Downgrade could come as soon as Friday

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The day of reckoning looms even closer: Credit rating downgrade for the U.S. government could come as soon as Friday. Key quote:

It’s not the debt ceiling that’s triggering a potential ratings change — it’s the trajectory of debt generated by the federal government.

And this:

The problem, as [the ratings agencies] see it, is not that America can’t pay its debts next month, but that America has grown its debt to such a degree that we can’t pay them in the long run without serious restructuring of the federal government — and this administration refuses to consider it:


One comment

  • i think both talks last night were horrible . it doesn’t seem like they even tried to explain themselves and counter each other’s arguments . obama has to know everyone says he is growing the government so huge he didn’t try to explain why that has happened at all . boehner just said we just stop spending cause we can’t afford it . they said the same stuff nothing new no attempt to listen or respond to the way the other side characterizes them or explain why they are doing what they are doing . i tend to think getting out of debt is not so simple as just stopping spending too much i think sometimes you have to make strategic investments and resctructure to keep the engine going . i heard someone say governent should run like a business , to suggest a failing business simply needs to cut its spending to be successful doesn’t make sense . once again i wish eveyrone would listen to senator coburn he was informative on meet the press

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