DOJ attorney once worked under Lois Lerner at IRS

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Working for the Democratic Party: The attorney in the Justice Department representing the IRS directly participated in the harassment of conservatives when he worked under Lois Lerner at the IRS from 2008 to 2010.

The article calls this a conflict of interest. I instead see it as a continuing and unified effort by the Obama administration and all levels of the federal bureaucracy to use the power of the federal government to squelch any opposition to the Democratic Party.



  • Cotour

    Pretty effective if you can get away with it. The question remains, will they get away with it? Put enough time between you and a questionable action that you have participated in and it does not matter, in Washington anyway.

  • Cotour

    I post this document again as a demonstration of if you are able to put enough time between you and an action taken within the government that remains the reality that people understand to be true. How many people here are aware of this document?

    Its hard to argue with mathematics and physics, even within the government, sometimes.

  • Cotour


    The human mind creates reality that it is comfortable with that lies within its comfortable moral context and perceptions and there are people and movements that understand that and provide that comfortable moral reality for you. The people and agendas can be of the conspiratorial nature or of the decision of the moment nature, the opportune manipulation of the reality narrative. We all do it to some degree here and there, this is just next level and based in power capitol P.

    Why? Because everything (everything) really boils down to power, the acquiring of power, the control of power and the retention of power. Some people believe that they understand “global warming” and what drives or does not drive it, or whether it exists at all. They base this “understanding” on their intuitive gathering of information, mostly from media and what they understand to be “normal” or abnormal and they make their judgments based on their subjective perspective and call that “science” or “reality”. Or in this case with Kennedy, president Ford makes a material adjustment to the facts surrounding the assassination because the country “needed to be at peace”. The actual facts of the placement of the bullet hole indicates a trajectory inconsistent with the identified shooter and other connecting facts. Why else would he do such a thing? Reality conflicts with the more desired reality.

    Do people desire peace of mind or do they desire the cold hard facts? Which do you prefer? I suspect a combination of the two. Does that answer your question?

  • Cotour

    To my point, I am listening to a liberal radio talk show and what comment did the host just make related to the beautiful weather we have been having? The hosts comment leading into the weather segment of the show? “Don’t stop believing in Global Warming just because of all this nice weather”.

    Peoples intuitive impression, or their emotional response to the actual weather they are experiencing is counter to the narrative that has and is being put forward by the media and so the narrative becomes at risk. Which really has nothing to do with whether there is global warming or not but goes only to the narrative that has been decided upon and its function, and what is that function? The continued retention of control of power. IMO anyway.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    The U.S. may not be a major producer of Bananas, but with the release of the latest info on the IRS scandal, we’ve become a Banana Republic…

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