Engineer invents teabag dunking machine

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Rube Goldberg lives! I don’t know why, but an engineer has invented a machine that can dunk his teabag automatically.

The teabag is hooked onto a crank and kept in position with a piston-like mechanism so that it’s moved up and down over a strategically-placed mug of hot water. The crank is mounted to copper tubing and chained to a five sprocket cassette that in turn is chained to the shaded-pole motor. Dunking starts when a switch is flicked.

Be sure to watch the video at the link.



  • PeterF

    not complicated enough to be given a “Rube Goldberg” designation.

  • Max

    It’s reminiscent of a meat cutting saw my father made out of an old sewing machine. The harder you pressed on the pedal the faster the machine went.

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