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Enrollment decline continues in urban public schools

Some good news: In reporting today that the Chicago public school system this year lost 10,000 students, the Associated Press story also said this:

The enrollment decline, which has been happening each year for the past decade, comes as other big city districts including New York and Los Angeles have seen enrollment declines this year as well. … The enrollment drop this academic year is due to students moving elsewhere, going to private schools or homeschooling, according to recent district data.

The story also noted that this declines appears to be occurring among all ethnic groups, since the school demographics remained unchanged.

Finally, being the Associated Press and thus married to supporting governments run by Democrats, the story had to allow the final word to the city’s Democratic Party mayor as well as the unions that have routinely backed her:

Mayor Lori Lightfoot called the drop a “minor miracle,” saying she was surprised enrollment didn’t decline even more considering the COVID-19 pandemic. “We had to quickly transition to remote learning. We know that didn’t work for a lot of families. There’s been a lot of challenges and struggles that have been revealed throughout the course of this pandemic that hit our most vulnerable residents the hardest, many of whom” have children attending CPS, Lightfoot said.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Teachers Union blamed underfunded schools, particularly in largely Black and Hispanic neighborhoods, as a major driver.

That parents might have finally gotten disgusted with the government’s utter failure to teach reading, writing, or arithmetic does not occur to these political geniuses. Nor does it occur to them that their passion for forcing masks and racial indoctrination on little children might have also contributed to the decline in enrollment.

No, for leftists their failures are always explained by either a lack of funding or circumstances beyond their control. Give us more money and all will be well! We promise!

It appears however that an increasing number of parents are no longer buying these arguments. Thank goodness.

Genesis cover

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  • Jeff Wright

    Then too, the parents might teach the planet being flat, 6,000 years old and how we never went to the Moon.

    Do a search for
    “Testing Standards compared to the 8th Grade test of 1895”
    —-and let me know how you do.

    Wow, have we fallen.

    This is why I have grudging respect for China. Don’t they cane you if you get the answers wrong?

    Compare that to how lil’ gangsta’ terrifies our public schools. The Chinese jackboot would stamp that out right quick—-to their credit.

  • Jeff Wright commented: “Then too, the parents might teach the planet being flat, 6,000 years old and how we never went to the Moon.”

    Well, they’re involved enough to teach their kids *something*.

    “Mayor Lori Lightfoot called the drop a “minor miracle,” saying she was surprised enrollment didn’t decline even more considering the COVID-19 pandemic.”

    That is hilarious. If enrollment had declined further, where did she think those kids were going to go? The same places they went anyway; meaning she is apparently grateful that more parents didn’t ditch the system. That is about as bald-faced admission of failure as you will see from Government.

  • Planet being flat? We have contemporary and historical evidence to the contrary.

    Never went to the moon? You mean to say that there was a conspiracy involving 400,000 people who worked on Apollo with airtight security? Unreasonable to believe, given human nature. Plus, such a theory can be quickly disproven independently, with the proper imaging means … and the conspirators know it.

    6000 year old earth? I do believe that the earth may be that young, or a little older; if death entered the world through man’s raising his middle finger to God, dead dinosaurs before the appearance of man does not make sense. However, I also state that I believe this on the basis of my faith, not contemporary/historical evidence.

    OTOH, how much faith (aka assumption) – particularly the assumption that the dominant physical processes are time-invariant – underwrites the idea that the earth is billions of years old and not the product of intelligent intervention … in the face of the natural progression of physical/chemical/nuclear forces to lower-energy forms … or as I refer to their most obvious manifestations, rust and dust.

    Just as with the Climate Change Cult, our professional educators conflate their tenets of faith, and their accepted theories, with conclusively-proven fact. Parental involvement, as the gatekeepers at the child/educator interface, acts as a check-and-balance on that.

  • wayne

    Roger Penrose
    “Twistors, Reality and Quantum Non Locality”
    Summer School on the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics dedicated to John Bell
    Sesto, Italy 2014

  • John Fisher

    This is today’s good news. The sooner public school enrollment crashes, the better.

  • wayne

    this somehow feels appropriate…

    The Outer Limits
    Season 1 Episode 3 (1963)
    “The Architects Of Fear”

    “A secret group of scientists decide to surgically alter one of their members into an ‘alien’, in order to convince the world that an alien invasion is imminent. They hope that such a threat will force all governments to make peace with one another. However such a complex plan has many vulnerabilities… including the wife of the volunteer.”

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