Elon Musk’s twitter explanation of the 1st stage landing attempt

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Link here.

He says there were only “10% off”. I suspect that number is off the top of his head, but it does represent how close they came. They hit the barge, and the rocket was attempting to get into position for touchdown when fuel ran out. That is an amazing success for a first attempt of something that no one has ever tried before.



  • Michael

    A flaming success if there ever was one.

    Got to love Space X, Can’t wait for the next attempt.

  • Wow, that is much closer than I thought! So close! I admire them tremendously too. we don’t have many heroic role models anymore, but SpaceX is one of them.

  • Danny D. Daniels

    What is the speed and altitude of
    Falcon 9 at staging?

    What does the booster weigh as it nears landing?

    How far downrange is the landing pad?

    Congratulations SpaceX and a heart felt thanks to the visionary, Mr. Musk.

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