Eight museum Corvettes go caving when a sinkhole opens up below them.

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Eight museum Corvettes go caving when a sinkhole opens up below them.



  • Joe

    Trip to Kentucky is cancelled!

  • Patrick Ritchie

    As a car guy and corvette owner that was painful to watch. The only consolation is none of the affected cars were on loan from individuals.

  • Joe

    I too am a car guy and do own a c5, I was actually thinking of doing a road trip to the museum, hopefully repairs will not include raising the structure, hopefully the undermining cause doesn’t endanger the rest of it!

  • joe

    What is the geology of these cave systems, were they coal mines or were they remnants from lost water in the aquifer?

  • BSJ

    I’d bet it was Karst topography, rather than coal mines.

  • BSJ is correct. The museum is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, only a short drive southwest from the world’s longest cave, Mammoth Cave. And Mammoth was formed in limestone. Though I don’t know for certain, I strongly suspect that the sinkhole occurred in limestone.

    There is an old joke from the Kentucky hills: A big city dude comes by to visit. When he arrives, he can’t help but look with dismay at the ramshackle backwoods one-room shack that the Kentucky farmer calls home. The farmer laughs. “It ain’t much of a house, but you should see the basement.”

  • wade

    mostly there exists limestone that can erode into cavernous areas .

  • wade

    I am very familiar with the area. Although I am not a corvette fan, the black ’62 that met it’s Fate in the collapse, has indeed touched me in a soulful loss.

  • Joe

    The black 62 is largely repairable if they do the recovery properly , many of the other cars are a complete loss, however, GM has vowed to help in the restoration of these fine automobiles.

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