Dragon has been berthed successfully to ISS

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The fifth Dragon capsule to fly to the International Space Station was successfully berthed to the station early today.



  • mivenho

    Great news! At the risk of sounding trite, SpaceX makes it look so easy.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    True – it really is becoming quite a routine thing for them. I’ll bet they could successfully – and safely – launch a human-crewed Dragon right now if allowed to do so. I wonder if they might try launching one or more of their OWN (i.e., Non- NASA) Astronauts at some point prior to NASA approval to demonstrate their confidence. I don’t see how anyone could stop them from doing it – I’d like to hear other opinions (agree/disagree)…

  • I have no doubt that Musk will launch with his own astronauts at some point, independent of NASA, and do it from Brownsville no less. He said as much during the ground-breaking. He is not building this craft just for NASA but as a product he can sell to others, as well as use himself.

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