Eco-friendly festival closes down due to lack of attendence

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Eco-friendly festival closes down due to lack of attendance.

Reminds me of a local news piece here in Maryland last week, where a team from the University of Maryland in College Park won a Department of Energy competition for the best built solar powered house. The problem is that the house cost $330,000 to build, is only 920 square feet in size, and the best price they hope to get for it is $250,000, if that.

In other words, it appears that these ecological projects have little to do with the real world, where creating something that customers will want to buy is the only way to succeed. All else is fantasy.



  • From the news story on the eco-fest: “It’s more of a waste of time,”

    My sentiments exactly.

  • Alan M

    Wow! I expected more from you considering all the times I have heard you on Dave’s Space Show. I usually agree with you. ( Although you seem to be rather full of yourself) This was a science experiment, you know, research. It is a one off custom energy efficient home with ecological landscaping, etc. What did you expect it to cost without mass production and economies of scale? $50000. Very sad commentary. I thought you were science minded. Obviously, not. Just another Republican hack spewing bias for the good of noone. And your link to the eco fair is also bogus. Just a poorly ran and marketed first run fair. Really, I tuned in hear on behalf of Dave. But this is ridiculous. And for the record, I an a conservative leaning independent non-tree hugger. If we dont figure out this energy problem soon, we are all in deep trouble. EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE ON THE TABLE. You sir need to grow up!

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