Evergreen College already admits to drop in enrollment

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While trying to poo-poo the significance, the president of Evergreen College, who allowed mobs to take over his university campus and even hold him hostage because someone might disagree with them, has admitted that he has already seen a “slight decline” in enrollment.

Meanwhile, he has refused to punish any of the students or facility who were part of the mob, even though there are amply videos of them, including some where they actually identify themselves.

I expect this “slight decline” to turn into a flood come next year.



  • Cotour

    Ah, real and tangible consequence for actions taken, the hallmark of reality, progress and positive potential.

    May I have some more please?

  • ken anthony

    Slight decline is disappointing. Total collapse is more appropriate.

    Our culture is way out of skew. If it were just 10% of the population that would be more than ten times too much.

    How long can a society continue to exist without adult behavior?

    Spare the rod and spoil the child. I think it starts with giving two year olds the remote control.

  • Capitalism in academia?

  • Diane Wilson

    It seems to be a hallmark of academia that they never learn.

  • mkent

    I suspect that was the plan all along: to drive the conservatives off campus.

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