Des Moines paper publishes over 5,000 names of gun permit holders

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The Des Moines CityView newspaper has published the names of over 5,000 legal gun permit holders.

A newspaper which goes after law-abiding citizens like this should simply go out of business.



  • On the other hand, that’s 5,000 people that likely won’t be burglerized anytime soon.

  • larry

    Ha Blair – that was good.

    welcome to the age of transparency…

    So we get BreakIn App on the smart phone that leverages the data of people location in relationship to their home. Add to this how security companies like to adverstise that this home is protected. As you cruise you can point to a house and see it’s potential – hey if they just were laid off. They probably have no money…

    You’ll have to include the data from the animal licensing to see if there is attack dog..

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