Enrollment at University of Missouri continues to drop

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This is good news: The enrollment at the University of Missouri continues to fall since the violent demonstrations in 2015 instigated by race hustlers and leftwing radicals that shut the campus.

Now, The Dothan Eagle reports that the university is facing the lowest levels of enrollment since 2008, with official numbers showing that enrollment is down 12.9 percent. Additionally, the Eagle notes that, with the exception of the senior class, every incoming class is smaller than last year’s, and even international enrollment fell by 12.1 percent.

Meanwhile, the madness at Evergreen State College continues.

Until there is a significant change in administrations and facility at both these institutions, they deserve nothing better than bankruptcy.



  • Edward

    From the second article (about Evergreen): “When I left the faculty meeting I was followed by two new students who were waiting outside the door for me. These two followed me and asserted that nothing I could possibly be doing was more important than following their orders. If I did have something important to do, I should tell them what it is so they could evaluate whether my decision to leave was valid.

    Who do the students think are running the asylum — er — university, the faculty and staff or the inmates — er — students? From their behavior, it seems that they believe it is the latter.

    After a mob occupied the library, the college’s facilities engineer, Richard Davis, wrote in an email that he believed ‘the students are testing how much lawlessness will be tolerated,’ and ‘they have not found a boundary yet.’ He described how two students stalked him and screamed at him, adding that he was disturbed by the lack of police. ‘Many of us are stating that as long as the students are not violent, their behavior is acceptable,’ Mr. Davis continued. ‘Apparently, violence in this context is bloodshed.’ (Mr. Davis retired in June.)

    The university is tolerating escalating lawlessness. Mr. Davis retired before the inevitable violence breaks out, as happened on Berkeley’s campus.

  • Joe

    Lord of the Flies!

  • Keith

    I see that the center of Evergreen State College is called “Red Square”.

    Not surprising at all.

  • wayne

    yowza… not surprising at all!

  • eddie willers

    And Auburn kicked their butt.

    They’ll be lucky to win an SEC game.

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