction of state’s influences. However, in total I think it is not a functional system, which can be applied in reality. For example, it would not prevent Islaminization of Europe.

    Jews have a huge, measured against their very small fraction of US population (about 2%) disproportional influence on media and financial system. That is just a fact. Influence means also responsibility. I wish that they use this significant power wisely for all people. That is what I wish. I wish also that it should be possible that everybody can be criticized for his acts and words if necessary, no matter if he is from Jewish origin or not. In this context, the word “anti-Semitic” shall be not over- or miss-used and only applied if really applicable. Otherwise, there is a danger that this word’s content becomes empty. Empty as the word racist already is. It is late. I go to bed.

  • Cotour

    I am sorry for the predicament that you find yourself in, all of this is due to weak leadership of the Leftist kind. (They like it like that, divide and conquer, its easy when its weak, they just walk in, they despise strength)

    You are being sacrificed on the world stage to prove how wonderful “Globalism” / Socialism is, “Its the way that things should be” (Not). There was no one who had the leadership skills or power to say otherwise. But it will not last, but I do not know what you are going to do with the aftermath. Trump however has changed that calculation, now you need to find one of your own.

    If you can discipline yourself you may find this blog informative and instructive in some ways.

  • wayne

    Man Made-

    No time to address this in depth right now.
    -I have great respect for, say, a Murray Rothbard, but I’m not an anarcho-capitalist. And while I do like the Mises dot org folks, too many of them think (our past President) Lincoln, was a dictator.

    -perfectly OK to criticize policies, but just as all muslims are not Islamic jihadi’s, all jewish people aren’t the same either.

    People are individuals first, they are members of a group, second.

  • Man Made: You say that Jews have a disproportionate influence, but this is an error, since the present Jewish population is broken into many subgroups with vastly different political and cultural goals. The Orthodox routinely vote conservative. Secular Jews, who do have large influence in the academic and entertainment industries, vote Democratic blindly, and have done so for more than a century.

    Even in these groups break down the more closely you look at them .

    The bottom line is what Wayne said: “People are individuals first, they are members of a group, second.” If you judge people by the group they are in (ethnic, religious, racial), you are making a bigoted decision. If you judge people by what each person does you are making a wise decision.

    So, don’t lump all Jews into a single bin, especially here on a website run by a secular humanist, born a Jew, who also has a very high regard for those who practice religions based on the Old and New Testament. I certainly don’t fit into peg you are trying to stuff me. Trying to do so makes your appear something you might not be.

    Also, nationalism alone to my mind is a bad mistake. The point is to build a nation and culture based on humane and just ideals. For the U.S., those were based on the Judeo-Christian religions, mixed with Roman/Greek philosophies, and flavored heavily by the open and free British political culture from which the Founding Fathers came. The result was an incredibly wise Constitution for running a country justly and minimizing the abuse of power by the power-hungry. Think about this in your desire to help Europe. Study some of this to make that thinking more well rounded.

  • wayne

    A repeat from me….

    Jordan Peterson –
    Nihilism, Totalitarianism, and The Divine Individual

    “The Group must unite, but unite under the banner of the Divine Individual.”

    “The Divine Individual is the Man that every man admires, and the man whom all woman want their men to be. The Divine Individual is the Ideal from which deviations are punished by the group with contempt and disgrace, and fidelity to which is rewarded by the group with attention and honor. The Divine Individual is not the winner of any individual game, but the player who plays fairly and is therefore continually invited to play. The Divine Individual is the builder, maintainer, and expander of the state. He who boldly goes where no man has gone before, and someone who eternally watches over the widow’s and the children. His power of direct and honest communication is that which identifies, discusses, and resolves the continually emergent problem’s of human existence.”

  • Man-made

    To Cotours:

    I answer to you, also in response to that what Mr. Z, Wayne and Edward said. Shortly, the core message or ideology of this three men is that individual come first and collective (society, nation, folk, peoples, tribe) second. I say no, that is wrong, collective comes first and individual second. Collective is much more important, but I would not go so far to say the individual counts nothing.

    That is the core conflict here to what our discussion can be reduced. I see no way to bridge both position.

    The collective ensures the survival of the individual, the collective set the circumstances and condition under which the individual have to live and die. Gene flow and culture result from interactions inside the collective and is propagated by the collective from one generation to the next. The most natural collective is that one, in which individuals have most similar genes. Those individuals are much more supportive to each other as to alliens.

    Wayne: I will come later to your “united divine individual idea”.

    A very impressive example of this kind is the Jewish people, which managed it to survive several thousand years as a group and collective. Random selected Jewish people are much more genetically related as to other individuals in their environments. Jews developed a group survival strategy, which is very impressive and can be an example for other collectives. Even if Mr. Z. described the various subgroups of Jewish people in order to display in total they as weak, in reality they are all united and strong at the end by their Jewishness, which is much more as a religion. It constitutes a nation, a peoples, a folk.

    A group of 10 men – united under one leadership and one objective –is much more powerful as 10 individuals with no leadership and nothing which they share, if both groups are confronting each other.

    A society, which set individual as God or first, will perish at the end, because: 1. it will have not enough children to propagate , 2. No common culture, hertiage and tradition to defend 3. It will be defeated by internal and external enemy groups, which act as group together and not as individuals.

    That’s it.

  • Man-made

    To Cotours and Mr. Z.:

    It seems to me – as foreigner – that this Kavanaugh/Dr. Ford case divides America into two halves.

    May you characterize those different halves? What can we learn from that? What says this about female role in politics and society as such? Should be there consequences to female roles in public space, media and politics in order to prevent such things in future?

    Why does a Mr. Chuck Schumer support this obvious false and not by evidence supported allegations against Mr. Kavanaugh in this vehement manner?

    Just, some questions.

  • wayne

    What you are witnessing with the witch-hunt on Kavanaugh, is the culmination of literally one hundred years of Progressive Statism.
    The democrat party is completely controlled by extreme totalitarian communists who reject the Rule of Law and the presumption of innocence.They are systematically destroying the fabric of our Civil Society and upending all our Institutions to serve to their radical egalitarian utopian fantasy’s, and attempting to drag us all down into the absolute hell that is collectivist Statism.

    In Our Hands,
    Part 1: How We Got What We Have (1950)

  • wayne

    In Our Hands (1950)
    -“How to Lose What We Have”
    Part 3 of 4
    -cued to the relevant start-

  • Phill O

    For what my opinion is worth—-

    Well, being in Canada right now, and watching news from our MSM, it is clear that Ford is a victim and Kavannah is the devil himself: or at least that is what a friend told me after the Ford testimony and before Kavannah’s testimony.

    I am tired of the bigotry and mob rule. I know why people are reacting and it is from their trust in the MSM. I feel we are in Hitler’s Germany.

    Bob wrote “Also, nationalism alone to my mind is a bad mistake. The point is to build a nation and culture based on humane and just ideals. For the U.S., those were based on the Judeo-Christian religions, mixed with Roman/Greek philosophies, and flavored heavily by the open and free British political culture from which the Founding Fathers came.”

    I am not sure of the Roman/Greek connection, but the British connection is adherence to the principles of the Jude-Christian faith based upon Mosaic law.

    I believe that what makes a country great is when it fallows these principles. Obviously, the democrat party has departed from these principles. The lawyers also. So has the current Canadian government.

    I love Canada but am not proud of the path we are now taking. I love America (at least the SW excluding California) because of the inhabitants and their acceptance of me. Our friends there are on the conservative side.

    My question is “Can the voters see through the baffle-gab and discern right from wrong (as defined in the old and new testaments)”? The recent vote for a Texas senator and the Ontario vote seem to suggest there is a moral majority (for now) that can see through the Bull-Roar.

  • Cotour

    And why is it that Jeff Flake will not be returning to the Senate in the next election?–politics.html

    Because he is one of them and Trump has forced his hand and he hates him for that and will be the fly in the ointment until he is gone. (Why is it that he is always looking like he is about to cry?)

    Man Made: I think we are going to have to hear from you a bit more on some of these subjects. At times I think you might be a highly advanced A.I. program who says you are unfamiliar with the language and write your very leading questions as such, and then you may be something else, possibly what you say, possibly not.

    Time will pass and we will in time have the answer.

    (If you are a program or an operation of some sort it does not work well to just throw the incorrect context of a word into an other than that a perfectly clean sentence)

  • Man-made

    To Wayne:

    Thank you for explanation that fits to that what I viewed at FOX. I remember to further name of radicals, which want Kavanaugh’s scalp, as Feinstein and Blumenthal. I support Tucker’s view that we here can see a racist war against straight white (“old”) men (that are us).

    By the way, my view is that nation/folk/peoples (not the state!!!) are more important as individuals, as I described elsewhere. However, I am not an egalitarian, just the opposite is true, I am anti-universalistic and anti-egalitarian. I support a strong state, but I am not a statist, because I see the state only as a mean, as a mean to purpose. That purpose is the support of nation’s/peoples’ existence, as I said also before. This approach is not in contrast to Greek/roman philosophy and statemancraft or other principles of European heritage, as our Roman, German, Slavic and Celtic cultural and genetic heritage.

    Wayne, what happened or went wrong in past that America (and the West in total) did reach this terrible situation? Cultural Marxism implemented by Frankfurt School (critical theory after WWII, Marcuse, Horkheimer, …), in combination with Trotzky’s influence of permanent revolution?

  • Cotour

    I heard this song this morning and thought it was instructive.

    Its always been burning baby.

    Its been going on from the first time some (male) two legged, up right walking, tool making humanoid hit another (male) two legged, up right walking, tool making humanoid over the head and stole his food and his mate. And that’s a long, long time, pure biological DNA at work. The life force of the universe.

    Nothing new here, just much more sophisticated and now we call it “Politics”, makes it more palettable and makes it sound more “civilized” and “sophisticated”. Politics is the dirtiest, filthiest and most deadly activity that the human animal participates in, a metaphor for the survival of the fittest.

  • wayne

    Ref: When did we start going dangerously off the rails?—-

    The importation of Fabian socialism and the “progressive era” in our history. (roughly the start of the last century.) Progressives destroyed all the accomplishments of our Civil War, reintroduced State sanctioned bigotry against black people, and started to greatly expand the role of the (Federal) State in everyone’s affairs. {prohibition of alcohol should ring a bell}
    As well— starting the direct-election of Federal senators, effectively gutted one check on power accumulation. (The senators used to be responsible to their respective State. We have a House of Reps that is directly elected. The Senate serves ZERO purpose today.)

    Then, (FD) Roosevelt started institutionalizing the welfare State into our Country in the 1930’s and twisted our “Commerce Clause” into a license to control all manner of commerce within and among the States. (To the point where not engaging in Commerce was deemed to be ‘engaging in commerce.’)
    [ try growing any manner of crops in the USA– many are subject to mandatory “marketing orders” and production controls. You might be able to grow oranges, but you can’t sell them into the market unless the Feds say ok.]
    The creation of the “great society” by LBJ in the 1960’s, further enslaved us with social programs.

    You have to understand– our Federal Government is the CREATION of the separate & sovereign States of the Union. The Federal government wouldn’t exist, but for the States.
    Our current mastermind’s would have you believe otherwise and think they are King’s

    Our Federal Government used to have a well-defined & limited role in the affairs of the States.
    We don’t have “federal Government Police” to provide protection for localities and States, for example. That is the responsibility of Local and State government entities.

    tangentially– “Prohibition” gave us our FBI, and we can’t get rid of it. Prohibition went away, but the FBI lived on, and we see how that turned out….

    The “Administrative State” was created and lives on, despite elections. We can’t GET AT these Agencies through the ballot box.
    The firewalls of our Constitution have been effectively beached, and chaos has ensued and dragged us to this point.

    A whole lot of people do NOT like this, but we try to play by rules, but the Rules have been subverted against us.
    It’s their way or the highway.

    — in the Alternate Universe, a large percentage of our ruler’s, would be summarily dragged into the street and shot in the face. But that’s not how we do things, but the regressive totalitarian left is perpetually pushing us against a wall, and eventually we WILL respond, and it will not be pretty. Not at all.
    Those responsible, WILL be held to account for their economic & political crimes against the people of the United States.
    They operate with absolute malice aforethought and must be destroyed, by any means necessary.

    We are in a War, and while our goals ARE ethical, the objective of war is to kill a sufficient number of one’s enemy and destroy a sufficient amount of their stuff, so they will STOP.

    –Obama masterminded a silent coup and Trump messed up their plans to install Hillary as Queen and Lord God over us all. And now they have gone totally insane and are extremely dangerous, and must be dealt with in potentially in extremely harsh terms.

    It will be highly dangerous to conduct the counter-revolution without sliding into tyranny.

  • wayne

    that’s a good video.

    (Please– ID these videos if you can take an extra 10 seconds.)

  • Man-made


    thank you for this detailed analysis and description. Do you think that is a “natural” development or driven by specific forces, which may be identified. Is there a common nominator for all event of this development?

    I agree, the point at which a political solution inside given system is possible has been passed already. You cannot discuss with that Neo-Marxists about solutions. At the end will see blood and violence in order to clean the situation. This apply also to Europe. Those Leftists do not divide between Libertarians, Conservatives, Nationalist and so forth. They call all of us Nazi.

    However, we have not only leftists in charge. We have a coalition of Progressives/Liberals/Leftist (persons as well as ideas) with a finance and corporate oligarchy system against Nationalist, Patriots and Conservatives! Examples of oligarchs of this kind are: Bezos, Zuckerberg, Brin, Page and Soros.

  • wayne

    It’s all totalitarian Statism.

    Jordan Peterson –
    Why do you curse when your computer crashes?

    “The functioning of my computer is dependent on the stability of the Sun.”

  • Man-made


    I am able to identify now Kavanaugn’s lynch mob completely: 1.Feinstein, 2.Blumenthal, 3.Schumer, 4.Katz and 5.Bromwich.

    They should be condemned.

  • Cotour

    Blasy Ford, quite unhinged IMO when you take the time to review her testimony.

    2:32: Her friend denies and refutes what she has said and the woman gives micro nods of agreement.

    18:30: Her hair, tangled in her glasses. The fact that the woman did not have herself groomed in some manner is an indicator to me of mental imbalance. And I do not mean due to her alleged trauma, its fundamental IMO. The profiler makes no mention of this overt and scattered condition to back up her observations (?). Very interesting read / interpretation none the less.

    And then we have what her alleged area of expertise is, psychology, and she is not familiar with some of the questions being asked her by the prosecutor? She teaches the chemistry and the functioning of the human mind. She has not a clue.

    I must say that upon her testimony, which she seemed to be constantly looking to the Democrats for their approval was initially compelling. But video is forever and Kavenaugh did a pretty good job of refuting most everything that she said.

    This weeks long wait is has design in it, and so we will see what in fact emerges as it passes.

  • wayne

    There are 10 democrat senators on the judiciary committee, and of the 11 republicans, most all are RINO’s.
    It’s Statism you should be worried about.
    The Committee vote actually means nothing ‘legally’, Mitch could have ordered a full vote of the Senate at any time. It’s the Senate that has to confirm, not the committee.

    her dress, make-up, and presentation (appearance) were all orchestrated.
    But yes–she’s a fragile mess, waiting to be re-hospitalized again.
    If she was serious at all– she would walk in the Montgomery County D.A.’s office and file a police report, and her left wing commie lawyer knows that. FBI has ZERO jurisdiction. They can “investigate” all they want, but they can’t charge him with anything, ever.
    Her so-called “therapist,” needs to be “investigated” as well. She’s in a grey area as far as her ethics are concerned, and the Board of Licensing should know.

    Off thread:
    This just in….
    >SEC has succeeded in shaking down Musk down for $20 million and he resigned as ceo.

  • wayne

    If she files a complaint, Maryland will investigate….. but since, at-best, it’s only a misdemeanor, the statute of limitations has long since run out.
    Just because she thinks a felony was committed, doesn’t make it a felony.

    She needs to be sued in Civil Court, and undergo complete discovery.

    These people are dragging us all under. Time-preference’s for theoretical direct-action, I would surmise, has shortened considerably for a whole lot of people.

    (I’d suggest we retire this thread and pick it up at the next available relevant posting. Anyone want to 2nd that?)

  • Cotour

    A great question Wayne that again was not asked:

    “Dr. Ford, Have you ever been voluntarily or non voluntarily hospitalized for any psychological reasons in your life?”

    In other words, just by your appearance and your affect it is plain to see that there is something deeply disturbed about you. You appear to be up to something.

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson –
    “Borderline Personality Disorder”

  • Edward

    Man-made wrote: “Collective is much more important, but I would not go so far to say the individual counts nothing. … The collective ensures the survival of the individual, the collective set the circumstances and condition under which the individual have to live and die.

    The individual agrees to belong to the collective — consent of the governed — for the promised protection, but if the collective is protected at the expense of the individual, then the consent can be removed (e.g. the Declaration of Independence):

    Gene flow and culture result from interactions inside the collective and is propagated by the collective from one generation to the next.

    The United States has shown that this is not necessarily true. Peoples of widely varying genes can come together and work together very well. They can even create and operate a governance system that allows for extraordinary advancement, far faster than cultures “in which individuals have most similar genes.

    It seems to me – as foreigner – that this Kavanaugh/Dr. Ford case divides America into two halves.” Then some questions, which I shall treat as rhetorical.

    Any topic of discussion can be seen as dividing America into two halves. This is what happens every time that there is a difference of opinion. The discussion of these topics is what allows us to grow individually and culturally. The discussion that we are having now is part of that process. Please note that we do not always grow due to these discussions, but the opportunity is there.

    It is unacceptable, for instance, for Kavanaugh to be sacrificed for the sake of the collective. Why choose to sacrifice Kavanaugh, in this case, rather than Ford? Why was it decided to sacrifice presidential candidate Clinton’s accusers rather than Clinton himself? These are also rhetorical questions, as the answer is that the left does the choosing in order to protect its own collective. This is why the individual is more important than the collective, otherwise when all are considered equal in the collective, we discover that some are more equal than others (e.g. Clinton).

    I see the state only as a mean, as a mean to purpose. That purpose is the support of nation’s/peoples’ existence

    What kind of existence is it if the individual is sacrificed “for the greater good?”

    what happened or went wrong in past that America

    What happened, as wayne noted, is that we fell under the influence of those who believe that the collective is more important than the individual. The result is the abandonment of the presumption of innocence for those that the collective dislikes and the rejection of guilt for those that it likes. This is what happens when the collective becomes more important than the individual. Every. Single. Time.

    Wayne wrote: “tangentially– “Prohibition” gave us our FBI, and we can’t get rid of it. Prohibition went away, but the FBI lived on, and we see how that turned out….”

    The FBI was created to combat organized crime. The organized crime is still there, but the FBI now is called upon to perform background checks for people nominated by presidents for high positions. No wonder the organized crime is still there. The FBI is a tool for the existence of the collective, not the individual.

  • Man-made

    To Wayne and Cotours:

    I gave you here a number of hints to allow you find yourself one of the most important, man-made driving force – the common nominator – behind all those societal developments, which we mourn about, but I cannot go into a deeper and more open discussion without being banned from the blog. I have been needed also a longer time period to view behind the scene and bind all strands together, in order to a get a complete picture.

    Consequenctly, I should limit my comments to space stuff, which is bar far not so important as politics.

  • wayne


    holy cow— “hints?”
    no… I think we all know exactly where you are going

    I’d advise you quit worrying about those ‘pesky jews,’ and start worrying about islam which IS 150% incompatible with Western Judeo-Christian democratic, free-market principles.

    Band of Brothers
    “Why we fight” excerpt

  • wayne

    Referencing American Prohibition-

    It took a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw the manufacture & sale of alcohol, and another one to repeal it. (consumption was not outlawed per se– customers of speakeasy’s rarely got arrested)
    Progressives decided they weren’t going to let that ever happen again. Fast forward 100 years, and now under the Controlled Substances Act, any chemical whatsoever can be summarily outlawed by the DEA or FDA by Administrative edict alone.
    Nobody gets to vote, nobody gets a say–they just do what they want, it’s imposed on us.

  • Man-made

    To Wayne:

    Now we have the problem that I announced in my last comment. When I apply your advice on the Islamic invasion of Europe, you will see immediately that many Jewish organizations and oligarchs are very active in supporting the (illegal) mass immigration of predominantly Muslim people to Europe. By the way, do you really believe that Christian and Jewish religion are compatible? What did Jesus say about this idea?

  • commodude

    Oligarchs, Jews, Ein Volk…

    You’re out of time by 80 or so years.

    As to the division of the American public, it’s largely superficial, mainly fed by those who create trends, and supported by the followers/fellow travelers, of which there are many. When issues get real, however, the public sees through the divisive nonsense peddled by the media and unites. It may be for only a fleeting time, but the times of unity mean far, far more than the superficial, artificially created divisions.

  • wayne

    Fairly secular myself, can’t speak to Christian/Jewish doctrine, but the only religion I fear is islam precisely because they preach the death of all Jews, Christians, and other “infidels.”

    In my daily life:

    “I Act As if God Exists”
    ft. Jordan Peterson & Akira the Don

  • wayne

    Good stuff.

    tangentially— if you do a search for “ein Volk, ein Fuehrer, ein Reich,” at YouTube, you’ll get a warning: “The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.” (how nice of them)

    But…. you can watch ALL the ISIS and pro-communist anti-American video’s you want.

  • commodude


    EVERYTHING about Dr. Ford’s appearance in the Senate was an orchestrated production. The hair and general frazzled appearance? Supports her overall narrative of the hardship she’s facing in her (privileged, Ivory-tower globetrotter who’s afraid to fly) existence.

    If she was well groomed, she wouldn’t have had the visual impact to go with the woe-is-me story she was peddling.

    Coaching can influence (and create out of whole cloth!) memories of incidents. I have no doubt something happened to her in high school 30+ years ago. I sincerely doubt one shred of the story as presented in the Senate. Too much time, too many visits to therapists, who themselves can and do implant created memories of incidents. and too much prep time.

    As a Dr. of psychology and statistics, she’s well versed in acting.

  • wayne

    again, good stuff.

  • Cotour

    Looking at the other side of outcomes, I just realized what may well have the potential to happen if the Democrats are successful in denying Kananaugh his seat .

    Kavanaugh may well have to resign from his present job because of the controversy, hell he is being set up so that he is compromised if he does get on the court. This all by Democrat strategy and war gaming within the Senate.

    Either way Kavanaugh may well be able transform himself into a political super warrior of the Right. If he gets on then he will be a judge and and will be characterized as anti Democrat and live with that classification, and if he is not confirmed?

    And if he has the stomach for it, he has the potential to become a mega political force of his own, a rallying point, a catalyst, a lightning rod of justice, use what ever word you like.

    “I am Bret Kavanugh, you have horribly and unjustly wronged me and my entire family and there will be justice, one way or another. I have donned my political shields and I have hefted my weaponry and my sword of justice, the Constitution. And I will be avenged!”

    (You want to piss someone off and get them into action? Unjustly accuse them of being a sexual predator purely for your political agenda in front of his little girls. You want to die a painful death? Then do that)

    You can never tell where these extreme political warfare manipulations might wind up. Political warfare is upon us and the only end result can be victory and nothing else. I think that the Democrats and their short term desperate moves do not understand what they are fooling with for one second.

  • Man-made


    So what you try to tell me? Are there no Jews anymore? Is this a new tactics of diversion? I think most Jews and also Israel as a country will not agree with you. It seems to me (and many others) that the Jews are “ein Volk” to full extent. I have no problem with it. It is very good that the Jewish people have now their own ethno-state. I indulge it them. However, they shall allow it also to other peoples and nations.

    If you do not like the word Oligarch, take another with same meaning, for example Plutocrat, Billionaire, or ever what you want. Instead igniting smoke-bombs here in that discussion, you may explain to us why influential Jews organization and Billionaires are actively supporting Islam invasion of Europe?

  • Cotour

    Man-Made: You do not understand, if you do not change your descriptive words of Leftists and Liberals, you are going away.

    Adjust your program.

  • commodude


    Ein Volk is a very specific phrase used by one group at one point in history. Your continued use of terms and phraseology directly out of the playbook of that group is highly offensive and unwelcome. Your continued pleas of ignorance of what those terms mean and the time and horrors they bring back to the fore ring as hollow as Dr. Ford’s testimony.

  • Man-made


    You may contribute content and answer my questions rather than questioning terms and formulations. Your grief over the offensive language use reminds me exactly of the reactions of Social Justice Warriors. By the way, it was Wayne who first presented this discussion with a certain expression. Note: “Volk” and its equivalence in many European languages is a normal word in the word pool of these languages. It may be that the English language does not provide a full word with the same meaning as someone told me years ago.

  • wodun

    you may explain to us why influential Jews organization and Billionaires are actively supporting Islam invasion of Europe?

    Jewish people are just like other humans. They inhabit all levels of society and have the same propensity for diverse individual desires and thoughts as everyone else.

    Jewish religion and culture have contributed a lot to Western Civilization. The Jews didn’t kill Jesus, the Romans did and if you are a Christian then you should know that his death was preordained by God so that Jesus sacrifice would provide redemption to believers. You could say that God killed Jesus as a sacrifice or that Jesus killed himself by accepting, with full knowledge and consent, to be sacrificed.

    For one to claim to defend Western Civilization, one must actually adhere to Western Civilization and not hide with in it while tearing it down from the inside. It is a bit like Democratic Socialists. You can vote them in but they will use any means necessary to prevent you from voting them out.

  • commodude

    Sorry, sunshine, the SJWs insist on offense where none exist, claiming micro agressions and other nonsense. The terminology and phraseology you continue to use is far from meaningless, when used as a point of collective effort 80 years or so ago it resulted in the near elimination of part of the population of Europe.

    Its continued existence as a political ideal is nothing short of abhorrent. Volk is a common European term, and is the root of words in multiple languages. It is your specific uses of terminology and phraseology which needs to be exterminated. The roots of that school of thought are pure evil and have no place on this board.

  • wayne


    I knew exactly to what Commodude was referring, and so do you.

    Currently, we have a huge problem in the USA with our tech companies trying to rewrite history and censor reality on the internet, and I found it extremely interesting that certain clips from Triumph of the Will, are tagged, but non-stop America hating is apparently ok with google.

    Incidentally, in America we refer to ourselves as Citizen’s.
    You’re just not going to convince anyone here, it’s “THE JEWS,” that dog just ain’t gonna hunt, not here.
    You mentioned you are from “south Europe,” could you narrow that down a bit?

  • wayne

    nicely stated.

    Jordan B Peterson:
    12 conservative principles in 12 minutes

  • Man-made


    You should try to reduce your fixation on Jordan Peterson to some extent. That’s not a healthy thing. This guy is a leftist, a friend of the SJW, an enemy of the nationalists. There is nothing conservative about this guy who is driven by fear. By the way, he earns millions of dollars with his “messages” to the Waynes of the world.
    Another suggestion: Please review the ownership of these tech companies you mentioned, ie Google, Facebook and so on. Many thanks.


    No, Jews are just not ordinary people, just the opposite. They are connected and united in their own nation, the Jewish nation or the people. 3000 years now. However, often a nation in another nation. That’s the core problem. In addition, in the US, for example, they are extremely over-represented in almost important spheres of influence and power (often 10 to 30 times compared to their population share of about 2%). They are powerful. There is no doubt about that.

    However, it is not my job to do your homework for you. Red pill itself. Go and look for things. You’ll find a lot of them that can change your life, but I’ll give you a literary tip to start with: “The Culture of Criticism” by Kevin MacDonald.

    Link here:


    Please free yourself from the fixation on the Second World War, a separate, complex topic. There is much to say, but I will not go into this area here. No chance, sorry. Please leave your status as a victim, which does not correspond to the actual situation. Jewish people are powerful now, amazingly powerful and should fear nothing.

  • wayne

    Reduce your fixation on Jews. You just won’t give it up, will you?
    (I suggest you take your medication.)

    Band of Brothers
    Bakery Scene

  • wayne


    Just for you….

    Jordan Peterson –
    Why Jews Are So Successful
    2018 Lafayette Q&A

  • wayne

    Aryeh and Gil Gat
    – live in Jerusalem, 2013
    Pink Floyd – “Wish You Were Here”

  • Man-made


    I found just this video, where Jordan Peterson is confronted by an American Jew with a specific question. How do you judge it? Very cowardly of Jordan Peterson not to answer or understandable?

    H. Question to Jordan Peterson in NYC 1/23/2018

    3:09 min

  • wayne

    Give it up, dude.

    What country are you from? You won’t tell us.

  • Cotour

    Man Made is not here to question and interact he is here to teach. I knew it would be substantiated and revealed in short order, just does not pass the smell test.

    The leading line of “innocent” questions all lead to his subject of expertise, and then he answers his own questions asked.

    Man Made is / was (?) not long for BTB, I could see that from the start. A political operative perhaps from Europe, perhaps not because he refuses to give any indication of where he is situated.

    This may be an indicator of how the extremists in Europe will push back on the EU / Globalization that has been foisted upon those good people. At some point the people of Europe will take action and it may take the form of these extremist “Teachers”. And I can not argue with that, something has got to give eventually.

    The seconds tick.

  • Man Made: You are clearly an anti-Semite, and have only one reason for being here, to poison the atmosphere of Behind the Black with your bigoted ideology. I have had enough. You are gone.

  • commodude

    And as predicted, the left is moving the goalposts again.

    This has nothing to do with Judge Kavanaugh’s alleged assaults, and everything to do with the fact that they’ve run out of parliamentary procedures to block an appointment they disagree with, courtesy of their own adoption of the nuclear option.

    To quote one of their darlings, “Elections have consequences. We won.”

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