EPA funnels cash to Democrats

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Working for the Democratic Party: A new report finds that the EPA has been directly funneling government funds to Democratic activists in the environmental movement.



  • DK Williams

    Of course they are. The corruption in this Regime is mind-blowing.

  • Pzatchok

    It’s not just the corruption of this administration its the general belief among the left that the ends justify the means.
    Any way for the left to move its agenda forward is obviously the best way.
    They have worked things their way over a period of many years.
    First one liberal gets into a position of power in any government office and they work their best to get like minded people in with them. Eventually they work their way up the ladder until they are in charge of huge amounts of government monies.
    At that point they think its in the peoples best interest to funnel that cash to the groups they like personally and politically. Whats wanted by the people or is best for the country be damned.

    Rules with REAL penalties must be put in place by the next administration to stop this practice. Only when they start to go to jail for acting like they do will they start to possibly see that their actions are wrong.

    A child does not know its doing wrong until its being punished. Treat them like the children they mentally are.

  • ken anthony

    This isn’t news. This is S.O.P. across the board. If it weren’t for funneled taxpayers money they’d hardly ever win an election (even with the media working for them.)

    The real question is why this corruption is never dealt with? How is it even possible that it is not?

  • wodun

    This is old news. Environmental activists sue the government and the government settles giving the groups hundreds of millions of dollars or businesses are sued and money is given to “non-profits” as damages even though said non-profits are not involved with the case.

    It just goes to show how things implemented with good intentions can be corrupted.

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