Dozens of scientists forced out because of foreign ties, mostly with China

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An investigation by the National Institute of Health (NIH) has resulted in 54 scientists either resigning or being fired because they had illegally kept secret their financial ties to foreign governments, almost all of which were with China.

Some 54 scientists have resigned or been fired as a result of an ongoing investigation by the National Institutes of Health into the failure of NIH grantees to disclose financial ties to foreign governments. In 93% of those cases, the hidden funding came from a Chinese institution.

The new numbers come from Michael Lauer, NIH’s head of extramural research. Lauer had previously provided some information on the scope of NIH’s investigation, which had targeted 189 scientists at 87 institutions. But his presentation today to a senior advisory panel offered by far the most detailed breakout of an effort NIH launched in August 2018 that has roiled the U.S. biomedical community, and resulted in criminal charges against some prominent researchers, including Charles Lieber, chair of Harvard University’s department of chemistry and chemical biology.

“It’s not what we had hoped, and it’s not a fun task,” NIH Director Francis Collins said in characterizing the ongoing investigation. He called the data “sobering.”

The article, from the liberal journal Science, tries to imply that there is something bigoted about this investigation because the bulk of those forced out happened to be Asian, but that is junk journalism. China itself is bigoted, and targets those of Asian ancestry for its spying. If we are to defend our nation from them, we have to accept the fact that the ethnic statistics here will not be balanced.

The bottom line remains: If you want to get an American government research grant, you cannot have financial ties with hostile foreign governments. And if you lie about those ties, than we can safely assume you are an agent for those hostile governments, and are really a spy subject to arrest and prosecution.


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  • Patrick Underwood

    Ironic that liberal institutions like Ivy League schools actively discriminate against Asians. Then we get this.

  • James Street

    Officer of China’s People’s Liberation Army Arrested At Los Angeles International Airport

    This is not a friendly capitalist competition. We are at war with the Communist Party of China: intellectual property theft, 117,695 American deaths from the Wuhan Flu, China being one of the main funders and supporters of the current dissent and instability in America, on and on. A big concern of mine is China’s loan sharking to third world countries through their Belt and Road Initiative. They give third world dictators billions of dollars in loans using the country’s natural resources as collateral. When the country can’t repay the loans because of the predatory lending practices or incompetent and corrupt spending of the loans, China seizes the country’s natural resources.

  • David M. Cook

    More evidence Trump is working hard to drain the swamp!

  • Phill O

    James Street

    And China paid Hunter Biden how much? What did they get in return?

  • wodun

    A lot of our friends to the left openly side with China and other countries. This is especially true of space nerds.

  • wayne

    “…54 scientists either resigning or being fired…”

    So, have these people been deported, or what?

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