Democrats oppose an ebola travel ban

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Incompetence: Congressional Democrats have expressed strong opposition to any travel bans from ebola infected countries.

Remember, these are the same people who conceived, wrote, and passed Obamacare, without really reading it or even considering the concerns expressed by many people about the law (all of which have turned out to be true). Thus, it is not surprising they don’t have the brains now to recognize that a quarantine is exactly the right approach to handle ebola at this time, We have a very infectious disease that hasn’t yet broken out into the general populace which we can still keep confined to a small area, where we can more effectively fight it. A quarantine, enforced by a travel ban, will accomplish this.

But these Democrats care! So what they don’t have the ability to think? Let’s vote for them again!



  • ellis

    Of course democrats don’t want a travel ban. That would stop all those new democrat leeches, I mean voters, from coming across the
    southern border.
    On a serious note, at any other time in our history this would be called treason.
    Deliberately allowing disease carrying individuals across our border is a dereliction of duty on the part of government.
    Protecting the citizens of this country, not everybody who sneaks in, is one of the only things the government is given the power to do.
    IMO, this refusal to ban travel is a setup for the use of a “medical emergency” martial law when we get to the coming election and the results are not going the way the socialists, I mean the democrats, had planned for.
    Hope I am wrong but there is nothing these totalitarian democrats will not stoop to
    to gain complete hegemony over this country.

    Orwell, among others, warned us. But PC trumps Orwell these days.


  • Cotour

    The president and many fellow Democrats seem to believe that bringing more people from infected county’s to America is the key to ending the viral march of Ebola. Not even limited travel, not some kind of waiting time, no, we just take your temperature as you walk off a plane. The obvious problem being that if the person walking of the plane was recently infected, say within 20 or so days you may not express any symptoms as I understand it at the moment. Does this make sense to anyone but them?

    Whether by intent (which you really have to validly wonder about) or just through gross incompetence these are dangerous people and it apparent, to me anyway, that they represent an existential threat to me, my fellow Americans and our country.

  • Cotour

    Oh the potential irony.

    Just an observation, I in no way, shape or form would want that irony to take place, “Let me be perfectly clear”. Has he become so desperate to regain credibility that he is willing to temp fate when all of the nurses are within the incubation period? Another failure of the Secret Service in protecting the president?

  • Cotour

    Cancel that, I do not believe that these nurses treated Mr. Duncan.

  • DK Williams

    The radical left has an ideological obsession with open borders even at the risk to public health. Just as with global warming, when ideology trumps science, bad things happen.

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