Eleven astonishing science fair projects

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  • joe

    So what would we do with all of the oil we are supposedly running out of? So much energy floating around and no real way of harnessing it, is a shame.

  • joe

    Cool stuff Cotour, They will not let us have it, too much money to be lost.

  • Cotour

    Yes, the economic implications are immense, but there may be enough pressure at a point not too far in the future where it will be forced to exist in tandem with present day technology and a slow (or not so slow) transition to take place. If you believe in the raw power of the oil industry then you have to wonder how Rossi has been allowed to progress to a point where it really looks like LENR is a real effect / phenomenon. I suspect the level of communications has a great deal to do with it, you just can not hide some things any more in this world.

  • Cotour

    “Research on “cold fusion” persists on the fringes of the scientific world.”


    Pons and Fleishman were discredited and basically professionally ruined by by the main stream science dogma of the day. How many other events / accepted science are too out there to be seriously looked at because of the kind of consequences that Pons and Feishman suffered?

  • Edward

    I have yet to hear of an actual working demonstration of cold fusion, but I went to a talk that informed us that cold fusion takes on the order of 100 hours to start and another 100 hours (or so) to stop, which was supposed to explain why impatient scientists weren’t able to recreate Pons and Fleishman’s results. The speaker also told us that someone was going to have a megawatt cold fusion power plant up and running in only a few months. That was several years ago.

    Even if cold fusion is real, it does not seem practical.

    Meanwhile, there is this announcement that Lockheed Martin could have a fusion reactor in test in a year, and an operational reactor running in a decade.

    I hope either or both are real, but I’m not yet holding my breath. I’ve been hearing that we are 30 years away from having fusion power plants for the past 30 years. Or so.

  • Cotour



    Its happening right now, not 30 years waiting for a fully operational fusion reactor at how many billions to construct and operate, its happening now at a very low cost. I have been following this for several years.

  • Edward

    I’ll be convinced and impressed when someone is actually powering something with it.

    The guy giving the talk that I mentioned, above, may be correct that it takes 100 hours or so to start and stop cold fusion reactions but wrong that someone was ready to produce a real power supply, thus cold fusion could be real but not yet implemented — or it could have just been a bogus talk. As it is now, cold fusion (if it is real) may or may not be as far along as the other fusion research. We keep *hearing* good things about various fusion programs, but nothing has yet come of it, even the big expensive projects, and even Lockheed Martin’s project.

    Good BS-ers have fooled scientists on a few topics, such as a horse that could perform math, bending spoons, and other “magic,” but they are eventually found out, so I am not impressed that one or so science teams “confirm” cold fusion. Besides, it is only an interesting phenomenon unless we can do something productive with it.

    I’m still not holding my breath.

  • Max

    1 million times the energy density of gasoline? Surely the only thing that can do this would be radioactive. Is this the guy who did four years in prison in Italy for fraud? Cost Italy millions of dollars to clean up his toxic waste that he claimed he could turn into energy?
    As I understand it, pons and Fleishman used heavy water and a Palladium sponge for their experiment. Run electricity through the water and you make hydrogen and oxygen. Release the oxygen and load the water with hydrogen and you have a battery. Turn off the electricity and the water will continue to stay warm as long as the hydrogen reacts with the catalyst to create heat. It’s an old alchemist trick. Our bodies create a flameless heat in a similar manner.

    I would suspect that his device has a hydrogen loaded material inside of it. Titanium dioxide or potassium or Borax type of material. Stainless steel is a low grade catalyst. Heat up the metal and the interior will start releasing hydrogen which will give you extra heat.
    If this device was real, he would already have a power plant set up and be selling electricity into the grid to pay for his own experiments. Billions of dollars would be thrown at him to patent and sell the process to convert coal-fired power plants over before Obama shuts them down.

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