Electric power restored in Venezuela

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Socialist Paradise! The socialist government of Venezuela yesterday managed to restore electric power after a week-long blackout.

Power has returned to Venezuela after a week after the country was plunged into darkness, but access to uncontaminated water remains critical.

Venezuelan Information Minister Jorge Rodrigues said at a press conference on Wednesday that power was 100 percent restored, adding: “President Nicolas Maduro has decided to resume work activities throughout the country” on Thursday. “School activities remain suspended for another 24 hours.”

Water, however, remains a problem. The blackout worsened the quality of drinkable water in the country, with many residents reporting what appeared to be oil-contaminated black water coming out of their taps.

As is usual for leftist fascists who have caused incomprehensible misery and catastrophe, the Maduro government immediately looked for scapegoats, blaming both the United States and its political opposition. Like all fascists, they are never responsible for their own failures. The blame is always found elsewhere.

I guarantee that this power restoration is very temporary. Venezuela, once very wealthy, is now bankrupt. It has run out of other people’s money, and no longer has the resources, under socialist rule, to fix these issues. Nor is its socialist government willing to do anything to reform its operations. More disasters are certain.

But don’t worry. This is the paradise the Democrats in Congress plan for us here in the U.S. What could possibly go wrong?



  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “… blaming both the United States and its political opposition. Like all fascists, they are never responsible for their own failures. The blame is always found elsewhere.

    Of course the United States is to blame. If we hadn’t been so successful, then no one would be able to compare their poor living conditions with our good conditions, and no one would be unhappy, because poor living conditions, as humanity had up until a couple of centuries ago, would be the only living conditions to expect and not the failure of socialism, mercantilism, feudalism, or any of the other structures for running a country. No wonder so many people are swarming to the U.S.’s shores and borders. Socialism is a complete failure, and everyone knows it, whether or not they are willing to admit it.

    “If only the American’s ran socialism,” the socialists think, “then everything would work just fine. All we need is a new Green Deal.” Except that Plymouth Colony showed that even Americans aren’t able to run a socialist economic system successfully, even one that is not corrupt. It is the system that cannot work right; it is not that the people fail to work it right.

  • We’re watching Socialist migration here as they leave the failed cities and states run by goverments they voted for. Where do they plan to go when the country fails?

  • Edward

    Blair Ivey asked: “Where do they plan to go when the country fails?

    The same place everyone else goes when their country fails: the United States.

    Oh, wait …

  • pzatchok

    If socialism worked why are their not more classes expounding on how to establish and maintain a socialist economy?

    All the classes and books I have found tend to end up just explaining how capitalism is bad and how a perfect socialist society should work.
    They never explain in detail how to make this happen.

    My guess is that after a certain size government control is no longer fast enough to keep things running smoothly. Add in the inevitable government employee actively working to keep his job and getting greedy about it and you will never have a perfectly running system.

  • pzatchok

    But we have 10 thousand classes and books on capitalist economies.

    Hmmm wonder which one works?

  • wayne

    “Well, that wasn’t real Marxism”
    Dr. Jordan Peterson debunks the Myth

    “How many millions of people have to die, before you might admit you’re wrong?”

  • Max

    Venezuela infrastructure is mostly Chinese made products (like much of ours) Blaming the US for hacking their system with no motivation behind it (Who does it benefit?) doesn’t make sense. Establishing power so soon after the Chinese announcement suspicious.

    Bring the system down, then introduce a young handsome Savior. The South America Country with by far the largest amount of resources now under complete control of a foreign entity. Well played master move by China and partner Google.

    “Venezuela is got more debt with China than any other country”. That’s when oil revenues supplied 1/2 of the country’s government revenues at $120 per barrel. The collapse of oil to below $50 a barrel was the beginning of the Venezuela collapse causing default on their loans from China. Expect China to move to protect it’s investment.
    Details of Chinese investment.

    Like two dogs fighting over a kill, Russia claims that oil industry for itself. Details to be worked out.
    Key quote;
    “The International Monetary Fund will likely take the lead in what would be one of the largest and most complicated sovereign debt restructurings ever. Venezuela will essentially have to be rebuilt completely.

    “The good news for Venezuela is that it sits on 300 billion barrels of oil, as well as underground reserves of gold, iron ore and other resources.

    “What they have is a liquidity crisis, but not a solvency crisis. Everyone should be pretty sure they are going to get paid back,” said Dallen.”

    Venezuela will have to be rebuilt completely, it seems the green new deal has offered a similar solution for the United States…

  • Max

    I forgot to explain my google comment comment
    General claiming google is aiding and abetting the enemy. Partners in the New World order. What is “Don’t be evil” is in the eyes of the beholder.

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