Democrats have worst fundraising April since 2009

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The Democrats this year took in the lowest amount of donations for the month of April since 2009.

The Democratic National Committee reported its worst April of fundraising since 2009, according to Federal Election Commission records released Monday. The DNC reported taking in $4.7 million last month. While this is an off-year for fundraising, the DNC hauled $8.5 million last year, and nearly $5 million in 2015. Between 2010 and 2014, the Democrats received anywhere from $6.3 million to $14.4 million per year.

However, the drop in donations coincides with an effort by DNC Chair Tom Perez and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., to rally support for the party. The two traveled the country on a “unity tour.”

Could it have something to do with the violent behavior of their supporters? Or maybe the outright childish and obscene behavior of California elected officials?

The anti-Trump fervor at California’s Democratic Party convention this weekend can be summarized in choice words from outgoing chair of the California Democratic Party, John Burton: “#*%! Donald Trump.”

The always foul-mouthed Burton, 84, stood before thousands of Democratic delegates at Saturday’s general assembly and as a rallying cry asked the crowd to join in. He then shoved two fists in the air, flipping the bird. Across the room at the Sacramento Convention Center, others onstage and in the audience followed suit.

Onstage were House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, Rep, Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, state Sen. Toni Atkins, D-San Diego, and others.

Such behavior by elected officials is not just childish, it is barbaric, uncivilized, and uneducated, and should disqualify everyone who condones it from getting anyone’s votes, forever. Sadly, the Democrats now have a sizable population of voters who are as barbaric, uncivilized, and uneducated, and will vote for Democrats because they are barbaric, uncivilized, and uneducated, and will use that barbarism to further their uncivilized aims. Remember, even though the Democrats had a bad fund-raising month in April, they still garnered $4.7 million in donations. That indicates the existence of a lot of supporters of this behavior.

I am once again reminded of this:



  • Edward

    I think that is why the foul-mouthed John Burton left his cursing out of public display for his entire career, until last weekend. We knew he had quite a mouth on him (did he kiss his mother with that mouth?), but we never before heard it in public.

    It used to be considered crude, even for Democrats, to show such public displays, but ever since, a few months back, the Women’s March on Washington brought locker room talk out into the public on public address loudspeakers, we seem to be hearing more and more of it.

    I think that it is still considered crude by most Americans, and the Democratic Party is likely to continue to suffer due to such public displays that are being encouraged by the Party leadership, as well as the violence that they seem to tolerate, if not outright advocate. I’m not sure how many rank and file Democrats can take being associated with such behavior, especially as their children start to bring it to the dinner table.

    As the Hot Air article suggested, the adults in the room tend not to curse or get violent, and the rank and file in each party understand that concept.
    Normally, we’d expect [cursing] from high-school and college students living in their own little bubbles, not from people who are trying to make the case that they can be trusted to run the country.

    If it was Trump’s bluntness that won him the election (it wasn’t), then his bluntness was in stating the root problem that needs solving, not some euphemism and definitely not insisting that men be able to prowl in women’s bathrooms.

  • Cotour

    The evidence as to how insane the Democrats have become and an indicator of why they are hampered in raising funds.

    The Democrat party is in a crisis mode right now, their mindless and desperate members need this kind of vitriol from someone like this super Liberal talking head. ALL Liberal commentators / entertainers can only use extreme mocking and sarcasm to pander to their narrower and narrower audience. Its all about the cause, and the cause is dying.

    The fact that the Dems are challenged in raising money and the rise of this particular talking head Maddow, to me are two more of the indicators that there will be some real movement in prosecuting the Hillary crime family and organization. Maddow’s audience while growing is actually a very narrow slice of the market. Her growing numbers are just the condensing of a particular rabid audience. Her movement is not growing, but condensing.

    I have to believe that a big chunk of the Democrat party based on the lowered donation numbers are dragging themselves to see Hillary and her co conspirators and her massive offences to the civilized world by usurping and further perverting our government even beyond its usual perverted state and the rule of law must be reconciled. Thats my long term read anyway.

  • Cotour

    Its funny, I see both of these positions entirely in an opposite way. I must be an idiot. (?)



    Trump is a unique person: Hard headed, stream of consciousness talker, big picture bull shitter, showman, impresario, single minded, balls to the wall risk taker, simple, complex, trademark, P word grabber, American, etc, etc.

    This above description is what the Democrats are terrified of. Why? Number one, because he is now the president and number two, because they have no weapons to deal with him. I hired Trump to disrupt Washington, turn it upside down, shake it up, and that is exactly what he is doing and I am happy. Now let this political chimera continue to disrupt and confuse his and our enemies within.

  • pzatchok

    The left believed what the MSM was telling them.
    Then reality slapped them in the face.

    They are not the majority and are not the most popular people in school anymore.

    They are also finding out many of their most deeply held beliefs are wrong. Like global warming and loving those crazy terrorists. Like open boarders are taking the entry level jobs their own children used to get for experience in the workplace, now the illegals just take those jobs and keep them.

  • Cotour

    What we are witnessing is change in Washington.

    As uncomfortable and nasty as it is and is going to get. The more there is resistance that is how we all know it is going in the general correct direction.

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