Earth spacecraft on Mars fires its laser for the first time.

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War of the Worlds! The Earth invading spacecraft on Mars has fired its laser for the first time!

Forgive me the hyperbole. I have this childhood vision from that moment when I first read H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds, when the Martian tripod first rose up and fired its death ray at a crowd of curious humans. And here we are, a century after Wells penned that classic science fiction novel, and humans have put a spacecraft on Mars, Curiosity, capable of firing lasers! The laser isn’t a death ray but a scientific tool, but nonetheless the ironies remain delicious.



  • JGL

    Did I hear correctly that Curiosity has a nuclear battery?

    Do you know what powers it, what its output is and how long it will last?

    Its amazing, I sit hear at my desk and log on to a web site and get a beautiful 360′ view of a crater on the planet Mars.

    There is power in the everyday person being able to see in almost real time what our robot is up to on another planet.

    This is the tip of the iceberg, if only we can get back to business and extricate ourselves from this socialist stink we have on our country at the


  • You are not reading Behind the Black as closely as you should. :)

    I posted this link, “How Curiosity’s nuclear power plant works,” on August 10.

    Everyone, pay attention! There will be a test!

  • And it will be on 6 November.

  • JGL

    Thank you, I missed that one, very interesting, whats old is new again, now I just just have to convince you to deal with the E-cat issue, you

    know I will be reading that ;)

    If you havn’t noticed I have been pretty well obsessed with politics and our Constituion of late.

    I appreciate all of the articles you post (both political and technical) and your opinion, we are very solidly on the same page.

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