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  • I should be good ’till I’m 90.

  • mpthompson

    Having come from a family ravaged by effects of alcoholism, these kinds of studies piss me off. Sure, some of the chemicals in beer may be beneficial for health, but these studies as presented by the media seem to make beer as a healthy addition to everyone’s diet. It’s not, and treating it as such is just setting people up for pain and hurt when they find they are a part of the group of people at risk for alcoholism. I only wish that many of my siblings and other relatives lived long enough to be at risk to Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s. I have no problem with people choosing to drink beer or other spirits, but don’t pretend that it’s a healthy food.

  • Cotour

    Well said MP.

  • Phill O

    Red wine is the health drink! If not with alcohol, then as red grape juice. I should invest in Welch’s. Seriously, what is in red grapes really helps reduce heart disease! Barley sandwiches; well this is the first I have heard but do not discount it. Eating pearled barley may be as beneficial. It certainly helps the pooper going!

  • PeterF

    Any study that is released through a press release is suspect. The information may or may not be true, like 83% dark chocolate is good for you.
    The only thing that is for sure is that there will be another study soon that contradicts this one.

    But I do sometimes add my spent grain when I bake bread. All the fermentable sugars get boiled out but the leftovers is almost pure fiber.

  • Phill O

    What you say Peter, is true! Soup with pearled barley is good; try it and make the test yourselves.

  • homer simpson


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