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Doctor fired for daring to disagree with homosexual agenda

Fascists: A Boston doctor has been expelled from the staff of the hospital because he expressed opinions disagreeing with the homosexual lifestyle while noting the negative health effects of that lifestyle.

Recently, Dr. Church was expelled from the staff of BIDMC after he posted  medical concerns about the dangerous practices of homosexual behavior, also two Bible verses, on the hospital’s internal Internet portal. The hospital did not dispute the truth of Dr. Church’s statements, nor claim that he ever discussed these matters with patients. But they stated that his concerns constitute “discrimination,” “harassment,” and “unprofessional conduct” and may not be discussed.

I normally do not object when private organizations or businesses fire someone, even if I believe that firing to be wrong. What strikes me about this expulsion is the political agenda behind it. The doctor was fired because he dared disagree when the hospital became an aggressive advocate for the homosexual lifestyle and political agenda. He didn’t take his disagreement to patients, and in fact continued to treat homosexual patients without bias. All he was doing was expressing his disagreement of the hospital’s advocacy within the private hospital communications network. Be sure and read the timeline of this story, which outlines what happened in great detail, going back to 2011. It even describes the double standard of the hospital, telling him to shut up because he was offending homosexuals but continuing to send him pro-gay email flyers even though he asked to be removed from the emailing list because those flyers offended him.

This story thus illustrates starkly the lengths in which the liberal, leftwing community, not just homosexuals, will go to stifle any opposing opinions. It shows again that the freedom to speak your mind in modern America is very much threatened, because it isn’t a small minority that believes freedom of speech should be squelched, but a very significant percentage, possibly a majority.

Here’s another example, in California. This fascist attitude aimed at shutting down any speech that the left disagrees with is growing and becoming downright dangerous.

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  • Brings to mind the Groucho Marx quote: “I don’t care to belong to any club that would have as a member.”

  • pzatchok

    Personally I think homosexuality is a psychological problem.

    I do not agree with it in anyway. But I do sympathize with those who are afflicted with it.
    Promoting it is the same as promoting bipolarism.

    I can not see how an institution founded to administer to the needs of a religious group can turn around and promote something no one in that religious group agrees with.
    (I do not even think this hospital is even Kosher anymore.)

    Are you really Jewish or Catholic if your promoting homosexuality.

  • jburn

    Yes, these are stark examples of Progressive Tyranny and tyranny always demands submission.

  • Cotour

    Homosexuality is best and most reasonably and scientifically IMO seen as a human condition of biological variation rather than JUST a psychological condition. The biological variation IMO can certainly cause a psychological condition but that is driven more by growing up in which ever culture you happen to grow up in and how that culture or a family deals with the situation of “being different”.

    Evolution does not prefer homosexuality because it is a dead end, but through variation in DNA replication and sequencing it is a statistical expression.

    Homosexuality which has many levels to it, which along with it being a natural expression of someones DNA makeup I believe can also be arrived at by being physically and mentally abused. Homosexuality and that kind of life style lies outside of the traditional capitol N “normal” classification of human behavior but it is lower case “normal” to those who live with it as a natural part of who they are.

    Their fight is not just to be respected and recognized but in many instances from my observation to be recognized, respected AND considered capitol N “normal” and they are willing to enforce this newer view through the courts and they are willing to step on others rights to freedom and free expression and association to do so.

    Some may believe that their means to their end is righteous because they have been abused and discriminated against for thousands of years. They are equal under the law but they are not more equal and their in lies the problem.

    I think to better understand something like this you have to broaden how you choose to define and understand it.

  • pzatchok

    I do believe that the homosexual community has stopped all research into a biological reason for being homosexual.
    One is that if it is DNA driven it can than be tested for and eliminated in utero.
    If its biologic other than genetic then it could possibly be cured by some means. Drugs, hormone replacement or surgery.

    The homosexual community does not want ANY type of medical reason for it to be found because it could then be cured.

    Even in this “enlightened” day and age in the US the suicide rate for homosexuals is higher than any other group.
    If not being accepted or bullied is a reason for their high suicide rate then we shouldn’t have any blacks in America. They were actually treated like crap and literally whipped and beaten for300 years. Their suicide rates should have been way higher than modern homosexuals.

    I don’t think homosexuality causes mental illness and thus suicides but mental illness causes homosexuality.

    Whats Bruce Jenners reason for going gay in his 60’s and trying to switch sexes. After several children.
    My guess is a mental problem plus his natural hormonal drop after his 40’s.
    His wife and him could have also been wrongly using her estrogen cream for years. Thus increasing his estrogen level while his testosterone level was naturally going down. Thus causing ‘effects’.

  • Cotour

    I think its more complex than you portray and how someone deals with it within their culture varies greatly. You may have a valid point about research and establishing its biological origins though. No one wants to be classified as be “abnormal”.

    And I believe that Jenner was conflicted about his gender from the age of 5. I have compassion for him or anyone who must live from the get go with such conditions. There are many people who conduct themselves as their culture outlines for them, have children and later in life realize that they are being false to themselves and they have one life to live so why not embrace who they really are and live according to their expectations and not their cultures.

    I point out that how ever or why ever someone is or becomes homosexual or “gay” they are human beings and individuals and deserve the respect accorded to any other individual, whether one likes how they live or love or not.

    Which does not mean that another individual must be forced to “love” or associate with them or consider them capital N “normal” by any government entity, law or mandate.

  • Edward

    pzatchok wrote: “I don’t think homosexuality causes mental illness and thus suicides but mental illness causes homosexuality.”

    California has agreed that it is not genetic. Rather than set a test to determine homosexuality, they leave “gender identity” as a choice for the individual. Even the widespread practice of “I identify as …” meme admits choice — or nurture rather than nature.

    The cause(s) of each individual’s choice is a mystery to me.

    Personally, I identify as a major deity and have since high school, when I was answering the family phone “You have reached the residence of God.” (Until my mother strongly objected.)

    Hmm. I wonder if that suggests a mental illness. Naw; if I identified as Napoleon, *then* I should be worried.

    Meanwhile, tithes and worship are always appreciated.

    As for the University of California, they probably have found their excuse for eliminating the results of the Free Speech Movement of half a century ago. They probably believe that if they start by banning speech that the typical protester would like to ban, then no one will protest the loss of their free speech rights. They can finish the rest of their agenda later.

    The UC already encourages faculty and students to suppress “potentially offensive” words and phrases:

    On Thursday, however, they will seriously consider a ban on conservative speech and favor the liberal, anti-American speech that they were banning in the 1960s.

  • Edward

    Oh dear, pzatchok.

    I came across this essay, which discusses a “scientific study” that the reverse of your opinion may be the case: It isn’t homosexuality that is the mental disorder but homophobia is. *
    “The article quoted one of the study authors, E.A. Jannini, as saying, ‘After discussing for centuries if homosexuality is to be considered a disease, for the first time we demonstrated that the real disease to be cured is homophobia, associated with potentially severe psychopathologies.’”

    Now, a phobia is defined as: “a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.”

    However, in modern, colloquial parlance, homophobia is defined much as racism is usually defined: “you disagree with me, so shut up.”

    Either way, phobias are not usually associated with forced treatment. How many people with acrophobia, agoraphobia, arachnophobia, or claustrophobia are forced into treatment each year. Indeed, rather than treatment, aren’t accommodations usually made for people suffering from these phobias?

    Somehow, it isn’t the person who is not interested in procreation who is considered mentally deranged but it is the person who *is* interested in procreation (or at least practicing the techniques — to get it right, of course) who is considered the anti-social one to be forced into a reeducation camp — er — rehab — or an insane asylum.

    * The essay says, in part: “But there are also questions that are meant to tease out evidence of potential mental illness … And don’t forget that these questions were asked immediately after the questions on homosexuality, so that any ideas participants had in this direction were likely amplified.”

    This other set of questions are the ones aimed at determining mental health, but instead seem to be questions of a religious nature — indicating (as the essay’s author failed to mention) that the “scientists” conducting this research consider pro-religious answers to the survey to be signs of mental illness.

    The survey did not seem to ask questions that would determine whether the respondent had “a compelling desire to avoid” homosexuals or even whether they feared homosexuals or homosexuality, only to determine whether they agreed with the concept of homosexuality.

    Thus, study author E.A. Jannini considers mere disagreement with an opinion as “the real disease to be cured.” Apparently, modern society is supposed to think that doctors with this “real disease” should be fired.

  • pzatchok

    So for how long have homosexuals been hetero-phobic because they were, for one reason or another, afraid of them or felt oppressed by them?

    And I know I will disappoint many gay people out there but I am not homophobic.
    I am not afraid of them.
    I do not go out of my way to avoid them. But I also do not run down and join the local gay pride parade.
    I do not try to deny them the same rights I have. They can get married, just not in my church.

    I just don’t agree that their lifestyle is in any way normal or natural.
    If it was natural it wouldn’t be a genetic or evolutionary dead end.
    Since the majority or people do not do it that makes it abnormal. Your also abnormal if you play chess since the majority of people don’t do that either. I can and have played tri-dimensional chess so I am even more abnormal.

    And in closing,
    “All hail the great Edward.”
    Tithes are in the mail, watch for them.

  • Michael G.Gallagher

    Time for a purge, but one not quite as violent as Stalin’s. Just forced retirement on a pension, or the offer of free courses on entrepreneur ship taught by Donald Trump.

  • Edward

    Heterophobia? I’m sure E.A. Jannini would say that it, too, is “the real disease to be cured.” Or would he?

    Be careful. You may not be disagreeing with the homosexual agenda, but can you also be fired for not agreeing with and participating in the agenda? In the not-too-distant future, you may have to lead the parade in order to save your job.

    Thank you for the worship and the tithes. I appreciate them.

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