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Door-to-door canvas of voters in Arizona finds extensive evidence of vote tampering

A door-to-door canvas of voters in Maricopa County in Arizona, conducted by an organization independent of the audit being done by the state legislature, found extensive evidence of vote tampering in the count of mail-in ballots..

An estimated 173,104 “missing or lost” votes were reported by canvassers who went door-to-door verifying registration and voting information for thousands of residents.

According to the report: “These are American citizens living in Maricopa County who cast a vote, primarily by mail, in the election and yet there is no record of their vote with the county and it was not counted in the reported vote totals for the election. Additionally an estimated 96,389 mail-in votes were cast under the names of registered voters who were either unknown to the residents of the registration address or who were verified as having moved away prior to October 2020.”

A large percentage of in person voters also had “mail-in” ballots counted in the election, the canvas found.

The canvas visited about 12,000 voters in Maricopa county, so the estimates above are extrapolations of the data actually obtained. You can read the actual report here [pdf] .

In going door-to-door, however, the canvas appears to have compared what was actually recorded by the board of elections with what the voters themselves now claim. While it is possible that when asked months later how they voted voters could misremember whether they voted by mail, in person, or even at all, it is unlikely that so many would get it wrong. The numbers thus strongly suggest that something fishy was going on in the county election board in tabulating these mail-in ballots, either because of incompetence or downright dishonesty.

That the county’s board of elections has stonewalled all investigations adds considerable weight to this conclusion.

The report’s main conclusion however is the most important. We should ban mail-in voting, as it puts one’s vote in the hands of additional third parties, at the post office and at the election boad, any one of whom can take actions to negate or change your vote.

Vote in person. Throw away that mail-in ballot. Stop making it easy for crooks to cheat.

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  • Mark

    Ok let’s stipulate that by the end of September in Arizona we have an independent audits accepted by the State Senate, and the canvassing described by Bob above is accepted as further proof of a 2020 stolen election, what comes next?

    Can Arizona decertify it 2020 electors? Has that ever been done before.

    Along with the push for election integrity, those in Arizona who want the status quo will respond with smoke and mirrors to impede reform efforts. This cycle will be contentious and drawn out for many months and might look like this:
    1. Audit teams submits report to Senate
    2. Left seeds false stories
    4. Senate asks questions
    5. Left seeds more elaborate false stories
    6. Auditors clarify
    7. Senate Reviews
    8. Senate refers recommendations to full Arizona legislature
    9. Left media in Arizona and nationally goes all out to discredit

    The best outcome I see is having stricter voter integrity laws, and electing a new a Secretary of a State to faithfully implement an improved election system.

    Then the same thing has to be done with Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The country will probably be split between a subset of blue States with election systems that are manipulated, and a subset of red States that have voting systems striving for very good election integrity. Then there will be States that fall into a grey area.

    The end result would be the country continuing to tear apart. I think this possible scenario supports my belief that we are living through the End of the Global American Empire. Could a future Constitutional Convention reform that Empire back into a Liberty based Federal Republic? Or will US elites control a more modest Empire where individual rights are circumscribed, and where DC, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley are the acknowledged power centers?

  • Concerned

    Mark—excellent summary of the situation we find ourselves in. I am not optimistic about an easy resolution to all this. In fact, the resolution could be historically difficult, if you catch my drift.

  • This election was so compromised that conclusive proof of its honesty was beyond reach … Congress should have refused to certify the Electoral College results, and sent it into the House for resolution.

    But our leaders in two of the three branches, and in many of our states, tried to duck the above and pretend everything was all right. They valued the reputation of their institutions … and/or the expedient repudiation of Orange Man Bad … more than they valued treating their constituents with honesty and integrity.

    Should actual proof of fraud come out – as is now becoming more likely, with revelations like this – it will now shake this nation to its core, for we are in uncharted territory when it comes to finding an election illegitimate after inauguration.

    And that could have been avoided, had our leaders adhered to Constitutional requirements and processes – both before the election to avoid the compromises, and once the compromises became evident. This is the elephant in the room, that shall not be named – much less discussed – according to Big Tech, the media, and the Powers that Be.

  • I believe Edward said it best (and from memory, so paraphrasing a bit): “Institutions work as long as people play by the rules. People don’t play by the rules, now.”

    I am sure Edward will correct me on any misinterpretation.

    BTW, mail-in voting seems to work just fine in Oregon, and has for a while. Of course, if vote fraud is real, there are some questions that will make a lot of people uncomfortable. As I’ve noted, the case for vote fraud in the 2020 Presidential election meets the civil standard. Whether the criminal standard can be met, remains to be seen.

  • BTW, mail-in voting seems to work just fine in Oregon, and has for a while.

    Blair, Oregon may be so blue, that fraud may neither be needed by the Left, nor be brightly evident in election results.

    Chain-of-custody is a real problem with mail-in voting – particularly the mass, unsolicited, distribution of ballots that are worthy of the description “junk-mail voting”. (Will printing out your own ballot online, on plain paper, be next?)

    As for the civil/criminal standards … government agencies, as such, do not enjoy the presumption of innocence individuals in a free society enjoy. The agency bears the burden of proof when it comes to the proper execution of their duties – if the citizens are diligent enough to demand it.

  • Mark

    Blair and Bob:
    In a post constitutional centralized government, the rules are whatever is agreed upon between the current ruling elite factions.
    Elites are playing by the rules they have set up. For example, Fauci set up the rules by which he would fund research in Wuhan. He does not think he broke those rules, because he set those up with the assistance of. some elite faction that still holds power in this country.
    Fauci is similar to Oliver North who funded anti communists in Central America under Reagan.
    Reagan’s foreign policy was a radical break from Nixon’s Detente and Carter’s dithering, and was a successful zero sum game to bury the Soviet Union. Oliver North was but a bit player in that drama, but a History if the Cold War won’t accuse him of “not playing by the rules”.
    Both Fauci and North were operating within rules set up by governing elites.

    We have today a few glaring examples of elite rule sets which the non elites (Including many of the readers, myself included, of BehindTheBlack) find especially grating.
    Exhibit A right now is how the mainstream news is totally covering up the shattering Surrender of America in Afghanistan. Other geopolitical power centers see the last month as America’s Suez moment, and know we are no longer the preeminent superpower, and the snow globe of real power has been so thoroughly shaken that China, Europe, Russia, and India can all stake new claims in this New world DisOrder.
    Exhibit B is how Social Media has eliminated a rational public discourse on how to deal with a virus (herd immunity, protecting the most vulnerable, risk/.reward, etc), and turned a once accepted Public Health framework into a hammer and tong exercise in centralized social control.
    The fact that there are tens of millions of people in America who believe the country has gone off the rails is not going to stop our ruling elite factions – they are not going to admit the validity of opposing views and allow for a ‘National Conversation’.
    What the millions have to do is first co-opt and create alliances with their own potential elite factions.
    That can be done and in my opinion listening to the political prophet Machiavelli would be very useful.

  • Thomas

    The USPS images the outside every piece of first class mail it processes. IF the post office could be compelled to produce records of images of all mail ballots, the sending of unrecorded/unprocessed mail ballots could be easily verified or disproved. IF the Democrats think the election was honest, the Biden administration would, of course, want to make those postal records available . . .

    Much as I dislike vote-by-mail (and I live in a state the uses it exclusively), it is difficult to put much weight on the survey described, especially since there is an objective way to test its findings.

  • Questioner

    Jester Naybor:

    You wrote: “This election was so compromised that conclusive proof of its honesty was beyond reach … Congress should have refused to certify the Electoral College results, and sent it into the House for resolution.”

    Traitor Pence had it in his hand. Now many good people who were only passively involved in storming the Capitol have to pay the price of Pences’s betrayal in the destruction of their lives.

  • Mark

    Questioner: Another valid viewpoint is that Pence saved the nation from complete chaos. Sending the certification process back to States would have only worked if those States started Vote Audits in early November and were finished by January. I was and still am in favor of the primacy of State Legislatures to audit their vote, but as we see from the Arizona Vote audit, a thorough and organized audit takes months, so there simply was not enough time on the clock left for Pence to send the certification back to certain states. How valid would be a Recertification be without a definitive Vote Audit? Basically the elites allied with the Dems were only one move away from checkmate, and I believe that went into Pence’s move which was the Chess equivalent of tipping over the King piece.

    For more context regarding my above post on how Machiavelli is one of the Keys to unlocking the current American political Power puzzle, here are two references: And FYI – if you are a fan of the Godfather movies, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Charlie Wilson’s War, and The Departed, then you may be a fan of Machiavellian themes.


  • Questioner, I know that many have the contrary opinion, but I do not see how Mike Pence had the Constitutional authority to reject, replace and/or change any of the Electoral College votes he was counting.

    What he did have the power to do, was simply refuse to participate in the charade. But he valued “stability” and the perceived reputation of our Federal institutions over acting in direct respect of the rights of the American people. He was far from the only Republican that exercised that value judgment regarding the election and/or the protests against it … because he, they, and almost every one of us been conditioned throughout life to seek “stability” over the turmoil of confronting a Constitutional crisis, and the colleagues who perpetrated it in their self-righteous hubris, head-on.

    So I am not as harsh in my opinion of the VP,. though I do think he made a grave error by playing along, and needs to publicly repudiate that error if he is to regain our trust in his judgment.

  • wayne

    Thanks for bringing that up; every single piece of mail deposited into the mail-system, is scanned electronically.
    (good stuff in your 10:28 comment!)
    –Arizona can’t decertify their 2020 Electors.
    The minute Arizona certified their Electors and transmitted the results to the Archivist in D.C., it was a done deal. Congress could have thrown them out, but we all know that was never, ever going to happen.

    Ref: Mike Pence– there was nothing he could have done under any scenario.

  • theSane

    I enrolled in the ballot by mail system to ensure no one else could enroll me and have my ballot mailed elsewhere. Do not trust the USPS to return the ballot though. Have always taken it down to city hall (early voting), or my local precinct (day of) to drop in the box myself. Then I watch the county website to make sure they report it as received and counted. This is how I learned that if you drop it off early, they open it and count it early.

  • SDN

    “every single piece of mail deposited into the mail-system, is SUPPOSED TO BE scanned electronically.”


    Of course, Epstein was SUPPOSED TO HAVE continuous video and physical surveillance. How’d that work out again?

    Electronic records are too easy to manipulate or erase.

  • mikesixes

    “BTW, mail-in voting seems to work just fine in Oregon, and has for a while. ” How can you tell? Local election officials are allowed to start counting ballots a week or so before election day. Are there neutral observers there all that time? The Portland-Salem-Corvallis-Eugene blob outweighs the rest of the state by a lot, and is entirely under the control of democrat criminals. They can, and I suspect they do, get the outcome they want every time. Those of us who live outside the upper I-5 corridor don’t, I believe, really get a vote on any statewide or national issue.

  • wayne

    –the Post Office thing’; that’s just tyranny, not a safeguard.
    Personally– everyone should vote in-person, with ID, paper ballot, optical scan.

    on the other hand….

    Dave Smith On: Voting

  • wayne

    Let’s dig up a tidbit from the way-back machine….

    Voter Fraud of Symbionese Liberation Army Terrorist Kathleen Soliah (a.k.a. Sarah Jane Olson)
    WCCO TV, November 2001 <—

  • Questioner


    Voting makes sense when the individual voice can have a real effect. This means that the electoral body should consist of only about 50 to 200 people who determine an elected person. In the next stage, those elected persons in this way then choose another one for the following stage. This process is repeated until the head of state or government has been determined. Four stages of voting/election are enough for every nation. What do you think?

  • Questioner


    I would like to change my suggestion from above as follows. Rather than being chosen by vote at each level, the best of a group of applicants is determined through competition or combat. Those who do not apply have to submit. Voting (like politics as whole) is bad because it identifies the best speaker, not the best person in terms of real world skills.

  • David

    It’s a door-to-door canvass, not a canvas.

  • wayne

    Not a lot of time today but I’ll check back sunday—- look up “Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem.”

    In brief– when voters have three or more distinct alternatives (options), no ranked order voting system can convert the ranked preferences of individuals into a community-wide (complete and transitive) ranking while also meeting a pre-specified set of criteria.
    [These pre-specified criteria are called “unrestricted domain,” “non-dictatorship,” “Pareto efficiency,” and “independence of irrelevant alternatives.” ]

    Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem / Robert P. Murphy

  • wayne

    “Joe Biden Declares War On America”
    Dave Smith: Part Of The Problem episode 778
    (September 11, 2021)

    “Dave and Robbie discuss the recent horrifying statements by Joe Biden, the divide in the country over health choices, and we ask the question, at what point do we admit America is no longer united?”

  • wayne

    “Is America About to Become an Anarchy?”
    Patrick Bet-David talks with Michael Malice
    (June, 2021)

  • Questioner


    What process do you propose to reduce the number of candidates to be presented to the 50-200 voters at an electoral level? Some kind of competitive performance?

  • wayne

    Don’t have an answer to your specific question, I’d have to ponder further.

    broadening it out briefly–
    One thing we would want to avoid, is endless “democracy” at every step. We have a Representative Republic and not a strict democracy, for a reason.
    One structural change I’m totally for, is repealing the 17th Amendment. The Federal Senate was designed to represent the separate & sovereign States of the Union, and that was accomplished by making the senators answerable to the State legislature which appointed them. The 17th Amendment breached a major firewall against the concentration of power in this respect. The House is directly elected, so for-what-reason should Senators be directly elected? (that’s rhetorical, there is no good reason.)
    Progressive Statists sold the 17th Amendment as expanding ‘democracy,’ and look how that has all turned out.

    “Elected v. Appointed: Senators & the Seventeenth Amendment”
    The Federalist Society (2019)

  • Gary H

    Many voters vote the way the censors at Google, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube allow them to vote. Major media seals the deal. The fix is in prior to any effort to record “the vote”. We get the government that we are told that we want.

  • Questioner

    Gary H:

    You’re right. This is called guided democracy. In all honesty, I would rather live in the feudal system of the Middle Ages, when the elite often had to risk their lives to gain political power (and often sacrificed). Skin in the game (Nassim Nicholas Taleb)! A good example is the War of the Roses in 15th century England.

  • We get the government that we are told that we want.

    Imagine. To peer across the world and know the enemy’s secrets. To place our thoughts into the minds of your leaders. Make your teachers teach the true version of history, your soldiers attack on our command. We’ll be everywhere at once, more powerful than a whisper, invading your dreams, thinking your thoughts for you while you sleep. We will change you, Dr. Jones, all of you, from the inside. We will turn you into us. And the best part? You won’t even know it’s happening.

    … Col. Dr. Irina Spalko, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

    Who knew that you didn’t need an alien crystal skull to make that happen … but a mere social-media platform?

    We don’t have to imagine. These monopolistic platforms have the power to shape opinions under the guise of their benign appearance “neutrality” …

    … as much as by what they DON’T report, as what they do.

  • Edward

    Blair Ivey wrote: “I believe Edward said it best (and from memory, so paraphrasing a bit): ‘Institutions work as long as people play by the rules. People don’t play by the rules, now.’ I am sure Edward will correct me on any misinterpretation.

    That sounds right, but that was a long time ago, and my memory fades, too.

    This applies to a wide variety of areas, not just institutions, elections, or governance but also in manufacturing, driving, flying, quality control, and cetera. It is when we deviate from accepted practices that things get complicated, especially when other people are involved, as expectations can be dashed. We expect fair and free elections, but we get elections rife with problems, such as chain of custody and votes from non-breathing persons.

  • Edward_2

    Voter ID benefits all, well, except for those who want to undermine Honest Elections – like the

    “Democratic Socialist” Party.

    Speaking as a FORMER registered Democrat, just when did the Democrat Party become the Democratic Socialist Party?

  • wayne

    You could probably trace that back to the 1890’s & into the ‘progressive era,’ followed by the massive leftward push by FDR.
    (They don’t really believe in any of this [expletive], it’s just what they do.]

  • Edward

    Edward_2 asked: “Speaking as a FORMER registered Democrat, just when did the Democrat Party become the Democratic Socialist Party?

    Could have been at its founding. It was founded explicitly and specifically to defend the institution of slavery. Its first president, Jackson, was the one who ordered the Trail of Tears. The KKK was founded by Democrats in order to prevent Republicans from being elected, even if that meant violence, like the Brownshirts or the SS, and they especially wanted to prevent any black Republicans from taking office. Then it opposed blacks in general. Jim Crow laws were passed and signed by Democrats. A Democrat interred Americans of Japanese descent, and Democrats opposed civil rights until Lyndon Johnson figured out how to get blacks to vote for Democrats for 200 years, although he used a different word. Democrats favored the NAZIs, but these fascists weren’t only racist, they were the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party.

    The Democratic Party always favored control over other people’s lives and always believed that some people need to be cared for. Socialists do, too, by their very philosophy.

  • wayne

    –have you voted in California yet?

  • Edward

    Hi wayne,
    I have. Successfully. In person, because that is the best we get for chain of custody.

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