Engineer appointed to head ISRO, India’s space agency

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One day before ISRO’s first launch in 2018, India has appointed a well known and respected rocket engineer, K Sivan, to head its space agency.

Sivan was involved in developing both the PSLV and GSLV rockets. What I find more interesting is that he appears to have been entirely trained in India, obtaining degrees at several different universities there. This illustrates once again that India is no longer a third world nation. It has the facilities and educational depth to compete head-to-head with any nation in the world. It merely needs some time to catch up.


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  • wayne

    They crank out PhD’s in hard-science, like CNN cranks out anti-trump “Russia reports.”

    I.I.T – “Indian Institute of Technology”
    “World’s Best Educational Institutes & Pride Of India”
    2010 (a 60-Minute’s segment)
    “The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are a group of 15 autonomous engineering and technology-oriented institutes of higher education established and declared as “Institutes of National Importance” by the Parliament of India. The IITs were created to train only scientists and engineers.”

    –They started on this in 1950.

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