EPA moves to regulate key pizza ingredients

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We’re here to help you! The EPA has instituted new costly regulations on the manufacture of the yeast used to make pizza dough and bread.

The Environmental Protection Agency is targeting a key ingredient for making pizza and bread in its latest last-minute regulation before President Obama steps down. The proposed regulation published Wednesday would make the emissions standards for industrial yeast makers much more strict. The EPA said beer, champagne and wine makers, all of whom use some form of yeast, are safe for now. The real targets are those who produce high levels of hazardous air pollutants. It’s not the bread, bagel and pizza makers who are targeted under the rules, but the less than a dozen big plants that produce the yeast needed to produce the valuable bread-based products.

The key quote in the article, however, is its very last sentence:

The EPA is issuing the proposed rule because of a lawsuit it lost in federal court brought by the Sierra Club, claiming that the rule from the 1990s needed to be updated under the Clean Air Act.

This is part of the legal game that the EPA plays with various leftwing environmental activist groups to whom it is an ally. The activists sue, the EPA makes sure it loses or settles out of court, and so the regulations are then essentially written by these environmental groups. It is a racket that must end.



  • Cotour

    Pizza yeast is but the tip of their vindictive and un American ice berg.

    Further supporting evidence: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/obama-unleashes-3853-regs-18-for-every-law-record-97110-pages-of-red-tape/article/2610592

    Just regulation on top of law to to hamstring the in coming administration, what a lovely bunch of coconuts. Despise the Democrats for what they have allowed themselves to become. The Democrat leadership under Obama has long ago abandoned America in order to create a more perfect globalist ………………….communism.

  • wayne

    yeah, the last-minute orgy of regulation. One last full court press to throw monkey wrenches into the system, then walk away. They amount to little individual time-bombs. Nobody can keep track of all this stuff in real time, until it explodes in somebodies face.
    Mr. Z.–
    Good stuff.
    Especially the unholy alliance between the EPA & the environmental groups.
    EPA encourages these groups to bring suit against the EPA. EPA poorly defends itself (colludes with..) & consents to whatever the environmental groups want. EPA then has to pay lawyers fee’s for both sides, and they have a Ruling from an Administrative judge which is on the record and is given deference in future cases.
    Mark Levin’s Legal Foundation has had some success in exposing that type of blatant insider back-n-forth wheeling/dealing in the past.
    At that time, there was more of a “record” left behind, to discover all this collusion. (EPA was found to have intentionally destroyed subpoenaed hard-drives in specific instances.)

    –But as we saw last week, the EPA has been actively deleting records and has almost perfected the art of non-retention of documents/files/email, etc.
    (Personally, I’m convinced they all use Gmail.)

    As for targeting Yeast; my knee jerk question would be along the lines of;
    Are they trying to create a Yeast Cartel? or what? (I thought hippies, loved yeast?)

    “Yeast”– that’s one of those “invisible” pillars of Civilization. Not a glamorous industry but vital. The more players, the better.
    -Incredible group of organisms; pharmaceuticals to food, and everything in between.

    These people have gone clinical, they really have.

    They might as well…. try to control the weather, right? Such Mastermind’s…
    [sarcasm alert, tone is so hard to convey in text]

  • wayne

    Environmental accountability
    Landmark Legal Foundation

    The march 2015 ruling, concerns EPA’s willful destruction of email, texts, and hard-drives, which had previously been subpoenaed under a Freedom of Information act request.

  • Steve Earle

    These two EPA stories highlight the arrogance of this Agency. They see a new Sheriff coming to town and still act as though no one can touch them.

    I will repeat myself: These Agencies that have been assimilated into the Borg Collective MUST BE COMPLETELY ABOLISHED.

    If any trace is left, it won’t matter how many regulations were rolled back, how many policies were changed, how many budgets were reduced.

    The moment a Democrat President and/or Congress is back in power (or the Republicans allow them to act as though they are the ones in power….) these agencies will once again be fully funded and empowered to pick up right where they left off.

    We supposedly learned this lesson under Reagan when he was unable to get rid of agencies and they just got bigger after he was gone. Do we need to learn it again??

    The EPA, the IRS, the DOE (both of them!) all need to be gone. Just like being in a zombie movie we will all live to regret it if we don’t kill them now while we have the chance.

  • Mike Borgelt

    So where does the CO2 generated by the yeast come from? The atmosphere.

  • Edward

    wayne wrote: “Are they trying to create a Yeast Cartel? or what?”

    It is the “what” option. Clearly they are attempting to drive yeast production overseas so that the jobs lost overseas will look bad for the Trump administration.

    The anti-American Obama is undergoing a scorched Earth policy — or rather scorched America — in order to make Trump look bad. Obama obviously intends to blame all new problems on Trump and is already claiming any economic post-election bump as his own doing. Any problem that Obama was unable to solve will continue to be blamed on Bush.

    Which raises the point, if after eight years, what Trump is going to inherit is the fault of Bush, then what Obama inherited must have been Clinton’s fault.

  • wayne

    Good stuff.
    Especially the thought: “if after eight years, what Trump is going to inherit is the fault of Bush, then what Obama inherited must have been Clinton’s fault.”

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