Eye update

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Since so many readers asked, here is a short update on my eye surgery. I saw the doctor again today, and he says all looks good. For me, however, use of the right eye is presently difficult if not impossible. For the moment the eye is covered with a patch, as it hurts too much to use it. In addition, bright lights make both eyes hurt. I find I can only read the computer screen if the room is dark.

Posting should continue, but it will be at a slower pace until the right eye recovers more.

Thanks again to everyone who has expressed their good wishes. I truly appreciate it.



  • Alton

    Good luck! I dropped both retinas, five surgeries later have one eye operating. Whenlater you get the first black spot in your left eye near your nose, go right then and have it fixed. Better outcomes do occur when action is taken soonest! I know the hard way!


  • Alton

    Love the easy captcha,
    usually these pass systems drive me batty with my repaired eyes,
    very hard to decypther.


  • joe

    best wishes for the new year and a speedy recovery!

  • Hi Alton,

    The symptoms you describe match what happened to me in January. They injected a gas bubble into my eye, I kept my head positioned appropriately for a couple of days, and lo and behold, the retina reattached.

    Unfortunately, this time the detachment was at a difficult spot in the eyeball. As my doctor said, I’d have to stand on my head to position the bubble properly. They had no choice but to insert a scleral buckle, which was done yesterday morning. It apparently has worked, but the recovery is harder and more difficult.

    The fortunate thing about this particular detachment is that it was found before I had seen any symptoms. A routine eye doctor visit spotted it, and thus it was treated before it could do serious harm.

  • John M. Egan

    I hope you are feeling better, Robert.

  • PeterF

    Best wishes, Get well soon! Without your eyesight you won’t be able to see the wonderful pictures we’ve been getting from the brave little robots spreading throughout the solar system.

  • D K Rögnvald Williams

    They drive me batty with relatively good vision.

  • Joe Kopser

    Bob, best wishes for a speedy (and complete!) recovery. I truly enjoy listening to you during your appearances on the John Batchelor show.

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