Engineers in the Czech Republic have built a bicycle that can fly.

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Engineers in the Czech Republic have built a bicycle that can fly.

The demonstration does beg the question “Why a bike?”. Once those big, knobby tires are lifted off the ground, aren’t they rendered more or less moot? According to the project website, the central concept was to create a flying vehicle that could easily be ridden to a more suitable takeoff site and then be capable of a 3 – 5 minute flight. In order to offset the extra weight added by all the rotors, they could be used to help propel the bike along the ground, besides allowing it to fly.

Video below the fold.



  • JGL

    Im waiting for the Czech advancement in flying skate board and flying po-go stick technology. Where are the boundaries in these advancements?

  • JGL

    I just duct taped my cat to a frisbie, testing to begin first thing in the morning. I will report the results as soon as I sort through all of the data.

  • I’m looking for the next advancement to be some sort of tilt-rotor technology.

  • JGL

    Cat / Frisbie flight experiment initial report:

    Cat did not like the frisbie being duct taped to its back, meowed all night until at 3am I was forced to cut it off. Cat bit me during this operation, threw the frisbie out. I consider this experiment a failure. (I wonder how the Czechs would approach this potential advancement in fight?)

    Note to self: If we decide to replicate this experiment, duct tape the frisbie to the cat just before flight test.

    At this time I am looking at my dog, a surf board, an umbrella and a giant plastic penguin and wondering, what might be?

    Stay tuned.

  • JGL

    Have a spare 20 or so million laying around?

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