Drone racing deal for ESPN

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The success of competitive drone racing this year has resulted in a broadcast deal with ESPN.

ESPN’s new multi-year, international distribution deal will bring a number of races to television screens this year, beginning with the 2016 US National Drone Racing Championships on Governors Island, New York City, between August 5 and 7. This will be followed by the 2016 World Drone Racing Championships in October, which will attract pilots from more than 30 countries to the Kualoa Ranch private nature reserve in Hawaii for a share of $200,000 in cash prizes. Both events will be streamed live on ESPN3, and then packaged into one hour specials to be shown on the ESPN network thereafter.



  • Dick Eagleson

    Pylon racing of piloted aircraft was hugely popular in the 1930’s. Red Bull has gone some ways toward bringing this sport back to its former glory. Looks like the robots are about to re-plow this same ground.

  • joe

    No pilots in the cockpit=you might just as well watch a video game. I find watching radio control interesting to a point, what some of these R/C pilots can do is impressive, but does not compare to an event like Reno or even Oshkosh, to be on the ground wishing you were in the aircraft is not fun!, to be in the aircraft at altitude wishing you were on the ground is worse.

  • pzatchok

    Just as drones are being made illegal to own without a background check in the states.(sarc)

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