Destroy a building rather than let a charter school use it

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A Michigan school district, strapped for cash, preferred demolishing an empty school building rather than sell it to a private charter school for several million.

The district eventually backed down to public pressure and made the sale, but this story is very instructive. You have to watch the video report at the link to find out who really led the opposition to this sale, and why. I wonder if you can guess.



  • PeterF

    This “skool” district has unwittingly created a large group of involved parents that no longer believe “Its for the children”
    These problems and almost all of the problems in our governmental systems can be solved almost instantly by the simple measure of banning public sector unions.
    As the socialists who infest our government do what they always do, that eventuality of failure becomes more and more certain.
    There is not enough whitewash to mask the failure of every single socialist policy in the last century without the general public eventually becoming aware that their own experiences do not match the progressive narrative.
    We are getting closer every day and I believe that the Obama presidency has accelerated the process. I just fear what the socialists will do when they suddenly realize their power is slipping away. They WILL punish their former sycophants.

  • Edward

    > almost all of the problems in our governmental systems can be solved almost instantly by the simple measure of banning public sector unions.

    As former DC Chancellor of Public Schools, Michelle Rhee, pointed out, the school unions represent the adults, not the children.

    The socialist policies in our schools have resulted in dramatically reduced results in education. Colleges are now having to give remedial English and Math classes for the freshmen who did not get an adequate education in high school.

    Yes, Peter, education is only one of the many areas in which socialist policies have failed dramatically. We now pay much more than ever before for our government services, but the services we receive are worse than ever, and the schools are a very visible example. The government and its unions are not on the side of We the People, they are on their own side, *against* We the People.

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