EPA rewards Gold King contractor with more contracts

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Shut them down! The EPA has given an additional $2.7 million to the contractor who caused the Gold King Mine spill in Colorado.

That’s in addition to a $1 million bonus awarded the day before the spill itself.

The level of corruption here is astounding. Read the whole article at the link, as it outlines a number of other examples of corrupt actions by the EPA, both in wasting taxpayer dollars for their own personal benefit as well as routinely working with environmentalists to shut down businesses, without any objective review.


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  • Edward

    Apparently, polluting the American southwest was the object of the exercise, otherwise the Environmental Pollution Agency would not be rewarding the company that did it.

    But then again, with the air, water, and land so clean, what is left for them to do but to create a mess that gives them a reason to go on?

    Or, they could take on the cleaning of the trash that is polluting the low Earth orbit environment. That would be a useful task for them.

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