Even if you have health insurance, it might be cheaper to pretend to be uninsured and pay cash instead.

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Even if you have health insurance, it might be cheaper to pretend to be uninsured and pay cash instead.

This article points out the one fact that might actually be a benefit of Obamacare: The law is so screwed up that it is forcing many people out of their health insurance, where they might discover that by negotiating directly with doctors and hospitals. And that negotiation, more than any thing else — including every regulatory scheme proposed by any politician from the left or the right — will really lower the cost for healthcare.



  • JWing

    What is so ironic is the insurance industry has been a major proponent of Obamacare. Did they not realize its unintended consequences affecting insurance directly or were they just seeing the individual mandate as manna from Obama? Either way, I love the idea of fee for service and removing the middle man from the purchase of basic preventative healthcare.

  • wodun

    They are making a lot of money. People earning up to $45k get subsidies from the government. Subsidies which go directly to insurance companies. Despite Obama’s anti-insurance company rhetoric, he has a mutually beneficial relationship with them because they are major donors.

    With the out of pocket cap so high, most people will never see their insurer pay out in any given year. A person with a bronze plan will spend $9k before insurance picks up the cost of treatment.

  • Cotour

    The insurance company’s are colluding with the administration / government. Who is driving it, the company’s or the government?
    You tell me, they are one and the same walking this thing right past our own eyes, in broad day light.

  • wodun

    The Obama administration and the insurance companies have different goals and motivations. While Obama has been working with insurance companies behind the scenes to implement and push propaganda in favor of Obamacare, he uses his rhetoric to demonize the insurance companies. Obama will eventually turn on them in actions as well as rhetoric because his goal is the destruction of the health insurance industry. He is counting on people hating them so much that he can get away with any actions against them. This hinges on people blaming insurance companies more than the government for what happens under the new system.

  • JWing

    Obama’s stated goal is single payer healthcare…period. Everything else is just incremental steps towards this goal. How the big players in the insurance industry don’t see this amazes me.

  • Publius 2

    Eugene McCarthy once said that the two primary motivating factors for corporations were fear and greed. The behavior of the insurance industry vividly supports his point.

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