Dragon returns successfully from ISS

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Capitalism in space: A reused Dragon capsule successfully splashed down on Saturday, returning after a month-long cargo mission to ISS.

The successful splashdown Saturday marked the conclusion of SpaceX’s 14th resupply mission to the space station under the space transport company’s more than $3 billion, 20-launch cargo contract with NASA. It was the third round-trip cargo flight with a reused Dragon capsule.

I await the first time one of these capsules completes its third flight into space. That will be significant.



  • geoffc

    I like that they are painting ‘kill marks’ with an ISS silhouette on the Dragon for each visit.

    I look forward to a Dragon that looks like an A-10 that saw service in the first gulf war.

  • pzatchok

    I want to see them test it with a life like mannequin inside during re-entry.
    Could a space suited astronaut use it as an emergency escape ship?

    How fast could it be sent from the station to earth entry? How much life support would it need? Is a space suit enough? Will it be smooth enough or with it scramble the passengers?

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