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Democrats look in all the wrong places to explain their losses

The Democratic Party is attempting to analyze the recent election to try to find out what has been causing their significant losses in order to prevent further election defeats and bring about a recovery.

Not surprisingly, they are blaming everything and everybody but their own policies.

Party insiders are reluctant to blame the popular Obama but cite plenty of reasons for the decline. These include a muddled economic message; an overemphasis on emerging demographic groups such as minorities and millennial at the expense of white voters; a perception the party is elitist and aligned with Wall Street; a reluctance to embrace the progressive populism of Senator Bernie Sanders, the former presidential hopeful; and failure to field strong candidates in key states.

There is an emerging consensus, they add, that the party has been too focused on winning national races and has not invested enough in local campaigns, along with a grudging admission that Republicans have done a better job of competing on the ground. [emphasis mine]

The highlighted text above shows how completely divorced from reality this Democratic Party continues to be. Most of the country rejects socialism, and it was the Democratic Party’s increasing tilt towards socialism that is hurting it badly and caused it lose control of almost all the state legislatures nationwide.. Do they recognize this? Absolutely not. Instead they want to become more socialist.

Moreover, most of the other reasons they cite for their losses either blame outside forces (such as Republican efforts to require an ID to vote) or poor messaging. It is never anything they did, such as impose Obamacare and run the government badly.

Moreover, that the Democrats continue to increase their dominance in the big urban areas should not be used by them as a sign that their policies are right. The big urban areas are also generally places with the worst quality of life, the most crime, the worst poverty, and biggest government deficits. Even if the citizens in those places can’t see how badly they are being ruled by Democrats, the rest of the country does. Moreover, it will be impossible for the Democratic Party to recover significantly as long as it relies solely on the voters in these concentrated urban areas. To get the rest of the country to consider them worth voting for again they are going to have to face their own policy failures and change direction. Sadly, I see no evidence that they are going to do this.

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  • pzatchok

    Its hard to admit and accept that your own philosophies are wrong.

    And they will not admit their ideas for society are wrong. In their mind their ideas are just not understood by the masses so they have never been tried fully yet, The people are not educated and they must be ignorant because of that.

    Now is the time that the republican party needs to establish and promote a nation wide African American program to educate them, everyone actually, on the real racial history of the democrat party.

  • Keith

    I don’t agree with the notion that Obama is “popular”.

    This idea is based upon polling that generally uses the same sampling methods that told us Clinton was going to win the election. If the measurement was done only with actual voters and tallied with weightings matching the electoral college map, I’d bet that his “popularity” would be flat to negative.

  • Chris L

    It’s always “we didn’t get our message out”, never ” we got our message out, but the voters thought it sucked”. And they call Republicans the stupid party.

  • Tommy K

    I hope they stay the course. Please re-elect Nancy Pelosi House Minority Leader and choose Congressman Ellison to lead of the DNC. These and others like them should continue to inoculate America against their wrongheaded thinking.

  • Edward

    pzatchok wrote: “Its hard to admit and accept that your own philosophies are wrong.”

    Chris L wrote: “And they call Republicans the stupid party.”

    The Republican leadership decided, some years back, that their philosophies should more closely match the Demorats’ philosophies, in order to woo minority voters. The Republican leadership turned out to be wrong about that, as Trump’s numbers for minority voters shows.

    The Democrats, however, think that they are so smart that they would know it if their policies were wrong. This is also why they think the Republicans are the stupid party. After all, how smart can the Republican leadership be if they are so easily swayed to abandon their superior philosophies? (Or is the Republican leadership actually Democrats dress in Republican clothing?)

  • pzatchok

    I think the republican politicians after so many years of the media slapping them around the head just gave in and forgot what it means to be a conservative and or a republican.

    Yes a few very liberal or even Democrat politicians did get into the Republican party but they are not the majority. They just gained influence after many years in the party and with some media help.

    Its up to us to watch for those like them in the future.

    The typical old media outlets are out of it. They keep preaching the same stuff but to a smaller and smaller audience that has less and less influence. They are no longer the only source of news and knowledge in the world and they have yet to think of a way to become relevant again.
    If they dropped ALL the opinion and editorial comments in EVERY story the people, after a few years, would go back to them and trust them. But they cannot stop the editorializing. Its all they know.

    The democrat party can only offer government giveaway’s. They are nothing without the constant media support system to keep them alive.
    Take back our schools. Even if you do not have a child in your local school system. You pay taxes.
    Get our kind of people elected to the school boards. Fight against teachers of any kind being on school boards. Fight for parents and local residents to be on those boards.

    All politics starts at the local level. Its our time to take back the power. Start now.

  • Edward

    pzatchok wrote: “Its up to us to watch for those like them in the future.

    As Thomas Jefferson said, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” We seem to have failed to be vigilant enough.

    pzatchok also wrote: “The democrat party can only offer government giveaway’s.

    This is the “other people’s money” that Margaret Thatcher spoke of.

    When the Pilgrims came to America (Thanksgiving Story Alert!), they tried a form of socialism, but because they didn’t have any “other people’s money” to start with, their experiment with socialism failed immediately, and they quickly switched back to free market capitalism. They were giving thanks to God for free market capitalism, which encouraged everyone to work hard, rather than the socialism, which encouraged people to slack off as much as possible while others did all the work. (Does this remind you of any group projects that you had in school? Everyone would get the same grade, no matter how little they worked or contributed, so those who wanted a good grade would have to work very hard to make up for the slackers.) Because free market capitalism worked so well, the Pilgrims had plenty of extra food and invited their friends, the Indians, over for a three day feast.

    The Pilgrims were farmers. They knew how to grow food, but the Indians taught them some of the idiosyncrasies of corn.

    When Russia went to communism, they had centuries of built up Czarist wealth to keep them barely going for seven decades. Toward the end, they were taking handouts of grain from America. Yes, socialists expect free stuff. A possible motto for them is: “why work hard when you can get someone else to do the hard work for you?”

    pzatchok also wrote: “Take back our schools. Even if you do not have a child in your local school system.

    And don’t let anyone else read that lying Howard Zinn book, “A People’s History of the United States.” It might as well be titled, “A Socialist’s Version of History of the Hated United States.”

  • wayne

    Edward– good stuff.

    Trump Won Because ‘Racism’? NO, YOU IDIOT!!
    -Louder With Crowder

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